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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Judge Coker

I want to bring your attention to a case out of Polk County, significant not so much because of what happened, but because of the commentary on it.

A Judge Elizabeth Coker was caught texting pointers to prosecutors during a trial.
Not directly to the one prosecuting the case, but to another prosecutor, who helpfully wrote the text down on a piece of paper and passed it up.

Houston defense attorney Mark Bennett, over at the excellent blog Defending People, explains that a judge aiding the prosecution is not shocking; what’s shocking is that she did it in a way that could be tracked.

“In short, the judiciary acting as an adjunct to the prosecution shouldn’t surprise anyone. Elected judges identify with the state. There are very few who will decide close calls for the defense. There are many more who will bend over backwards to make sure the state wins.”

We don’t know what kind of contact Judge Ellis had with the prosecutors, but you may recall that he was willing to reverse a personal judgment call in favor of the prosecution at least once during the trial; no matter how much importance you assign to whether or not Jane Doe had seen a movie with a sex scene very similar to how she described her supposed assault, he does appear to be trying very hard to give assistance to the prosecutors in this instance:

I will admit, I tend to focus on the negative here; there may be a million judges making a million just and impartial decisions every day, but even one blatant instance of bias by someone like Elizabeth Coker overshadows and taints everything.


Meskinkid said...

Damn its like the system doenst want to be just, all they want is to win cases and lock people up, even if they arent guilty. i guess its in human nature to always win and be right, but that shouldnt go with a judge which decide the future nd of peoples lifes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nah it's not human nature. People have developed that kind of mentality over time. The big wigs that have been running the world manipulate people into thinking that it's right to do things a certain way, especially with the power of the almighty dollar. The more cases you win, the richer you get. And the more control they have over prosecuters, the more they can put who they want behind bars. No cares about tearing apart families, just trying to get a fat check at the expense of other peoples pain. It's pretty sickening. FREE SPM!!!-beanieman

Anonymous said...

Judge coker has also ruined my families life. She sentenced my 37 year old brother 99 years for allegedly sexually abusing his own daughter. There was no evidence presented that he committed this crime that he was accused of and the examiner that examined the child stated in court that the child had not been touched. But yet her and Lee Hon can ruin someone's life behind false accusations. On top of that the whole court proceedings were unethical. For instance all during the trial there were jokes and laughter going on from Coker as well as the district attorney (Lee Hon). Another thing that took place that I was uncertain about was the fact that my brother asked for another attorney instead of the present court appointed lawyer and she told my parents that the only way that he could change lawyers is if a new lawyer is present before the trial the next day. I don't give credit to Karma, I give all credit to God because he said in his word that "you will reap what you sow." In my opinion Coker was able to get off easy but her judgement day is coming and she will have to answer to the almighty God for all of the many lives in Polk County, San Jacinto County, Trinity County, and other counties that she have destroyed behind her coruptness!!!