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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear Family 12

Family Letter:             “The Never-Ending Letter”                   

Yung Fambo!
What the dilla? Shit, me, just chillin. Nigga came through, and since it's all rhymin, tell me what it do.

Damn, I didn't know that I would start with a flow

but fuck it since I jumped in the car then let's go

Mista C.Coy's in this I don't need my boys in this

all I need is choicy chicks 'n' diamonds big as oysters bitch

this is true murda rap, every rapper curse the fact

that I'm that, person that's, harder than a turtle's back

servin crack, burnin sacks, turnin Lacs, hurtin tracks

who the fuck sees me, my flow deserves thirty plaques

how bout just a couple trophies, make one for soccer too

cause I'm pretty good, if I only had the proper shoe

all we have is Converse, the old ones, like mom wore

since I brought her up, that be who I did this song for

but she don't believe me cause she said it wasn't even planned

Mom you're just sayin that cause really you're a Weezy fan!

if you bought his single ma, don't forget that Jesus saw

Sylvia said she heard you tryna sing it at the bingo ball

wait till the SON is born, I'mma make you take it back!

you're that person at the Texans game, in a Raider's cap!

you're the one who partied after De La Hoya beat Chavez!

probably if crossin was a skill you could teach college!

or, maybe I'm trippin, maybe you be jammin me

I just want my family to know that I'm "Your Majesty"

then I want my picture real big, in the livingroom

put the others where you keep the mop, and the kitchen broom

no I'm not selfish Mom, why you always call me that!

I'm the one who helped you fold the clothes at the laundromat!

when you washed dishes answer this: Who would do the rinsin!

then we watched novelas in the afternoon on Univision

I laughed when you laughed, I never understood the words

you cried when I cried, feed the world to the birds

next giveaway be "Without the SON" or "The River"

why you think the compitition already pourin liquor

two shots to numb the stress, pure dope and nothin less

S.P. to-da fuckin Mex, carve it in somebody's chest

punish vets, with the same whip that the youngest gets

you verses me, equals me plus a bloody mess

fuck recognition I don't need attention or a vote

"Niggas can't fuck with Los", that's ya fuckin horrascope.....

            Damn, where did all that come from? I’m sensing a little frustration within me.

            Since I didn’t give this Cold 40 a title, I shall do that, now. Hmmm, how about “Choicy Chicks and Oysters”?

            No, that don’t sound right. How bout “Mom Loves Weezy”? Actually, I think “Horrascope” sounds cool. Fuck it, “Horrascope” it is. One of the books I’m putting together is called “SPM’s School of Rap” and it’ll have tons of Cold 40s in it, so that’s why I needed a title.

            So, how is you? I’m calling this letter “never-ending” because I’m just going to write till I get tired, and mail it off. I’m not even going to say “bye” or sign my name at the end. I’ll just pick up where I left off on the next day, and call the next letter “The Never-Ending Letter Part 2.”

            A lot has happened since I really sat down and wrote you. I see that “Eric” was kicked off the site. For those who don’t know, Eric has been one of our most critical critics, skeptical skeptics and haterfullistic haters on this blog. Personally, I feel he’s important to my goals of showing the world what really went on in my case. He’s the voice of other people who think I would mess with somebody’s child. To address his points is to address the views of other skeptics. But it seems he crossed a line that made Incandesio uncomfortable. From what I understand, Eric began to search for personal information on her. I’ll give you a partial exchange that I saw on one of her letters to me:

Incandesio said:
            “It has come to your attention”...So you’re invested in this enough to look up my Facebook profile? Dude, that is creepy as hell.

            Eric said...
            LOL, you’re lucky I haven’t posted on there yet

            Incandesio said...
Well, gee, what are you going to post?
“Hi, I’m that guy who gets so upset when someone disagrees with me that I creep around their Facebook page and wack off to it”?

I remember another exchange where Eric invited Incandesio to have a drink. I’m sure he was kidding, but I thought to myself, “This dude is attracted to her.”

            I can’t say I blame him, there’s nothing more attractive than an educated, intelligent woman. But, maybe all this time he’s been debating with her, he’s been enjoying himself more than we thought. I could be wrong, but you don’t invite a chick for a drink unless you got business, or you wanna give her the business. Of course, Incandesio told him she had better taste.

            Either way, I’m sorry about Eric’s banning. He had a point when he told Incandesio (and I’m paraphrasing), “You should be thankful for me. If not for me, all you’d have is SPM supporters and no one to debate with.”

            Whatever Incandesio’s decision is, I respect. She’s a mother of 5 children, the wife of a United States Marine, and every decision she makes is with her family in mind.

            One person said—in so many words—that she banned Eric because she couldn’t handle the challenge. I read this comment around the time they were arguing about something that happened in my civil trial.

            See, a while back I wrote a write-up where I said that the civil jury didn’t fall for all the bullshit the way the criminal jury did. I basically said that the civil jury either believed I was innocent, or had major doubts I was guilty.

            Eric’s argument was that the civil jury voted “yes” on malicious intent, which means that I had meant to cause the child malice. Therefore, the jury did believe I was guilty. He kept repeating over and over, “Don’t you know that they had a choice, Incandesio? They could’ve voted ‘no’. Answer the question, Incandesio, don’t you know they could’ve voted ‘no’?”

            He thought he had something going, but let me speak to that point.

            When a person gets convicted of a crime, he can appeal the conviction. It’s a process where the appeal goes through different courts. The first two or three appeals goes to places in the State you were convict in. In my case, it went to people in Texas. Well, the State just spent a bunch of money getting you convicted, so they almost never give you relief. All lawyers know that. You have to keep pushing your appeals to federal courts, like the 5th Circuit and the Supreme Court in Washington. But once your conviction is denied by those in your State, it’s considered “final.” After it’s “final”, the plaintiff can take you to civil court (to sue you for money), and ask the civil judge to not allow you the opportunity to defend yourself. That’s what they did to me. They waited three years, till 2005, when all my State appeals were exhausted, to take me to civil court. They knew if they would have allowed me to defend myself, they wouldn’t have won.

            I didn’t know about this law, and I couldn’t wait for the civil trial. I wanted to, once and for all, prove my innocence. In criminal trial, I took the shit for what it was, a fucking joke. I was actually rewriting the script for a film we were working on, during the trial. I totally underestimated the State’s ability, determination, and resources to make bullshit sound believable.

            Anyway, when my civil lawyer gave me the bad news, he said, “Carlos, I’m sorry but we won’t be able to fight the charges. You won’t even be able to say you didn’t do this.”

            “What are you talking about?” I said.

            “Your conviction is considered final as far as Texas is concerned.”

            We went back and forth on this for a while, then he said, “It might be wise for you and your brother to think about settling out of court. The jury can give this family any amount of money they choose. There’s no cap on the amount.”

            In other words, he was saying that they could award a trillion dollars if they wanted. Of course, I could never pay that much, but any penny I made (for the rest of my life) would go straight to them.

            Me and my brother talked about it and he said he would offer $300,000 dollars. He said, “Carlos, I know it sucks, but you could lose everything you’ve ever worked for. We’ve got to think about our future.”

            I was furious, but it was a figure we could afford, and still continue operating DHR without skipping a beat.

            My lawyer presented their lawyer with the offer, and their lawyer laughed at it. It wasn’t enough in their eyes. That meant we would be going to court.

            Believe it or not, my lawyer was a steadfast Christian. I mean, I’m a Christian too, just not a very good one. But he believed in me, and took my case only after praying all night about it.

            My lawyer ended up being amazing in that courtroom. even with his hands tied behind his back, even without being able to say, “My client didn’t do this!” he showed the jury what kind of family we were dealing with. He revealed truths that began to paint the real picture. It’s almost unexplainable what happened in that courtroom.
            But this is what the judge told the jury at the beginning of the trial.

Civil Trial
Court Transcripts Volume 4 of 9 (pgs. 24,25)
Judge: Now, I need your attention for a few minutes because I’m going to give you some information about this case, and I’m also going to give you some specific instruction. I will try not and take too much of your time this morning before I turn you over to the lawyers and allow them to ask you questions, but it’s very important that everyone pay attention to the next few minutes as I give you some information and instructions.
            Let me begin by asking the general question: Can everyone hear me? If you cannot hear me, raise your hand. All right. I see no hands.

            This is a civil case in which (Mary Doe) is asking the jury to award money damages to her daughter (Jane Doe) based on an incident which took place on or about September 1, 2001.
            The defendant in this case is Carlos Coy. He has been in the entertainment business and he is also known as South Park Mexican. The basis of the claim by the plaintiff is that Carlos Coy committed a sexual assault on (Jane Doe) who at the time was nine years of age.

            Carlos Coy has been tried for this incident and convicted in Harris County and is currently incarcerated in the Texas Department of Corrections. His conviction has become final; therefore, you will not be asked any questions about whether or not this assault took place. The nature of the sexual assault is set forth on the indictment which will be here for you to see.

            As I have previously mentioned, this is a civil case. The case that we will try here is a case in which the plaintiff seeks money damages. That will be the critical inquiry for the jury in this case.
The jury was instructed, from the very beginning, to look at me as guilty, and to look at this crime as if it did happen.

            The trial was split in two parts. The first part was damages, which means how much money will it cost for all the therapy, counseling, psychiatrists the child would need, throughout her entire life, to help her deal with the effects of such a crime. We all know that a lifetime of problems can incur from being sexually assaulted, and that could potentially cost a fortune.

            The second part of the trial was the punitive stage. That’s where even bigger money is. Their lawyer told the jury that that’s where you give a “multiple amount” of what you gave during the damages phase.

            After the first part was over, all they gave the family was twenty-five grand. If you don’t know, that’s an insult of an amount. We’re talking about a child who was supposedly robbed of her innocence. That amount of dollars depicts the doubt this jury had about this supposed crime. They knew I was the number one selling artist at my distribution company, Southwest Wholesale. They knew I had just signed with Universal Records. They even heard the story of me giving Nathan Perez a $100,000 dollar Mercedes.

            My lawyer, his assistant, my brother and myself went back to my private quarters and hugged each other. No one said a word, it was a quiet celebration. The jury was thinking for themselves, that much was clear.

            At the same time, the jury never heard a trial on the sexual assault charge. They never heard the full story like the criminal jury did. The family was lucky for that becaus ethe little girl seems to have forgotten profound details about the story. For example, the length of time I was supposed to have assaulted her. Here’s what she said in the criminal trial:

Criminal Trial
Court Transcripts Volume 11 of 31 (pg.93)
DA Oncken: Okay. And how long did he lick you?
Jane Doe: About a minute.
DA Oncken: About a minute. And did he stop after about a minute?
Jane Doe: Yes.
DA Oncken: Yeah. And what did he do when he stopped?
Jane Doe: He told me not to tell nobody.
DA Oncken: He told you not to tell anybody?
Jane Doe: Yes.
Here’s what she said in the civil trial:
Civil Trial
Court Transcripts Volume 4 of 9 (pg.49)
Their Lawyer: How long—was it just, like, one lick or was it a long time or what?
Jane Doe: It was one lick.
Their Lawyer: And is that when he left after the one lick?
Jane Doe: Yes.
Their Lawyer: And then, you went to use the restroom? You remember that?
Jane Doe: Yes.
Even before this civil trial began, during her deposition (a pre-trial interview under sworn oath), she told my civil lawyer that the assault only lasted “one second.” My lawyer knew what she said in the criminal trial so he asked her again, and her answer was the same.

            Either she forgot what she said in criminal trial, or she had a guilty conscience and felt that a “one second” assault was less of a lie than an “about a minute” assault.

            So, there I was, right in the middle of working on my first film, just signed with Universal, seeing all my dreams finally coming true, and I’m supposed to have thrown it all away to lick somebody’s child for a second? As I’ve said before, I didn’t do this for one second, or one hundredth of a second. It was a lie, and the civil jury knew the shit didn’t make sense.

            So, then came the second part of the civil trial, the punitive phase. This is where there’s no cap on the amount I could lose.

            The jury was asked to answer two questions:

            1.) Did Carlos Coy knowingly cause malice to the plaintiff?
            2.) How much money should he have to pay?

            Of course, anyone who assaults a child knows that it will cause them malice. And the jury was instructed to view this crime as if it did happen, so they voted “yes” on question one. Remember, they were never given a chance to hear a trial on the charges. Eric’s argument was that the punitive phase was a separate thing from the damages phase, that the jury could have said “no” to malice, that they had a choice. True, true, and true, homie, but they never heard a trial. I still wasn’t able to say “I didn’t do this.” How could they have voted “no”, even if they had a choice, if I was never able to defend myself? But what was their answer to question two, Mr. Eric? In case you forgot, it was “zero dollars.”

            Ya see, if the jury would have voted “no” to malicious harm, and then gave them “zero dollars”, the zero dollars wouldn’t have stood out so much. But to say, “Yes, Carlos Coy did knowingly cause malicious harm to this child,” and then not give her enough for a fucking cheeseburger, speaks volumes of how this jury felt. They said, “Fine, we’ll go with what the court said about his guilt, but we won’t punish a man we don’t think is guilty.”

            Do you really believe that jury thought I molested a child, destroyed her life, cause her a lifetime of pain and suffering? Come on, homie, get your head out of your ass. Society despises child molesters because we all have children of our own.

            In my criminal trial, when the DA asked me how much time I would give someone if they molested my daughter, I said, “If someone molested my girl, they wouldn’t make it to trial.”

            The DA loved that answer. She immediately said, “Are you saying you would do something violent, Mr. Coy!”

            ‘Bitch, shut up before I fuck you in the ass in front of everybody.’ That’s what I should have said.
            But the jury in the criminal court gave me forty-five years so my answer to that question wasn’t the best thing I could have said.

            So, I lost in the criminal court, but I consider what happened in civil court a great victory. One thing for sure, it saved us $275,000 dollars.

            What’s funny is when I first met the family’s civil lawyer, it was during my deposition, a few months before the trial started. Their lawyer along with my lawyer, came to visit me at a prison called the Goree Unit. We sat in the visiting room, and I complimented their lawyer on his shirt. It was a pink Polo, and I respect a man with enough nuts to wear pink. But the dude didn’t even acknowledge me. He just looked at my lawyer and asked, “Are you ready to proceed, Mr. Akers?”

            After the trial was over, after the family walked out of the courtroom, that same lawyer came to my table and shook my hand. He said, “I wish you the best, Mr. Coy.”

            I’m no mind reader, but that man’s eyes were full of compassion. There’s no doubt in my mind, even their own lawyer knew I didn’t do this shit. His funky ass was just trying to get paid. Civil lawyers get around 50 to 60 percent of what the jury awards.

            Two years after that civil trial, at the age of 15, Jane Doe was pregnant with her first child. As far as the “assault”, from what I’ve heard, she’s told people it never happened. But, officially, she’s sticking with her “one second” story. She’s gone from about sixty seconds, to one, and now we’re only one second away from the truth.

            It’s all good, trust me. There’s only two things this world can do with me, either kill me, or make me stronger. In the world I was doing big things, but at the same time I was a pathetic husband, pathetic father, pathetic man. All I did was fuck thick hoes, smoke thick blunts, and sip thick syrup. I had beef with so many dicksuckers, it was unreal.  Death was in the air, and these bitch-ass niggas was closing in. But I’ve got a whole book to write on that.

            Like I’ve said before, if I am a Christian, I damn sure ain’t a good one. But I love the Lord, and I trust him. There’s no doubt that I’d be dead today if I hadn’t come to prison, so I thank God for everything. I know it sounds odd coming from the founder of Dope House Records, but I’m no fool. I read my Bible every day. And I suggest that everyone do that. I don’t give a fuck if you’re a hit man. The biggest fool on earth is the atheist, but there’s hope for everyone else.

            Damn, a nigga went off on some preacher-type shit! This muhfuckin coffee, mayne.....

I'm drunk off the coffee, drunk off the Sprite

drunk off some shit that I drank last night

freestyle flow right before I jus end it

nigga feel splendid, peace to Lil Kendrick

said he was the best but, who am I to argue?

say it in my face muhfucka I will scar you

all about the action, all about the camera

Donkey Kong, Cheech 'n' Chong, problematic gambla

not the Hamburgla I am the manmurdera

just to make it rhyme nigga stole the damn furmula

Listerine gurgla, Panasonic screen fall

ain't that a bitch, A damn Meskin the king, y'all

no I can't sing cause the weed overheats my throat

"Los, that's a poor excuse! Even Justin Beiber smokes!"

maybe he be lip-synchin, you don't know the real story

Why you always knockin me! Really you should kill for me!


Anonymous said...


mauricio said...

Damn its been a while i havent commented on a letter but this is an interesting one. We need more letters like these. Oh and when he said lil kendrick torwards the end, did he mean kendrick lamar.

Anonymous said...

Hey Incandesio what about the case of the little girl she is 19 and now says her mom put he up to this. Toy think if she testified and said the truth things would change and people would see

Anonymous said...

LOS, wtf is this "the atheist is the only fool"? just because you "found" God dont mean shit!! It dont make you better than anybody!! ive been holding it down for you, sticking my neck out to defend a convicted pedophile and now you trow this shit out like its rice at a mexican wedding!!?? wtf? why cant i believe in what i believe and you believe in what you believe and we can all be happy? i know this aint aimed personally at me, but as a person who doesnt fully understand/believes in a supernatural being, i feel like you are dissing me. telling me that a hit man deserves to be forgiven and that there is no hope for me... fuck that. i do the shit i do for my own, i dont do good shit cuz i want to go to heaven or im scared of going to hell. i do good cuz I WANT TO DO GOOD.

imma still buy S.O.N. cus im fan but you lost some of my respect, which probably dont meant shit to you but thats the way it is.


Anonymous said...

Jan doe went from a minute to a second wow...
I Hope to see justice from what I read right now I believe even more that los is innocent one day you shall be free los one day till then stay on your grind and stay positive and Incandesio thank you for creating this blog and everything you have done.
God bless & Free SPMex!

Anonymous said...

this letter from my homie SPM made my day thanks for posting it incandesio. i think SPM just gave kendrick i quick respond or am i wrong? eather way im gad to see that this is comeing to an end i feel it in my nuggets i say in less then 5 years carlos will get out of jail. thats your horroscope nigga haha FREE my nigga LOS

Jae Stylez said...

mayne! thank you for posting (: and yes, he meant kendrick lamar, he might be in prison but he knows what's going on . .

Anonymous said...

kendrik lamar went to eat at burger king they gave that nigga a crown and ever since he think he a king haha SPM jst let that nigga know whe king is
FREE my nigga SPM

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:15,in a way see where you're coming from... I was about to provide an argument but decided not to. I found it funny how you basically said what you said, then you proceeded to use the Lord's name in vain.

Anonymous said...

how does spm know that beiber smokes and what kendrick said, well i mean some one could of told him, but like does he know this cuz he seen it or some one just told him? i dont get it, and wat does SPM know bout justin beiber maybe his daughter told him bout that kid? eather way thats koo i guess im closeminded when it comes to being in prison i jst dont know what all they got accsess too. i wonder if he got to see that lame ass fight canelo vs mayweather? yo SPM!!! do u get to see NFL in there? them texans got sanfran this week ill bet u a song from S.O.N and if san fran looses ill do watever wat up wat u say? im not a san fran fan by the way i like the chagers im a BIG chargers fan but we kinda sux so ill never bet texans vs chargers atleast not this year. eather way homie i hope u the best with your case and dont let theese negative vibe ass putos bring u down i speek for all ur real fans when i wish u the best and like i said this is almost at the end homie u bout to get out i know it i pray for u my nigga u should be thinking what u gone do when u get out the pen cuz thats right around the corner stay up holmes FREE SPM


Anonymous said...

hey Incandesio i had heard that song that spm wrote and juan gotti recorded where he mentions missing talking to uchie.. i have uchie's contact information i don't mind sending it to you so you may pass it on to him... i know they lost contact after uchie moved to nigeria...

Anonymous said...

free spm
tht child wemt from saying one minute to one second wtf ?? shes obviously lying .
Free Los
and still waiting for SON hope it be out soon

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:15, I couldnt have said it better myself

Anonymous said...

havent finished reading but i have to say HAPPY B DAY S.P.!!!! you finna be 43 in 11 minutes!!! from san antonio

Anonymous said...

daaah wuuuut? not believing in God doesn't automatically make you an atheist... are you atheist?

Lilly Trilla said...

Happy Birthday Carlos ! S - P - to the motha fckn - M !! <3 Much love from West Side San Anto !! 210 (:

Free SPM

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Anonymous said...

anon 12:59 an atheist is anyone who doesnt believe in god

Anonymous said...

Incandesio, whats your religion? Just curious

817South said...

Happy late birthday homie los. Nd like the other honeboy said ure freedom just around the corner hope to see you out soon and meet you and hell yea yu gna trip when i squeeze yur hand lol

Incandesio said...

Anon 11:15:

Whichever religion redeems you in the sacred blood of Jesus Christ, while still allowing you to drink like a fish and curse like a sailor.

Anonymous said...

yo Los happy late B day i smoked one for u, and i saw them texans get they ass whooped too , dont trip tho homie my chargers got spanked by them punk ass raiders its all good tho i hope u smoked one atleast for ur Bday i know u quit and all but i hope u blaze one, ey can u tell me wat happens on ur b day, break down what a day in the life of carlos coy in the pen on his BDAY. is it the same as any other day? or do u get some sort of perk that day? i know u talk to ur fam like ur kids and wife and mom but like wat else just curious. aite than my nigg this CHARGERFAN the nigga that wanted to bet u a song on that texans vs san fran game Keep ur head up homie. hope u answer back with ur next letter i hope incadesio send u the coments people leave u.

Anonymous said...

FREE SPM FUCK ALL THE NEGATIVE ASSHOLES. And bitches who screw over innocent people for money fucking hoes GET A JOB instead stop sending innocent,people,to prison sluts. Happy belated bday spm I went off a bit lol sorry.

ivan said...

SPM my nigga! Its always good to hear from you! But at the same time it's a bittersweet feeling considering the situation. I feel the same way when I listen to your tracks. Seems like it had been a while since the last time u wrote a letter.But damn, you're a strong individual, always staying positive. Can't wait till they let you free! I'll drive all the way to the H, just to say what's up? FREE THE MEXICAN!!!

Anonymous said...



Rennie Hynes said...

Yo 'Los! I gotta say, the more I find out about this whole fiasco the more my heart breaks, my admiration grows, and my anger rages. Breaks my heart to think anyone could put their own child through such an ordeal all in the pursuit of selfish greed, I try and find solace in knowing that someday she will meet her maker and have to answer for such horrible atrocities. I admire you very much for your ability to remain grounded in the truth, your unyielding faith in God, and your selfless candor. In my book, you are a stellar specimen of a true man and I applaud not only you but your mother as well - she raised you right and it shows. As I have told you before, the so-called "justice" system chaps my ass to no end. The self-serving, power-hungry motherfuckers who don't give a rats ass about ruining innocent peoples lives as long as it furthers their own cause make me sick and ashamed to be human. I cannot fathom how those idiotic hypocrites can sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror. Again, all I can do is have faith that someday they too will be judged - made to stand in front of the ULTIMATE Supreme Court that falls directly in God's own jurisdiction...Heaven's Gate. Stay strong my friend and take comfort in all of the love and support you have outside the walls. -Much Respect, Rennie "E-ni-si" Hynes

Sergio Mendoza said...

SPM is my favorite rapper, but I hate when he makes songs about smoking weed. He makes it seem like its OK to smoke when its not.
Not trying to hate just stating my opinion. And I can't wait for the SON

Anonymous said...

Los, been ah minute since I seen ya' back on K pod. Hope u made it outta high security ECB. Say wud'up 2 Dino D fo'me G. Keep yo' head up homito! U be out soon! Con amor, Dub G ( Johnny D )

Anonymous said...

^^^What about when he spits about the thug tales we all love? Come on man, it's SPM you know what you got yourself into. He has to keep it real.