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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Letter to Devon Anderson 4

Time for another letter to the DA! As always, please feel free to copy this one or write your own; apparently the flyers are no longer downloadable, but I’m in the process of getting that taken care of. I appreciate your help with this, and I urge you not to give up; we will be heard.

The Honorable Devon Anderson
1201 Franklin Street, Suite 600
Houston, Texas


I'm writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.

In the Houston Chronicle last month were two heart-wrenching articles, one written by Michael Morton, and one written by Joyce King, the fiancé of exoneree James Woodard. Woodard, exonerated by DNA evidence in 2008, died last year.

Like Morton, vital evidence that could have wrecked the prosecution’s case against him was never received by defense attorneys, and Woodard lost 27 years of his life because of it. He was finally released thanks to Dallas DA Craig Watkins willingness to allow the DNA testing to proceed.

The first article, by Morton, speaks about measures being taken to examine old arson cases; it mentions the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, convicted and executed on evidence that the Texas Science Commission deems seriously problematic.

A case overturned by scientific evidence is a beautiful thing; we rest assured in the knowledge that we’ve done the right thing, that the man walking free after decades in prison is ‘lucky’; the misbehavior that resulted in the loss of income, family, and time is washed over by the happy accident of preserved evidence.

The legacy of that behavior remains, though; broken families, stolen years, and the slowly-dawning comprehension that justice isn’t a foregone conclusion in a court room. As far as we know, there was no physical evidence in Carlos Coy’s case; only shaky accusations supported by confused and changeable testimony.

Eventually, this case will be re-examined; Coy has supporters across Texas, across the nation, and across the world. We cannot prove his innocence, but neither do we see evidence that the State proved his guilt. Please, initiate a review of his case. Take a look at the transcripts, at the records that are unavailable to us, and I believe that you too will see the need for a new trial.

Me, my address, etc.


Anonymous said...

When are we getting another spm update?

Incandesio said...

As soon as he sends one. :-)

817South said...

Post some reserved questions

Anonymous said...

When is he being released from prison

Anonymous said...

His letters are entertaining. FREE SPM

Incandesio said...

Unfortunately, I'm out of reserves.

Anon 8:41:
His maximum sentence date is 2047-04-08.

Trina Moreno said...

I think is terrable what they are doing to him i don't understand wny there isn't anyone out there doing anything to help him in his case that goes for everyone that's been in his kind of situation there are a lot of inncoent people that are being punish for something that they did not do our system is so corrupt that its not even funny anymore...i wish that there was something i could do and hell yeah i really do wish they would free S.P.M. I also belive that he is innocent and not to mention how thier slanddering his name that's really messed up much love and resepects to him and the Dope house fam bam