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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Letter to Devon Anderson 7

Time for another letter to the DA; as always please feel free to copy this one, write your own, or send one of the blog flyers.

The Honorable Devon Anderson
1201 Franklin Street, Suite 600
Houston, Texas


I’m writing to you today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.

There was an excellent article in The Houston Chronicle about quality control; a gathering of Justice System officials, lawyers, and doctors and aviation officials met in Pennsylvania met to discuss the merits of a formalized post-exoneration review process.

            The idea of a non-punitive review of each wrongful conviction to determine what went wrong, and how to avoid similar errors in the future, is a great one; an oversight committee dedicated to improving the justice system, and not parcelling out blame, could save future innocents from suffering in prison.

            I believe, if such a committee ever reviews Carlos Cy’s case, that they will likely find examples of Brady violations, of court officers that were peculiarly supportive of the prosecution’s attempts to change testimony mid-tial, and of experts that utilized their position to make claims that cannot be supported by science.

Please, consider reviewing Coy’s case. We have no new evidence, but a brief glance at the old will show that the case against him was weak, and seems almost manufactured. The complainant’s own testimony undermines the charges against him, and if we have learned anything from the numerous non-DNA exonerations in the last few years it’s that anyone, anywhere, could conceivably be convicted of any crime, even if they were out of state or in prison at the time it was committed. 

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Marisol Garay said...

Sounds good I'm on it.

bailey estes said...

Dopest on planet earth

bailey estes said...

Dopest on planet earth