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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dear Family 19

Dear F.A.N.S. 

     Hey, I love you. I wrote you a quick Cold Forty, with a brief mention of the S.O.N.'s change in release date. Got more mail coming your way.

Con Amor,


(Another Cold 40)

Call me Billy Grams as I put you in a trance
not a witch doctor but I am what I am
no Ma’am, no pay for da gas, or da ass
it’s all Taco Bell, run for da border fast
whip lash, whips dash, but I slow for the fans
Autographs, plenty laughs, brothers, uncles, aunts
all cash, no tax, Screw chopped, wid da ax
now watch, how he acts, nonfiction, all facts
let me dip into my story, Dope House for da glory
Big Shot Bob Horry, Asian man, “So sorri”,
Neva say “poor me”, all I say is “pour me”
a four please, mornings, approaching the floor G
that rhymes with orgy, but I stay porn-free
even when I’m corny- neva rock the mike poorly,
Losy flow, shocka fool, wreck me? imposterbull
rooster like “Cockadool!”, even make ya momma drool
pop a few of these pills, I’mma bring da medicine
music for ya felon friends, music for da eloquent
hataz got me hellabent, I don’t ride a renta-Vette
nigga in the pen ‘n’ gettin lit, wait a second pimp
let me catch my breath again, new name, guess it, mayne
Super Power Mexicain, but I changed it yestaday
Sand Piper Musicman, Him and All Da Screwston Band
neva will I lose a fan, if he leave he stupid man
watch how I shoot the can, even when it’s far away
Crane Style, Tiger Blow, so my good Karma stay
new date, is Ju-ly, sorry for the June lie
if I gotta lie again, sorry Pain but you die
nigga still blowin minds, kids good, growin fine
Momma gettin old with time, Gina on the sofa cryin
pourin my, fo in sty, -ro as I’m, blowin pine
lost in the ocean tryin hard to reach an open line
Love is what I hope ya find, mesh it with ya own design
bless’em with this flow of mine, play it on a slowa grind
walkin under solar lights, sippin drank and holdin mikes
askin if I’m throwed is, like, askin if a cobra bites
life is still an open book, only hurts when no one looks
first chapter, Coke and Crooks, let the bakin soda cook
product that the hopeless push, in tha city, or da woods
ghettos gettin overtook, sing it if ya know the hook.......



Anonymous said...

nothing the og dopehouse fans haven't heard dopehouse has always been bad at keeping release dates (shoulder shrug)

Marisol Garay said...

Miss reading this blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

So when is goin to be relased now

Incandesio said...

Anon 8:38:

I'm not sure, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

didn't you hear da man he said not june but july

Anonymous said...

These cold 40s are sick. They should be on an album.

Jonathan Prado said...

Not a solid date, but he did mention July. Maybe July 17th? Or sometime in July. We've waited this long, what's not another month?

DVD520 said...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEmd3U4mNCE. Found this video on YouTube its been 3 months since they posted it. Just something to show you Incandesio. I have a feeling that Carlos Coy is going to be a free man again. This one night I had a dream of a movie that they made of Los. It was weird but it kept me motivated that one day he will be Free. Hey Incandesio is their going to be any more contest?

Trina Moreno said...

i would love to see Carlos Coy S.P.M set free hell yea that would mean that he finally got the justice that he deserves

Incandesio said...

Marisol: We missed you too!

DVD520: It's up to Coy, whether or not we'll have another contest.

Anonymous said...

SPM finna show da world da he's da best at wat he does when da album drop in stores

Anonymous said...

Free my nigga SPM

Anonymous said...

What was the video about ? Can't see it, I got a feeling he may be out soon too, seems like they got something going on

Anonymous said...

How does that video show he might be free or whatever? It would be awesome if he was set free though i just don't see what that video has to do with it.