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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

S.O.N. Promo


            A friend of mine, Jayne Lisa, with Tha Fly Boyz Promotion and Entertainment, sent me some questions to help promote The S.O.N. I haven’t written you guys in minute (sorry, been buried in S.O.N. related work) so I just thought I would share these few Q’s and A’s with you. Expect more from me very soon. I love you and thank you for all your love.


1.)    Son of Norma is dropping June 17...your fans are ready...Is Carlos Coy ready?
A.)  I’m just happy for all the fans. For many people, this music is medicine. As for me, it’s just another day at the office.

2.)    I’m sure you have plenty of people/fans who write to you...Is there any one person who stands out the most? And why?
A.) All the fans are very special to me, and I wish I could write each person the letter they deserve. Of course, that’s impossible with so much mail. But I read every letter, and thank God for my people’s amazing love.

3.) Is your music based on the life of Carlos Coy? Real events?
A.) Always.

4.) Has it ever sunk in that you are an underground legend?
(and yes you are)
A.) The truth is not popular, or I’d be a radio legend, too.

5.) Your music is very different from what is played now-a-days...What noise do you hope Son of Norma will make?
A.) Man, it’s just a blessing straight from heaven. That’s what it is because this music don’t go no where. It will be here long after I’m gone, and I hope people will strengthen and not weaken. I remember a person saying, “Man, me and my boys be puttin in work while jammin your shit.”
That person was talking about gang-banging, and I’m, like, “No, baby boy. That ain’t how you do it.”

6.) Is there a certain song that stands out to you more in this album and why?
A.) I like stories, so I’m torn between “My Homegirl” and “If It Were You.”

7.) What would you like to say to your fans?
A.) Fuck these hatin bitches, let’s swang on these hoes!

8.) What music advice can you give to local underground artists to ensure some type of success?
A.) Always be polite. And there’s no better time to be polite than when it really counts. And that’s when someone is coming at you sideways. Getting out of shape about shit is a sign of weakness. Niggas that stay calm and polite radiate power.
(Therefore, scratch answer #7. lol!)

9.) What quote does Carlos Coy live by?
A.) We don’t live in heaven so you can’t expect shit to always be or go right.

10.) When can we expect Carlos Coy home?

A.) I come up for parole in 10 years, but I believe God will get me home sooner.

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