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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekend Reading 67

The big news this week is, obviously, the newly released snippets for The S.O.N., along with a free track, Angels. 
But I also want to say thank you to Mario Martinez for the amazing new graphic, above. Please, feel free to spread it around the internet. You can follow @MMartinezMusic on Twitter.

For those of you new to the blog, you can find all of SPM's recent Family Letters, Quick Updates, and Responses (where he answers your questions about his criminal trial) in the column to your right.

If you want to know what's been going on and why this blog is here, check out the Recap series:

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I know I've probably left out some things; if any of you regular readers think of a link that should be up here, let me know!

Tyler, you're right that I should have links to the Cold 40s! At some point I'd like them each to have their own page, but for now you can find them at the end of the Family Letters.

Blaze, I definitely should have included a link to the one and only www.DopeHouseRecords.com; thank you so much for pointing that out!


tyler trujillo said...

You should add a link for all the cold 40s and the 16s so we dont have to search for them ... Also i wanna thank you for keepin us all up to date with s.p.m., Angels was definitely the right song to release first, I'm from Colorado and lately theres been so much killing and this song is kind of a reminder to stay up and keep faith that things will get better in time. Since Angels was released yesterday thats all ive been bumpin in my ride, that and Juan Gotti's Letters to Carlos... I cant wait for the rest of the album to drop. Stay up Carlos we all got nothin but love for you and hope you get out soon... Just like you said sometimes you gotta give the unresolvable to him who makes impossibilities possible

Anonymous said...

Jammed Angels over and over yesterday. Brought a tear to my eye the first time i listened. Thanks for more inspiration Los! Much Love!! FREE SPM!!!-beanieman

Anonymous said...

Great post I do have a link www.dopehouserecords.com
but its been ova five years with no updates.....
that reminds me last I read from los it was been updated an suppose it was 100 times better well hope its soon..... blaze956

Unknown said...

That SPM PICTURE SPEAKS ALOT . Where is it from?

Incandesio said...


It was designed by Mario Martinez, formerly Lazy Menace. He's the artist who's contributed all of the blog logos; you can follow him on Twitter @MMartinezMusic