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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rest in Peace, Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson, the Harris County District Attorney,  has died.

My prayers go out to his family; it seems like he had a lot of roots in the community, and a reputation as a good man; I believe he will be missed.

Since there will be no letter this week, here are a few things I’ve been mulling over since I heard the news. I’d love to know your thoughts:

Pat Lykos, the incumbent, was a republican. She had made inroads into the ‘good’ol boy’ culture at the DA’s office, and seemed to have been cleaning it up.

Mike Anderson was also a republican.

My question is, why would the Harris County Republican Party run a deathly ill man to oust a sitting republican? I don’t believe Pat Lykos was polling particularly badly, so why take the risk? I don’t get it...

Now granted, Anderson’s cancer wasn’t made public until May of 2013; it may be that it was only discovered after the election; however, the articles below mention that he was in hospice care when he died. They knew it was coming, but nobody made a peep.

Anyway; Gov. Perry is expected to appoint an interim DA soon, The DA’s seat will be back up for grabs in 2014.


Anonymous said...

Incandesio, Ariel Castro passed away too. I think I'm going to create a support blog for him. You in?

Incandesio said...

Anon 11:06:

Nope; that kind of thing seems like it would be right up your alley, though. Have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

fuck a mike anderson