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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Technical Difficulties 2

I sincerely apologize, everyone, but I am still without a computer. I hope to have my laptop back up in time to put up a real post on Friday.

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Jessica Vela said...

Incandicio... 1st of all I dkw butt I love Your name... Had never heard itt, butt I love diffrent..lol... The reason for this Memo is to thank You for letting his truest fans what the deal is... My question 2 U is I want to go beyond, the call can I raise some signiture for Him? I want to personalky deliver them to who ever is inn charge of the matter... Im from San Antonio... And whiling to travel... Please keep us posted... My dream is to throw a real testomonial free style flow with Mr. Los... Ive been inn the same and exact situation as Him... When Your locked up, all we have is our health, like He said really...My right kiddney went outt on Me, on the second day, of incarseration... I dont only understand... Butt I feel Mr. Los May God bless You. And thank You... I hope I can personally meet Dope House recording studio someday.. I already have a song ready to record for Los... Im gonna putt myself on the Texas Map, cause Im just too real... God told Me, inn a vision... Theres no doubt inn My mind... God Bless You hope to hear from You soon...210-605-1948