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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Letter to Mike Anderson 12

Time for another letter to D.A. Mike Anderson! But first, a reminder; Dope House Records has announced the release of 'Frustration' tonight, probably at midnight, Texas time. You can download it, as well as the S.O.N. Snippets, 'Angels', and 'People', from their SoundCloud account here: https://soundcloud.com/dopehouseofficial

As always, please feel free to copy this letter, write your own, or just send one of the downloadable flyers to your right. Let's make sure the D.A.'s office understands that we're still interested in this trial!

1201 Franklin Street,
Suite 600,
Houston, Texas 77002-1923

The Honorable Mike Anderson
District Attorney
Harris County


I’m writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.

As I have mentioned before, there seems to have been no physical evidence against Coy admitted during the trial; he was convicted on testimony. I am sure you already know that in cases involving child victims, the credibility of the initial ‘outcry’ statement is paramount. Every retelling of the incident will be measured against it, as children’s memories can be malleable.

In Coy’s case, the first statement by the child to law enforcement was discarded; the police officer claimed that the audio had malfunctioned. The written statement submitted by her mother that day also disappeared; the same police officer claimed that she was too distraught and uneducated to write.

Later statements, take by the Houston Child Assessment Center, differ significantly from the initial police report. Sir, I believe you know that this can’t be right; there must be a stricter burden of proof, or who can count on the justice system to recognize their innocence? Who has a past so stainless that they don’t have to fear wrongful conviction?

Please, look into this case. Give us justice.

Me, my address, etc etc etc.


Anonymous said...

iWiish There Could Be Somethiis We Could Do For Carlos. He is Serviing Tiime For Somethiing Stupped &' Come On They Have All The Fkiin Eviidence They Need To Proof That He's Not Guiilty ! Everythiing That Hiina Has Biin Sayiing Are Diifferent Storiies All The Tiime. She Sould Juz Speak Up Wiit The Truth, Because She Is Hurtiing An innocent Man.
iJuz Hope Thiis Giirl &' Her Famiily Get Wat They Deserve After Drowniing in Theiir Own Liie's!
We Have Fkiin Riight's To Who Giive's A Fk If We're Mexiican's, We Still Gotta Stand Up For Our Riight's !
'F R E E' my boyy 'S P M' !

Trina Moreno said...

You are rite i strongly beleive the Carlos Coy is truely innconent... i also beleive that he iso gettin done dirty nd someone needs to stand up nd show these idiots wat nd where they are wrong at or eithier they are just plain lazy to look through his case cause its doesnt take a genious to see that... they were just hateing on him cause all they wanted wasnt his money(well thats just my opinion nd from wat i read.)I also think that he is innconent nd needs to be release so he could be with his famliy.Dont think that hes been away from them far to long espeachily when he is innconent.

Misa_Vera said...

Has Incandesio ever gotten a written letter back from him

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yes!! SPM sends letters whenever he can. You can read them under Letters to the Family found on the right side of the page.

Anonymous said...

Oh nevermind. For some reason I thought u meant SPM.

Incandesio said...

Misa Vera:

Not yet.

Anonymous said...

How about a SPM prison tour . Like John Cash and Grateful dead did. He could tour all of Texas,Cali,Ore,Wash??

Anonymous said...

Off subject does anybody know what Carolyn Rod says on the Frustration hook?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the hook goes "listen i ain't hatin' but they got your boy debating if i bust who will know? God, maybe satan so i sit and i wait steady contemplating no peace on the streets must release my frustration"

Anonymous said...

I agree^^^ SPM should do a concert at least in his Prison and dope house could film & make a DVD. They let people in Folsom & other prisons.SPM should try to get transferred to a more lacks prison on the west coast. Redneck republicans run the Texas joints out west it's way more liberal prisoners have more rights.

Anonymous said...

U idiot how u gunna bump spm an say u a true fan if u haten on any of dope house especially Carolyn

Anonymous said...

How u gunna say u a true fan if u haten on DHF

Anonymous said...

Shit goes hard Carolyn goes hard

Anonymous said...

I agree wit that guy Carolyn Rod Suckss! Cant understand what she says in this song

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This hunger strike in cali could really be a game changer for spm to get out of seg. It's also for better food & many other things,yeah I want spm free as much as you but let's also help him why he's in there we have way more control over that then getting him free,& to help all the OG's in the shu,max,or seg. It also helps them see the familys more! #CAHungerstrike Let's support this to the fullest for SPM & All on lock!