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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Day of Unity recap, people! Thanks to all who attended & posted pics. It looks like there was a large turnout, no problems, and a wall of cops, shoulder-to-shoulder, blocking the doors of the courthouse; that’s all good, as the point was to create attention and not drama.

Marisol Garay of http://mexicaninfo.blogspot.com/ attended, and has some great pictures posted up on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/marisol.garay.372?fref=nf

Sylvia Coy, one of the driving forces behind the protest, has stated their intention to keep this wave going, and it appears that they are planning a second DOU on December https://www.facebook.com/spmretrial?fref=nf
There’s another planning meeting at the Dope House on 10/12.

I’m currently failing at the internets (I must be getting old), so I’m just going to post the links where you can find pictures, videos and info pertaining to the Day of Unity.

There have been a few fans asking what effect the DOU had, what difference it made. I have to tell all of you, this is a marathon and not a sprint. Watching the event take shape and occur filled me with a sense of hope, but it was never meant to be the finish line. It garnered attention, as you can see from the following news mentions:

...but this is not the end. Let’s keep the momentum going.


Anonymous said...

Did you see how the chronicle basically didn't give one fuck....7 paragraphs that's it & most of em made of two sentences apart it was terrible ...they say theirs no such thing as bad publicity but thats exactly what it was...the entire article he writes from a bias pov only talking about the court documents& accusations &conviction, just one small shred abt him being a rising star in the 'hispanic' community...he states nothing abt how the lil girl said it could have been a dream, or that she was on antidepressants..it just showed spm in a very very bad light...even when they tweeted it the headline was ,'Rapper, child moslesters supporters march in hope to free him'.....fucking pricks I talked shit back & screenshoted it & posted on fb ppl started commenting& fucking fb deleted the photo ....we're not safe nowhere...fucking Rothschild putting us down but fuck you ....'trying to stop the rise but the MEXICAN LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FREESPM....if he dies in there or stays another 30yrs then we know now that there is no such thing as hope in this world

Marisol Garay said...

I feel hopeful as well, the turn out was awesome. It was so cool to just be a part of all that. We are going to keep pushing. #FREEDOMX

Anonymous said...

Imagine of the next album "visionary" came out this year or early next. That would definately create some massive attention. Two albums in such a short time span from a man in prison? I think it would hit the news again. If the album is close to being ready why not do it? Right?

Incandesio said...

Anon 8:12:

I understand what you're saying, but don't get too worked up about the tone the article took.

You can't get worse publicity than the type of conviction Coy received, but somehow his music survived it. This article's not going to hurt him. If it reaches one person who hasn't thought about the case in years, and inspires them to look into it more deeply, then it's a win.

Anonymous said...

there's a petition, here's the link Wh.gov/i33KM

Angela Nino said...

Momentum is my favorite word these days!

Yari Salazar said...

Free los el coyote spm is innocent. Free the mexican ,dope house records lives. Htwn pocos pero lokos