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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Letter to Mike Anderson 13

Time for another letter to the D.A.! As always please feel free to copy this one, write your own, or just send one of the flyers to the right. You've heard Coy's voice from prison in Angels, People, and Frustration; let's make sure the Harris County Justice System hears ours!

1201 Franklin Street,
Suite 600,
Houston, Texas 77002-1923

The Honorable Mike Anderson
District Attorney
Harris County


I’m writing to you today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.

One of the recent exonerees from Dallas, Steven Phillips, is being sued for a share of the compensation he received for his wrongful conviction. He was married before serving 24 years in prison for a string of sex crimes that he did not commit and his ex-wife, who stuck with him until 1992, wants a share of Philip’s compensation money.

I don’t know the details of the situation, but you can tell from the face of it that his conviction destroyed multiple lives. While it’s right that the state compensate him for the time he spent paying for someone else’s sins, what amount of money could possibly ‘fix’ the devastation it wrought on his family? How much would be enough for the forceful dissolution of a marriage?

Sir, when the justice system perpetuates injustice, innocent people suffer. Not just those that are falsely imprisoned, but their parents, their children, their spouses. Steven Phillips was lucky to be exonerated but he will never get back the years of his life spent in prison; he will never get back his son’s childhood. The wages his ex-wife spent to provide him with commissary money, the hours spent away from work and family in order to visit him are gone forever.

If he had been exonerated sooner, that damage would have been mitigated, if only slightly. I urge you, please, do not allow this to go on in Mr. Coy’s case. I truly believe that he will eventually receive a new trial and be exonerated; the only difference between it happening this year and ten years from now is the accumulated suffering of the innocent. His accuser testified in court that she wasn't sure what had happened, she really couldn't remember; Coy’s family does not have the luxury of being unsure if they've suffered or not.

Please, sir, investigate this trial; give us justice.

Me, my address, etc etc etc.


Anonymous said...

i so believe that Carlos Coy does deserve another trial nd i hope that he does gets one so that way him nd his family could finally be reunited

Anonymous said...

incandesio, why did they give spm 45 years when they only gave the jesus 6 months in chino?

Incandesio said...

Anon 2:00:

*sigh* The Intellectual Abortion speaks. Did you have a point, or are you just rubbing your (metaphorical) balls all over my (metaphorical) windows again?

Anonymous said...

He didn't deserve this. They had no evidence to put him in jail for 45 years. That's just pathetic. His bestfriends wife just wanted to get him back. Cause he didn't wanna givecher money to keep her mouth shut from telling his bestfriend ( her husband ) that they both had an affair with each other.

DVD520 said...
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DVD520 said...

Hey Incandesio, I found this footage on YouTube of SPM and Fat Joe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot-jaNr0mhA

Incandesio said...


That is extremely cool, thank you! I'm going to put that up on the Facebook page...

The Jesus said...
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Incandesio said...

'The Jesus': The first time you posted 'Big Lebowski' quotes to me, it was on Facebook. With your Facebook account. The one that has your name on it. You searched out the blog page and left it there, right after Eric was banned.

And now you're posting a slightly modified rape threat, from the movie, on my blog.

Perhaps you should review your school's harassment policy.