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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Quick Update 11

Quick Update: “The SON Rise”

El Fambo,

            Buenos no cheese! That greeting may bother some of my Spanish aficionados, but I’m pretty sure that “no cheese” means “evening time.” Either way, nachos and tacos for everyone!

            Just stopping by to give you an update for the SON  First of all, on August the 1st, you’re due for another free song. That will be “Frustration.” You may get this letter after the 1st – I don’t know, because Incandesio is out of town – but I hope you enjoy the song. Our next giveaway is on September the 15th, but I’m not sure what song you’ll be getting. That brings me to the conversation I had with my nephew, Trey Coy. We sat in the visitation area, him eating a bag of chips, me eating a small pizza, when he said, “Uncle Carlos, I’m happy we’re giving fans these songs, but I’m worried about how many we’ll end up giving away.”

            I said, “Neph, I’m worried about how long fans will end up waiting for this album.”

            “I understand that, Unc, but you just recently gave us the info on the insert artwork. It’s not like we’ve had it for years, more like weeks.”

            “Right, but communication’s been slow in all aspects.”

            “Ever since I’ve been project manager, I’ve kept it solid.”

            “Exactly, that’s why I made the forty-five-day-deal. I believe you’ll get it done.”

            “Can we make a new deal?”

            “What’cha got?”

            “Since the fans have been waiting in limbo, not knowing when the SON is coming, not knowing if there even is a SON, I think an official release date would fix that.”


            “Okay, so, how bout we give them a free song every forty-five days, just like we’ve been doing, till we can provide them with an official release date? Most fans know the album is coming, but they don’t know when. That’s where the problem is.”

            “How long before you can get a date?”

            “I think I can get everything to Fontana, including the chopped and screwed version, somewhere before or after the 5th giveaway. That leaves us with 12 or 13 unheard songs, which is plenty enough to push album sales.”

            “Let’s say we give the fans the release date. How long, from that point, will they have to wait for the album?”

            “A hundred days, give or take a little.”

            “I’ll make that deal, Trey, but I still wanna give them something new every forty-five days, even after we give them a release date. I don’t care if it’s a County Jail freestyle, Cold Forty, remix, just something.”


            And that’s about how our conversation went. So, according to the plan, you’ll get around four or five free SON songs, (maybe more), then you’ll get the official release date, (which you’ll wait no more than a hundred days from that point), then we’ll continue to give you something new every forty-five days. We’ve got all kinds of dope shit we can give you.

            I hope everybody is okay with this. Understand that Trey’s sole concern is the well-being of Dope House Records. His father, (my brother, Tudy), has kept the company strong, eve through eleven years of my incarceration, and Trey’s carrying that torch, now.

            CTS. My boy Coast is acting bad on that insert artwork. I had no idea he was that good with computer graphics. The insert will fold out into a small poster, just like the last two albums. A main feature on the artwork will be eight of our Dope House Fam answering three questions:

            1. What would you like to say to our amazing fans?
            2. Where can we find you and your latest projects?
            3. Please give us one of your favorite memories with SPM?

            The artists who we featured for these questions were Juan Gotti, Lucky Luciano, Low-G, Coast, Quota, Rasheed, Carolyn Rodriguez, and the man who started it all, Grimm.

            Pain Ortiz will have Pimpstress, Powda, Baby Bash, Russell Lee, Major Riley, and other family members answer those questions for our website.

            But the eight that are featured gave some incredible answers. I cried, I laughed, I laughed till I cried, I loved reading those.

            There’s also a Cold Forty on the insert called “The Son of Norma”. I don’t know if I’ll ever write a forty that dope again.

            There’s also an interview that Carolyn did. She’s actually the interviewer, but I’ll keep her guest a secret. I think you’ll like everything Coast is doing.

            If you don’t know, there will be a free/bonus CD, which is the Screwed and Chopped version of The SON. Pain told me that DJ Rapid Ric did his best shit on that, so, for all my screw heads, you’re taken care of.

            My sister-in-law, Linda Coy, sent me a copy of the SON lyrics, and my neighbor, Gordo, wanted to read them. He’s a thirty-nine-year-old Heavy metal fanatic and loses his mind when Iron Maiden comes on the radio. I let him read the seventeen songs for this album, and I’d like to share what he wrote me:

Carlos, man homie, I can say you out did yourself because this is the first time I’ve ever “read” your words pero Mexican, you smash the fucking gas! I just ain’t sayin it either. You had some real deep shit, silly shit & If It Were You, People, Frustration, Without The S.O.N. were the ones I like best but that My Homegirl? Damn Los! That was fucking kick ass! Addicted to Storms has some real shit. Man it ALL did. I really cut for those I mention. Angel was something out of left field. But I can understand why you set it up asi because If It Were You, Storms & Angel has something in common then the others. Gracias homie for letting me read them words. If I’m the first outside Dope House? I think your shitting me pero str8 up Gracias for the honor. I was so tempted to copy it pero something like that would need your permission! Got a ? Was it a hamster or a rat? ha!ha! You a fool with that pen homie! Bueno again Gracias! That was a honor eh – God bless us.
It really needs to get released!

“CTR” means “con todo respecto”, (with all respect). And the question he had about, “Was it a hamster or a rat?” comes from reading the song “The Poor Kids.” There’s a part on the first verse where me ad a girlfriend are in my living room and a rat runs by. I was in seventh grade, embarrassed as hell, and I said, “There goes my hamster! Sam! Sam, get over here!” But she knew it wasn’t a hamster. She ran out my house and never came back. You’ll have to hear the song.

            I was surprised on how much Gordo enjoyed the lyrics. He’s read them several times since, and repeats his favorite lines throughout the day. Today he’s stuck on, “I make more bread than a deli and burn rubber in belly!”

            Well, I’ll go ahead and write you a “Quick Sixteen” just to keep you medicated. But, before I do that, let me remind you to be kind, so that you’ll be happy. The secret to life is simple: The heart rewards kind people with the same happiness they give to others, and rewards mean people with the same misery they give, or try to give, to others. Pretty simple, huh?

Con Todo Mi Amor,


"The SON Rise"
(Quick Sixteen)

This is where the book begins, this is where I look within

everything of who I am, travels through this crooked pen

once again they took a friend, anger like a thunderstorm

if you think the Summer's warm, wait until the SON is born

friend I know you've waited long, somethin you have prayed upon

on that day the break of dawn, rises with an Asian song

maybe when you hear it, you will understand the meanin more

dope is when a mystery is somethin they are fiendin for

floatin in the sea, but eventually it reaches shore

some make it faster but I've never heard a cheetah roar

I am Lion King and your, just a piece of beast manure

rap needs Los like a mothafucka needs the Lord

boys got the people bored, some of y'all have switched to country

I be jammin Taylor Swift, she ain't got a nigga does she?

love'em tall, rich and busty, even though I'm short and pudgy

Damn, this my last line, least it ended sorta funny.....



Anonymous said...

What ever happen to Pimpstress? I've haven't heard from her.

Anonymous said...

Me too what happened to her & Ayana m & marilyn rylander? I know those 2 aren't part of the fam but does anyone know where else to hear em?

Anonymous said...

So... At least 5 more months before its released.... i hate waiting, but i hope its worth the wait. And as always, nice to hear from you Los. I know if it was up to you this shit would have been released a long time ago... We the fans are frustrated, but you must be even more..

Anonymous said...

Dope house should have a interview with Los. Its been a while since we (dope house soldiers) seen this Playa made Mexican ..

Micheal Sweigart said...

Free Spm awready

Anonymous said...

yea finaly we get a quick update from my nigga i love spm music but frustration i didnt really feel it i got frustrated tryn to hear the song i cant wait to hear the rest of the album but that song is a nono for me that quick 6teen was the shit Los is the muthafucking man. incandesio thanx for all u do spm mentioned u was out of town i hope it was for a vacation or someting good like that stay up my peoples

Anonymous said...

yo wat up with the book that spm was gone write or is writeing when is that comeing out i dont get tired of reeading bout my favorite raper/person i didnt even read this much in school i dint even read this mutch when i filled out my application haha free spm god damnit

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:36; You must have listened to one of the Youtube uploads that had bad sound quality. There's some diff channels that posted the song and u can listen to it with no problem what so ever.

Anonymous said...

the song is deep,btw. Love the hook.

Anonymous said...

Cant believe this nigga said, "the song is a nono." I just had to come back and post this, it was seriously bothering me. It's my favorite song so far. If you didn't feel the track,something is wrong with you. It must have been the sound quality of the upload u heard, but if you're referring to the lyrics you are crazy (trying to be as nice as I can). Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I had to get it out my system.

Thanks for the letter,SP. Always good to hear from you.The hamster part was fucking funny. I just saw a mouse at my crib two days ago. I'll name that nigga Sam. Ha! Free The Mexican! Oh and I hope the release date is revealed soon. Believe it or not I was worried that you would have to release all the tracks. You have to make it to the top of them charts!

Anonymous said...

so far, I don't think these last songs can compete with songs like in my hood, if I die, when devils strike, I didn't really like these last ones, I just hope the rest of the album has some instant classics like I must be high, bloody war, broadway

Anonymous said...

Hey Incandesio,
My name is Eric Tunchez and I been reading Carlos Coy's letters and updates for the last two years and I really appreciate what you do for him cause there aren't to many people that hold it down like you. You're one in a billion. Every letter that I read gives me motivation and something to look up to. I am from Corpus Christi, Texas and my life has been getting struck by the devil periodically. I got shot at last night and I am currently recovering from a bad car accident that I almost died in from drinking and driving last week. I am also making a power move to Houston Texas to go to school at U OF H DOWNTOWN. I wanted to know what advice Los has for me. If not its Koo, every man has their own problems. By the way, that song Frustration is a hit. No doubt! The cops pulled me and my friend over cause I told him to turn this song up and next thing you know there were 2 cops following. They citated us for loud music but I know why he really did it. Can you please tell Los to reply to me Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Who else thinks spm should respond to Kendrick lamars verse?

Anonymous said...

^^^ HEll yeah that would be dope! When i listened to some response tracks I was thinking, man i'd love to hear SPM wreck!

Clarissa Rodriguez said...

Love the new tracks can't wait for the album to come out mayne' have you in my prayers spm ♥big fann♥

Hector Estrada said...

Lmao the rat part had me crackin mayn free spm

Anonymous said...

yo spm should respond to that puto kendrik fagmar i know LOS would kil that monkey yo wat up i say we all ask spm to do that respond to that nigga

Anonymous said...

That would be badass, but has he even heard the song?

Anonymous said...

yo its me the nigga that said i didnt like the song frustration my bad i herard it and finally heard it right and that song is hard as fuck my bad for the bullshit i be on that bull shit some times

Anonymous said...

^^^ my nigga, thats whats up? At least you owned up to that shit.

Anonymous said...

What did Kendrick say about spm in what song??

Anonymous said...

He didnt say anything about spm, he just came out on a new song called control and on his verse he called out some rappers and basically said that all rappers need to step their game up. And some rappers have responded to this with some pretty good shit.

Anonymous said...

Just hope its worth the wait