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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Letter to Devon Anderson 3

Time for another letter to the DA! This one talks about the case of former judge Elizabeth Coker; if you're interested in reading more about the scandal, go here and here. As always, I really appreciate everyone who shows their support by sending one of these off; you can copy this one, write your own, or even just print out one of the downloadable flyers to your right.

The goal is to get and keep this case in the minds of those who work at the DA's office, and the more letters they get, the more they'll feel the pressure to do something about it.

The Honorable Devon Anderson
1201 Franklin St
Suite 600
Houston, Tx 77002-1923


I’m writing to you today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.

            You may or may not have been following the story of Judge Elizabeth Coker, out of Polk county. After a scandal that involved her texting advice to a prosecutor during a trial, she has resigned from the bench.

            No criminal charges were filed against her, and as far as I can tell there will be no investigation into her past trials, even though the commission released an agreement stating that, “...Coker allegedly showed bias in favor of certain attorneys and a prejudice against others in her rulings and appointments. It also states there were allegations she met with jurors while they were deliberating in trials.”

I cannot imagine the difficulties a judge faces every day when trying to adopt a truly impartial view of the events presented to them in the courtroom; obviously, sometimes they are unable to do so, and I suspect that this may have been an issue in Coy’s trial. Some of the decisions of the judge in his trial are inexplicable; for example, when he allowed witnesses to change their testimony depending on whether they were in the presence of the jury or not; concealing evidence of the witness’ dishonesty or forgetfulness that may have allowed the jury to better judge the weight of what they said.

We know these things happen, through malice or carelessness or even misguided good intentions. Please, initiate a review of Coy’s case; take a look at the behavior of the officers of the court and consider whether justice was allowed to prevail.

Me, my address, etc etc etc.


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