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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Coming Clean

An assumption that I see a lot is this; "If Coy were innocent, Jane Doe would have come forward by now."

It's a nice thought, that someone with a horrible secret would be eager to get it off their chest, but it defies human nature. We hide our lies, as a recent exoneration from Ohio illustrates. Ricky Jackson just earned the dubious distinction of having served the longest prison sentence before exoneration.

He served 39 years for a murder he didn't commit, because that's how long it took for the (then twelve year-old) witness to admit that he had lied. Two co-defendants were also exonerated.

In 1975, the boy's testimony was detailed and convincing; it wasn't until he was in his 50's that he admitted the lie, and told his pastor that it had hung over his life like a shadow. He testified this November to free Jackson, and from the article (linked below) it sounds like prosecutors tried to convince Jackson to plead guilty at the beginning of the hearing, in exchange for certain release.

He refused, and won his freedom anyway.

Sometimes this fight seems endless and hopeless; Please, keep in mind that the situation can change at any moment. In the Cleveland case there was no reason to think that, after so many years, one witness would come forward to set the record straight. It was a miracle that it happened, and that's what we hope and pray for in Coy's case.



Marisol Garay said...

Got the chills. Free my boy Coy a friend of .one gave me an idea he said we need to write the legislator instead of the DA so I'm going to research it.

KING MEX said...

One thing that always bothered me about the alleged assault is how is a 9 yr old girl going to have someone do that to her and not yell out not say stop not let out a peep, and why would SPM do this knowing his daughter is right next to the victim and could woken up any second. Something doesn't add up.

In all of SPM letters he always gives propS to his lawyer Chip how he did a good job to me his lawyer was awful he should of hired a dream team for the fight of his life.

Look at the R Kelly situation you had visual evidence and he still got off cause his lawyers did a great job of attacking credibility.

Good luck to SPM but it looks like the state of Texas is adamant in making a example of him.They don't want Big Latino rappers with a message in the state of Texas that can rile up all the Hispanics in the state.

How many Latino rappers with a following in Texas has there been since SPM not many its a shame SPM had to take one for the whole race of people. FREE SPM!

Anonymous said...

You need to write the Texas governor Rick Perry

Anonymous said...

there is one thing about jane Doe that kinda baffles me. her alleged facebook post admitting her mom put her up to it. Juan gotti mentioned it in a song, and ive heard a few people say they saw it and was true (im not saying this makes it 100% true and fact, I never saw it and it could have been an impostor for all we know). but IF it did happen, how guilty is she? or what is her state of mind? they say she mentioned Los being her favorite rapper, but how can someone who wronged him and helped put him away bring themselves to hear his music? I think that takes ALOT of nerve. I don't think I would be able to even hear his name, much less his voice, without feeling something horrible. so IF it is true she posted that on facebook it kinda makes me feel she will NEVER come clean. also makes me wonder if she completely blocked what she did out of her mind or maybe she just don't see coming clean as an option because mary doe might be in hot water if she do.i don't know. just my thoughts. not saying anything bad about jane, in my eyes she was the victim of all of this too.

Joshua Archuleta said...

Need spm new address. In medical. Anybody please

jose said...

I think he only gets freed if the girl comes forward and says she lied.