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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quick Update 10

Quick Update: Release The Beast!                                                                    6/17/13


            I hope all is well. I’ve got a little ear infection, but the drops they gave me seem to be working. Other than that, just busy being busy.
            I’m writing you today because I’m not sure if I told you that I was denied, again, on getting out of High Security. For those that don’t know, I was sent here almost three years ago because they found some recording equipment in my cell.  That wa at the Powledge Unit in Palestine, Tx. Now, I live at the Allred Unit in Iowa Park, Tx.

            When I first got here, I kept getting in trouble, so it was understandable that they wouldn’t let me out. Ya see, in High Security there is no TV, no payphones, no contact visit, and even when you go to the dentist, you have to be handcuffed. It’s tough time and times are tough, but it’s not that big of a deal. But I’ve been staying out of trouble lately, and so I thought I had a good chance of going to regular prison, which they call “general population.” But I was denied, and I’ll have to wait till October to see the committee again. That means another 4 ½ months in the house of doom.

            I’ve been so busy working on a video treatment for “Angels” that I’m not even sure if they’ve got the next song ready for you. It was supposed to be “People”. I hope they got it for you, but if not, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. I promised you a song every 45 days till the album drops, and that’s what you’ll get.

            This is a very short Quick Update, but I’ll scribble you a Quick Sixteen, just so you won’t cuss me out, or nothing.

Con Chingos de Amor,
Losy Los AKA Phil Coffins

Quick Sixteen

You know what? Let me do something else, here. I remember reading, on one of Incandesio’s letters, a verse that a guy named Jae Stylez wrote. Hopefully Incandesio still has that verse in her archives. I’m going to answer his challenge with a Cold Forty of my own. For some ungodly reason he felt he was ready to step to the dopest man on earth. Poor child. But, which is usually the case, he is a fan, so let me send him all my love before I get to ripping him into strips of bacon.
Love ya, Jae.

Jae's Cold 40: 
"Just For You"

Few have tried to battle rap and take out SPM,
But they were whack and don’t deserve to even touch a pen,
Boyz that think they’re men, softer than some gelatin,
But this is me, I’m guaranteed to beat the rest of them,
That includes you too, Mr. South Park Mexican,
Mr. “Fuck, they locked me up for underage sex again!”
Don’t start trippin’ I’m not sayin’ you’re not innocent,
I’m just sayin’ shit to try and get under ya’ skin ;)
And I won’t say my name yet, I’ll save it for the end,
I’m on the tenth, soon enough I’ll have forty in,
Slicker than lizard tongue, S.O.N. I’m fuckin’ killin’ em these
Rhymes are worth a fortune and I still get paid the minimum!
But it’s ok, I know tomorrow that the sun will shine,
Can’t say the same for you, but hey, you’re still doing fine!
You’re still selling crack within your raps on every album!
Who cares If “The Last” one lost a couple hundred thousand!
I’m just bustin’ balls ‘Los to me you’re still the greatest,
Even if you’ve been on what, a 5 year hiatus?
Being gone that long has made some of your best players
Trade their team and now it seems they’re playin’ for the Houston Haters!
It’s a shame, blame it on the fucking Doe family!
Makes me want to grab a gat and turn ‘em to The No Family!
But then I think of you, both my diamonds and my jewels,
“Nah, I got to keep my cool, nigga What Would Jesus Do?!”
He’d probably say, “Keep your hands out my collection plate, I
Blessed your ass with two free B.O.B’s from Whataburger yesterday!”
Anyway, let me get back to dissin’ What’s his name?
Iowa Park Mexican? Don’t deserve his Dope House Chain?
I know you’re sitting in your cell trying not to laugh,
I’m sittin’ here hopin’ one day I’ll get an autograph,
Be sure to write it on them soft toilet pape’s ya’ have
That way it don’t hurt as much, once I have to wipe my ass
Soon enough, Mr. Coy you’ll know my name, and
So will every other motherfucker in the game, I’mma
Take over the world, call me Pinky and the Brain, then I’ll
Go out wit’cha girl and beat her pinky out the frame,
Yes I’m the one that came up out that rinky dinky place
Phoenix, Arizona I’m a stoner with a chinky face
Sip a cold Corona ask a hoe-a how my winky taste
Jae Stylez, dope enough to write raps with a winky face

- Jae

            Now, let me finish what you started:

Another Cold 40
“The Cruelest Lie”

Let the ink of this pen be the voice of disaster

let you brag "Hey, guys, I got destroyed by the master!"

here's your cup of elation, plus a slug's penetration

Losy bust then I break then call it justification

look, either you retarded or you ain't that smart

cause you sound more ragged than a gay man's fart

let the payback start, I fuckin slay wack bars

in the game just my mothafuckin name crack hearts

make ya dame's ass arch, give her train track marks

she, like, "Babe, I just did the fool with eight rap stars!"

Losy fly as a sea gull, first ride was a Regal

nigga super like unleaded but my mind is on diesel

I survive through the evil, but will die for my people

my green wife is illegal like soft white for ya needle

comp cry at the steeple, thinkin, "How can we beat'im?

Who the fuck is his father? We want his powerful semen!"

see I'm wreckin you replicas, turnin Jesse's to Jessica's

forty-seven expressionless showin men to the exodus

every word is superior, straight from my interior

I reach for my pen and ain't a man who can mirror her

I snap when the beat emerge, you glad when you see the surge

my talent release the urge, then magic just reoccurs

I laugh at the heated slurs, cause ain't no stoppin this

I'm plannin to meet the Spurs, my name's Coach Poppabitch

I been through the flames, now I'm purified gold

let me take you through the jungle on a tourist guide's road

and I promise you can take a decent pic from a distance

but gettin too close keeps a killa in business

took a pinch from my nicholas, now I'm twistin some triplets

Jae Stylez you my G, but you fit the statistics

not with snitches or bitches, but with niggas that's twisted

cause you sat in the fire as if ya biscuits were brisket

gettin flipped on a discus, that I snatched from ya spinal

have you lookin like Richie, not Valenz but Lionel

lips unspeakably swolen and nose as beefy as Hova's

now ya gotta hear ya homies keep repeating, "We told ya!"

and I've heard parents say, "Hey, anything's possible,

just put your mind to it." Well, unless it's illogical

so next time ya momma tryda drop that line

say, "I tryda battle Los and that's a gotdamn lie!" lol!

Message to the parents: Please stop
telling your kids if they work hard enough, 
they can be anything they want. They can be 
anything but the dopest. That would save a 
lot of bloodshed. Thank you.



DVD520 said...

So no release date for the album yet, huh. Damn I wish LOS was a FREE man again. FREE SPM!!!!

Anonymous said...

We miss you Los your the only one still murking mics. Your the voice to our people other Latin rappers try to achieve your success. But they fail most of em are just recycled wanna bes. Your the undisputed king of Latin rap nobody can even come close to taking your throne

Anonymous said...

Damn, sorry to hear the bad news. We gonna ride with you till the end. I know you've heard that many, many times, but it's the honest truth. Still jamming to "Hillwood." I have the song "People" stuck on replay. FREE SPM!

You killed him with that 40!

Ivan said...

Hey Los, what ever happened to Miglo? Is he still trying to battle rap with you? He has a lot of fans out here in Tex. You made him famous.

Anonymous said...

damn you clowned Hov lol

Anonymous said...

LOL Phil Collins good alias ! I got one for you , los aka Vicente fernandez lol well his know as the king lol n-e well I'm sorry to hear that you were denied again ,things happen for a reason and the song people it was released and only thing I can say it a hell of a good song like the way you sing in tone of voice then next you change it to a quicker rhytem then back to normal ,oh and were u killed it never have I heard it before but is were you go like my girl from London called me a cheated bass tahrder no mo broke Mon like with the acsent you sure have a hell of imagination bro no wonder you aka Phil Collins that's to me its called skills talent but over all its a good song my family get drunk and cruck and wake up in the morning like what the fuck .... can't wait for the album to drop its gonna be well ......... speech less anit no other rapper that can't fuck with it

free spm aka the g.o.a.t.


Anonymous said...

Damn stay positive Los! Like you said things happen for a reason.
Pretty soon you'll be out of there in no time!
But let me say, you straight killed em! Haha he thinks that he had a chance with the best rapper on earth! No tiene chanca! You keep on getting better and better!
May I ask a question?
Im still gonna anyway haha you get a lot either way.
I hope you get to read this.
If not I ain't tripping on it at least I tried!
My dream is to meet you in person or at least make a lil song with you.
Who wouldn't wanna rap battle with the legends of legends? Haha maybe those that don't know what your capable of accomplishing
But are your cold forties gnnna be an album? Thats what I've been hearing and I heard SON is gonna drop on your birthday!? If so thats badass!
We have the same month birthday!
I can relate to you in so many ways you helped me through bad times and stopped me from doing bad things..
I know your busy with SON, your book, cold forties, but you should write one for me.
Only you would write your fans with important update thats going with your life
Thats how I know your not guilty
Someone who act's guilty is guilty
They wouldnt drop album after album and still be the number one Mexican American selling aritst! I can relate with you in so many ways
Brown household, no dad to be around I never knew him plus im the youngest son!
And I rap, you inspired me! Most likely inspire every one out there! And thats good its time for people to become doctors, lawyers,and judges ..
Our own race is bringing us down and we needa stop that.
Time to help, come together as one, and be the best we can!
What is your daily basis like? Been writing up the book of your vida or what I think I seen a lil part on the internet? But highly doubt it..
Whenever I read your cold forties it's like im rapping it haha its badass, straight unreleased!
Even if you set up with a false charge maybe it was for the better!
Prison saved your life remember!
Your posts that you write I've been showing everyone so they can know wassup with the updates..
Much love
Yours truly,
Keep on dropping those tracks!!

Anonymous said...

When does he get out ?

Anonymous said...

Realist Mexican to ever touch the Mic. Man I listen to his music everyday still.

Anonymous said...

I got some heat for You Losy Los i go by Plakaso... Peep....

You say you the illest most bestest to do it/
Well im here to say nope take ya name and drag it thru sewage/ see you got these fans confused with ya raps u mistaken the facts/ you probly only fucked 5 bitches in ya life and they all fat/ see where im from frauds get kidnapped and beatin leave ya shakin and bleedin/ ill fuck ya pregnant baby momma doggy reach in and pull out the fetus/ oh shit im sorry Los am i hurtin ur feelins/ then i probly shouldnt tell u the bitch sucked dick i mixed her saliva with semen/ i get respect as i walk in look to the left and the right/ light a blunt of the kush mix an 8th with sum sprite/ but enough about me let me throw sum chingasos/ and tell the whole world how u got wrecked by Plakaso/ mr billy bad ass fuckin spit at ya bully/ lable u another X Files mystery but i aint Molder or Skully/so come correct when u speak on the golden Meskin child/ thought u was paid Los Why u at KFC askin would u like Spicy or Mild/ like i said you got these fans confused SPM is a myth/ he never sold out arenas or made double plat-tin-num hits/ oh im so disrespectful but i got love for you Los/ you inspired me to put the gun down from my head becuz of the songs that you wrote/ forever greatful for that put this flow to the side/ never thought another man would make this true G cry/ but you did and thats the power that you have when your speakin the truth/ your rymes are worth more then a poor man winning a settlement suit/

Con Respect y Amor... Plakaso....

Anonymous said...

Spm should consider making a cartoon series on you tube like trae the truth has done his cartoon is called "the adventures of trae the truth" and they are very entretaining. And im sure vevo or some one would offer him a contract or pay him to let the ads flow in his youtube channel. Anyways stay strong los, the movement will never stop. FREE SPM!!!

Anonymous said...

Plakaso your rap was lame as fuck.

Anonymous said...

Plakaso. sit down son, your fake as fuck and your weak rap was fucken lame. any dumbass that names himself plakaso needs to suck a dick and die.

Con respecto y amo puto!!....

Anonymous said...

I hope the son of norma has some harder songs than these two last ones. I did like people and angels but sometimes i think spm going a little too soft.

Anonymous said...

I been listening to you since 13..

reppin jacksonville texas that 903.

we miss you Los Los. FREE MY CARNAL SPM..

j.e.r.l said...

aye south park mojado i love your music homie. im one of your biggest fans. i never knew my father i never knew what it was like to have a good home ive had my ups and downs with wemen.my mother hates it when i all drugged up but thats just how the dice fly. but i know there gonna free you they better couse i plan to meet you someday.

god bless... FREE SPM!!!

Anonymous said...

i want to read sum new updates on my nigga S.P man wat up i hope he ok dont forget bout us foo we want to know u good and we want to read dem cold 40's even your blogs are like dope addictive just like ur music stay up holmes peace

James G said...

"I'm plannin to meet the Spurs, my name's Coach Poppabitch" lol