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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dear Family 17

I received a letter from Coy this week that included a few answers to questions you’ve sent in. These were interspersed with a personal letter so I’m afraid that they’re not as nicely arranged as they usually are, but from what I understand he’s pretty busy with the release of The S.O.N. right now.

There were a few questions on this letter, from fans:
* Why did Trey delete his Twitter? I thought that was where we were going to get our updates?

            Answer: I’m not quite sure why that was deleted. I’ll try to remember to ask him on our next visit. All I know is that he’s working really hard to make sure this latest release goes smoothly.

* What stores is the CD gonna be available at?

            Answer: That’s a very good question, because the answer can be all store, or no stores. You guys have to call your local stores, whether it be Best Buy, Target, Walmart or any store that carries music, and ask the store if they’re going to carry the new SPM album. You can even tell them you’d like to preorder your copy, because a lot of stores don’t order enough, and they sell out the first day. That happens in many stores, every time we release an album. This would be a good mission for all our Dope House Soldiers: Call local stores and make sure they’re going to order a healthy supply of The S.O.N. The greater the success of the album, the greater our ability to give you more dope projects. We’ve got so much we want to give you, and you can bet that whatever I release is going to be dope, from film, to literature, to clothing, to video. Always remember that your extra effort strengthens this movement which strengthens all of us.

* What’s Ingrooves/Fontana?

            Answer: Our distributer was Fontana, but they merged with Ingrooves, so now we have the power of both companies. But to answer your question clearly, they are the distributor for Dope House Records.

            Incandesio told me about a song by Sickest Villain called “Remember him, SPM.” She said it was kinda sad yet beautiful and hopeful at the same time. Just wanted to give the brother a shout out. I’m thankful for your love and support, my G.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SickestVillain


I really encourage all of y’all to call a few stores and ask if they’re going to carry the album; if they say no, ask them what you need to do to request it. A lot of stores have forms customers can fill out to request certain products, ask for one of those. Tell whoever you talk to that a lot of people have been waiting for (literally) years for this album to be released.


young rap said...

Free that mex....we still bumping to dope house out in East Dallas Texas and we gon stay fucking with spm can't wait for son to be out

TheSickestVillain said...

Ima do my part and call my local Bestbuy & Target. Im a proud supporter of the Free SPM Movement. "FREE SPM"

ELchapoGUZMAN82 said...


Mario said...

You can email target if you don't want to call them at the link below and request it.

Here is what I wrote you can copy and replace the address.
To whom it may concern,

I would like to know who I need to contact, to have a music album placed in my local Target store. The artist has distribution through Fontana/Universal Records and their website says to request it at our local stores.

Release Date: 6/17/2014

123 fake street,
Nowhere, Florida 12335

Thank You,

Your name


Juan said...

I did it Mario.

Anonymous said...

Wow. One of those most stupid posts on here. Free SPM, yes. CHAPO NO! NO MAMES. USA USA!

GUIDANCE!!! said...

Im in California I b bumpin spm everyday frm last chair violinist to hustletown to reveille park

ELchapoGUZMAN82 said...

Chinga tu puta madre Anonymous aprende primero a hablar y despues abre el osico bien puedo poner lo que me de mi puta gana haci que el que no deve cagarla a qui eres tu hijo de tu puta madre.


Adrian R said...

I'm not going to call.
I'm going into the fucking store.
Demand that Best Buy bring in enough copies.
I went in there to buy Dope City the day after it was released
Sold out.
Not waiting so long this time.