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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Letter to Mike Anderson 9

Another letter to the DA’s office! As you can see, I’m changing up the header a bit, trying to incorporate his title; it probably won’t make a difference, but I think it’s more correct. As always, please feel free to copy this one, write your own, or just print out one of the flyers to you right and send that.

A couple of people have posted pictures of their letters on Facebook, and I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone taking the time to participate in this effort.

1201 Franklin Street,
Suite 600,
Houston, Texas 77002-1923

The Honorable Mike Anderson
District Attorney
Harris County


I’m writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.

I read an interesting story in the Waco Tribune, about how the Michael Morton exoneration has affected jury selection in cases from misdemeanors all the way up to capital murder; in a recent Williamson County trial, 10 of the 55 chosen as potential jurors have been disqualified or excused so far because of serious misgivings about the justice system related to the Morton case.

While it would be easy to dismiss this as local notoriety or simply a cynical way to avoid jury duty, I urge you to consider the implications of the recent wave of exonerations on the public’s perception of the justice system.

Jonathon Salvador’s influence has resulted in many drug cases being overturned already, with many more to come; although his situation has not been covered much by the news media, it is a topic of much conversation on blogs and forums associated with the justice system.

Sir, the citizens of Texas know that there are problems with the justice system; many of us suspect that there were problems with how Mr. Coy’s case was prosecuted. An investigation by your office would be very much appreciated, and not just by those of us who already believe that he was wrongfully convicted. The public should have faith that the government, while not perfect, is truly interested in ensuring justice for each and every one of us, even after the fact.

A proactive review of the trial and the police investigation leading up to it would inspire confidence in your office, and generate a lot of goodwill. Please, consider looking into this case; give us justice.

Me, my address, etc etc etc.

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