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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Family 14

What’s Up Loved Ones,

                I feel impelled to start this letter off by saying: My communication has really sucked!

                And I’m sorry, even though you’re probably sick of my sorrys and just want to hear more from me.

                Well, I am working on a long legal letter that I think will intrigue you. But I won’t wait till that letter is complete. I’m going to write you, and I’m going to be consistent.

                So, again, expect much more writing from me, and I won’t stop promising that till I fucking fulfill it. Let me start by talking about the S.O.N.

                We had complications with a few samples getting cleared, but things are finally getting ironed out. Our next giveaway is on December 14th, give or take a day. I don’t want you guys worrying about us giving away too many sings. The songs you’re getting for free will be remixed for the album, so you’ll be getting something a little different on The S.O.N. Plus we got seventeen songs on the album, AND the free Screwed and Chopped version, so that’s plenty of content to generate sales. I’ve heard some of you say, distressingly, that we’re going to end up giving away the whole album. That’s why I feel so fortunate about the kind of fans we have because, usually, fans would be thrilled about that. But a lot of you would rather see us release the entire project so you can purchase the whole thing. That’s a special and rare love, and it’s why the Dope House remains so powerful and influential. Because of you, who are our oxygen.

                I’ve been thinking the last few days, and I want to lay out some specific elements of our movement. I’ve spoken about the movement but never talk about what it is, exactly, or what we can do to strengthen it. The goal is to help each other live fulfilling and prosperous lives. When I say this, I mean all nationalities. I understand that the majority of our fanbase is Mexican American, but I don’t want it to be lost on anyone that our virtual race is what I call the “Player Race”, which is in contrast to the “Hater Race”. I said “in contrast” not “in opposition” because we’re not at war with haters. Our only war, as the Bible says, is with the unseen evil that lurks among us, but never with man. Humans who are full of hate, destruction and other dark traits are only suffering from the poisons that made them. It’s nobody’s fault by what ingredients they were made, and it’s not our job to judge. You guys heard of the slogan, “Got Milk?” Well, our slogan should be “Got Love?” because if you do, you’re one of the fortunate who were made with better ingredients. And the world needs you to use that love to help the ones who lack it. A person without love is dangerous to himself and others.

                Some people say, “I got love; I love my family, I love my homeboys, I love my hood.” But anyone can love those that love them back. When you truly have love, it’s for all of mankind, because we all come from the same rib bone.

                I focus a lot on the problems of Mexican Americans, but that’s because we’re living the most tragic lives in American society. If you’ve got five bullet holes, the doctor will tend to each one according to their severity. Sure, the one that shattered your knee, and the one that blew off your nose are serious, but the one that hit your main artery is the most critical. The Mexican American, in his gang-infested neighborhood, is the most likely to join a gang and subsequently destroy his life. This is why our nationality has more men in prison cells than college classes, has the highest percent of prisoners by ratio, has the number one drop-out rate by ratio and has more race on race violence than any other nationality. These are real, true, unexaggerated facts. I think one of our focuses in this movement should be to help innocent kids from falling into gang life. It’s a cycle that must be stopped, a cycle that should be considered an epidemic, but apparently our government isn’t concerned enough to even recognize what it’s doing to millions of lives. So, it’s up to us to save us, thus the question of the movement speaks loudly: Got love? If you do, let’s start putting our heads together because the world needs us. Don’t take on the attitude that you’re better than other people, and it’s their own fault that they’re fucking up. That’s not true, my friend. Yes, we have freewill, but there’s a force behind those choices, and that force is created way before we had a choice of what kind of world we want to be in. Some people may have been given the revelation of knowing they deserve the best and, somehow, given the love and intelligence to live by that revelation. Some simply did not see, or maybe didn’t have the brain capacity to capture that revelation and live by it. The only people who can help the unfortunate are the non-judgmental fortunate. Because it doesn’t matter how blessed you are, if you judge people, it will deplete the love necessary to help them.

                That’s what I want to focus on, and whoever shares that passion with me, I’m so looking forward to working with you. If you don’t share that passion, it’s okay. I once spoke to my cousin about this and he said, “Carlos, if it ain’t about my family, or my close friends, I’d rather stay out of it.”

                I was shocked. I thought all Mexican-Americans wanted to see our people doing better in life, and would be proactive in that struggle. I said, “You don’t care about all of the beautiful kids that will one day fill prison cells because of the lives that they were force-fed?”

                He said, “You make it sound like I’m a bad person.”

               The truth is that he’s not a bad person, he just wants to focus on his own circle. My mom is like that. She said, “Carlos, everyone has their own bag. God put you, Tudy and Sylvia in my bag, and then my grandchildren. That’s who I’m here for.”

                I can understand that because I got kids. But I still have this passion to help others, and I hope I can. These guys in prison with me were all once innocent little kids. Society feels sorry for them when they’re little, when society hears about how cruel life has been to them. But as soon as the effects of unfortunate circumstances combine with a little facial hair, that’s when society goes from “Oh, that poor child” to “Oh, that piece of shit.”

                No, he’s not a piece of shit, he’s poisoned, and whenever we can lose the judgment and learn to help, that’s when our chances of not getting a gun shoved in our mouth will improve.

                So, again, what can we do as a collective group, to help? STep one, understand that the job of judging is impossible for humans. We have no idea what ingredients raised/made people, or what kind of physiological weaknesses their brains have. Many soldiers come back from war, suffering from mental disorders, and it’s understandable. There are, also, millions of babies being raised in another kind of warzone, and they’re not only experiencing all this darkness, but it’s what’s making them.

                We simply don’t know what people have been through from the day we were born, or what kind of brain they were given to deal with it all. Not everyone has the same talents and creativity to overcome unfortunate pasts. Only God can judge, because he’s the only one who knows. If you judge people you won’t want to keep helping them, so that’s step number one: Don’t judge. Sorry to keep repeating that but it’s essential in this movement.

                Step two, I think we should start with ourselves. If we’re going to travel this road, we’ll need one helluva car. We are the car. We’ve got to stay drug-free, and identify our personal goals in life. If you’re in school, then your focus is gaining as much as you can from the teachers and books and knowledge being presented to you. If you’re working, forget drinking a beer after work, and instead do what you have to do to elevate your knowledge. You can take small steps at first, like, reading ten pages a day of a book that educates you in whatever you’re interested in.  Let’s identify our long-term goals, and set smaller ones where we need to go. We can share all this stuff on this blog. I don’t want to lose focus of Incandesio’s mission, which is justice in a case where lies and corruption were used to convict an innocent man. But we can, also, use this blog to build ourselves. That’s what my mission was from the first day I picked up a microphone, but somewhere in all the alcohol, X-pills and pussy, I got lost.

                Today, I’d just like to hear from you. Let me know if you’re down with the movement I’ve spoke of. If so, let’s talk about getting ourselves on path, first. Let me know your long-term goal. Is it graduating high school, or college? What do you want to be in life? On my next letter, we can talk more about the small steps that will get us closer to our dreams, but today answer these two questions:

                1. Do you have the love to be a part of this movement in helping ourselves and each other?
                2. What is your dream in life? (I can tell you, now, that if you’re in school, it’s a must that education be a part of that dream.)

Here’s my long-term goal: I’d like to be an exceptional author of books. Of course, I’ll always write songs, and flow them, but books are a whole different world. I’ve written over 300 pages of an autobiography/memoirs type of book, but I’m still not finished. I know a lot of you are waiting for that, and I’ll set some short-term goals to get it done.

                I’ve got all kinds of goals, hopes and drwams and we’ll keep talking about this stuff, and getting a clearer picture of our mission in this movement. I’m really excited about us sharing our worlds, and how those worlds can unite to strengthen the Player Race.

                The Player Race: Those who operate with love.
                The Hater Race: Those who operate with hate.

Stay Strong,


Here’s a Quick Sixteen I
was fiddling with this morning.


I lay
Tracks like railroads, the story is well told
that’s why ya girl blow me as if I was a sailboat
my flow neva fail so, ain’t shit you can tell Los
these other niggas lookin like they wearin they gal clothes
as far as myself goes, I’m tougha than nails, bro
when comp battle me they come up short like an elf toe
I ride on elbows, like, “Damn, he sell snow!”
Like, “Yeah, either that or he be pimpin bout 12 hoes.”
I’m “high” like “Hellos”, when you answer ya cell phones
and if it ain’t El Dro, I just say “Hell no”
him swangin on Melrose, while watchin Chapell shows
my bitch dyed her hair the same color as Elmo’s
I wrote and they felt hope, they meet me and smell G.O.A.T.
the funny thing about it I jus did it to help cope.....



Anonymous said...

Los your the best rapper to grace the face of the earth. Nobody can come close to you. I just wish you'd collab with rappers outside of houston like Gucci mane T.I. Juicy j or even tech9. So you could expand even further so other people could hear your amazing talent. Keep up the good work much love from Odessa tx

AlejandroHernandez said...

I'm really thankful for what you do Carlos.
I think We share so many things in common like we both want to see our people rise but also just everyone.

We as fans really love you. I read so many posts & messages of people wondering about you every day it's crazy.
Keep doing your thing I have faith you will be release very soon. There is only one truth & that truth always wins.

I appreciate your support too Incandesio. Keep it up!
I'm grateful for that as-well.

Thanks for typing this letter early. That was nice.

Love , Alejandro

rogelio navarro said...

First of all I want to thank you Los for all the times you have helped me with your songs. when i am stressed out i turn to you and you make everything go away. i met you once and till this day i an happy that i had the chase. i have been and served 3 yrs. but i know what it is to be in the other side of the fence. i they told me once. Behind tall walls and high fences the fake will fade and the real will stay, because out of sight out of mind" what i and really trying to say is that i just want to thank you for all you have done for me. might not know it but i appreciate it . thank you.
Love and above all respect,

Anonymous said...

Lucky Luciano - Dopehouse Saga (Feat. South Park Mexican) New Single

@ youtube.com/DopeStillSellsItself

Anonymous said...

Carlos dont forget mexican people who hear ur music.i dont speak 100 english man but when i listen ur music i feel so good got love spm hope to see out really soon michoacan mexico ..free spm dope house records spm libre saludis

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that he replied to the comment on the last letter that got offended when he said "the only fool is the atheist".

Anonymous said...

I apricate all u do and the great wisdom you have to giveothers. The world needs more ppl like you and with your help that is possible. Ive always believed you were innocent even after hearing all the news behind it all. I will always support "free spm" your an awesome dude and dont deserve to be in a cage. God bess and i pray he will keep giding you in the rite direction. Keep up the great work between the music and movement your awesome. You got love from dfw,tx okahoma and salt lake city all 50 states i bet!

Anonymous said...

Los god bless you we all Cary you in our hearts.

Anonymous said...

S.p.o.g tha tru g.
Smoke hoez like q pizzz
Ridind drop topz
Datz all me
Pullin hoez straight up out ta gallery
Stack g's off dem keys
Burn shit like sum calories
Hit you wit dem hidden pheez
Cuz dat how I do
I be dat damn foo
Out dat dtx
Got yo bitch
Dats sum strong sex
Old school like tha t.rex
Cookn dope on my pyrex
Rollin in tha gold lex
Backwards like dislex
Is dat playa out tha d.tex

Frank X said...

My long term goal: Have the opportunity to be in a position where I can help out our youth. Whether it be by setting up various workshops and programs in or out of schools that deal with pushing creativity. Writing, graffiti, recording studios, more boxing gyms, and every type of art. I feel that can help alleviate our frustrations that we sometimes feel and could possibly cure our differences between races. Of course, there are tons of workshops all around Houston but most of them are out of the reach of our "hoods". And sure, schools teach "art" (music/drawing/etc) but they don't let the students be creative because schools have a curriculum to follow and i feel that doesn't allow our children/teens be creative. Aside from that, I hope to build orphanages in war torn places. I have a lot of compassion. Specially towards the people who get caught in between issues that they didn't have anything to do with.
Dreams? To give my parents my college receipt.. i mean my diploma. haha. But in all seriousness, that is one dream I'm looking after. My second dream (because you can't have one too many dreams) is having the opportunity to create music for a living and maybe in the long term to also write short stories and books. (Although books are becoming extinct). Who knows, maybe I'll make movies too. I'm just filled with creativity all the time.

Anonymous said...

Realist shit ever? Sounds loke common sense to me

Anonymous said...

^ u want a cookie

Anonymous said...

The sad part is he's right my dream is to be a computer programmer, I started hanging with the wrong crowd now it's just a dream that'll probly never be.


I have been a fan of yours for many years. You were amongst the many rappers we would "cruise" to back in the day. Even now I still listen to you. I am truly affected by everything that has happened to you. I wasn't aware of your situation until this very morning when I got on YouTube to see some of your videos. After I seen your trial, and went on to view comments from others like Baby Bash, I came to this conclusion of which I began to think about my own life. Im married to a wonderful Mexican man, and we have 6 beautiful kids that I adore, and after seeing the tragedy you and your family has and continues to go thru I want to help out in any way I possibly can for you. I can't stand women that cause problems and wreck peoples lives over greed and jealousy. I strongly believe you are an innocent man, and have had to deal with undesirable and unexpected things in his life. Still I think that things will turn out for the best and I know that in the future you will have good things happen.. I would like to advocate for you in whatever way possible. Please take my hand and I will follow your lead to new enlightenment and joy for all of us. I believe you have a special nature about you. Please contact me or have your representatives do so, and I promise to help you in whatever way possible. Thank you so very much for your time. Con amor y respeto- Mandie Medina

Anonymous said...

Carlos, in the song when devil strikes you say your going to find out why we fill up penitentiary's faster than they can build them, have you found the answer? Besides the crimes. It has to be something deeper than just making a wrong decision nd no love