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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

S.O.N. Release Date June 17

With a release date for The S.O.N. finally announced, we now have a great opportunity to increase awareness of Coy’s case; I thought it might be good to take a minute to talk about what you can do, and what to expect.

Education is hugely important to this effort; this can be as simple as bringing up things you know about his case that you weren’t aware of a couple of years ago. The Houston DA’s shaky record of Brady violations, the complete shut-down of the crime lab, the CAC nurse whose work came into question because she was more interested in gathering evidence for police than engaging in best practices to care for potential abuse victims. These are verifiable, sobering facts that a lot of people just aren’t aware of.

Know the circumstances backwards and forwards; don’t exaggerate, and try not to guess. If you’re unsure of your facts, be honest about it. “I may not be remembering exactly right, but I believe there’s been between 20 and 30 exonerations in Texas over the last five years.” Then you can go back to the Nation Registry of Exonerations and show them that there’s actually over 50.

This is a real opportunity; the album needs to be publicized, and the story of Coy’s trial needs to be spread. Furthering one goal will necessarily further the other. I will probably be talking a little more about this in the coming weeks because I want you to be prepared.



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