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Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekend Reading 68

This weekend, I have an update from James Dehuelves:

Cant Stop the Hustle 2 is coming! We have a lot of great songs for it, but still need help putting some on. Here at Calico Records we had a vision to bring fan music and the stories they had about how SPM has helped in their lives, and motivated them to keep pushing and going even when people told them they couldn't. 
Can't Stop the Hustle is a movement for SPM to shine light on his case and to bring his story out to fans that know about him, and even to people that don’t know about him. Can't Stop the Hustle goes by this slogan: “we are his voice and we are getting stronger then ever.” I got to talk to Pain from Dope House Records and it went good. Hopefully we will be able to use some of SPM’s song on the Can't Stop the Hustle, The Movie that we’re also working on and on the part two.
The movie will be about how we got this movement going, how hard it was to get going, and also round how SPM had a major part to motivate  in an indie label to come to be.  All I ask is if you have any tracks or even support, email me at j.dehuelves@yahoo.com   or on Facebook THAONEICE@facebook.com    

Support the movement; we are his voice. Thanks.
 p.s. We also have a track that ft SPM with Crown Royal, I’ll have a sample up in a week of what we have together.

And an extremely cool video of two fan's reaction to the release of The Son of Norma snippets:

And this unspeakably amazing music video set to the single, Angels:

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