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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thank you!

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for getting involved this past week! I just spoke with Sylvia Coy and it looks like SPM is now receiving the care he needs, and will be getting a hospital visit soon. Your actions directly affected this situation, every single call was important. Thank you for being willing to step up. Someone (I believe @SPMFanClub) posted a youtube video that got over 13,000 views in about 5 days.

In the interest of smoothing things over with the prison system, please don't make any more calls. It doesn't sound like they were too pleased with what happened, and I hope we can avoid causing any backlash for Coy by stopping now that they've agreed to treat him.

Thank you again for responding so quickly and so overwhelmingly. If you'd like to send a letter or a Christmas card to Coy, please do so at the address below.

Carlos Coy                                                                                                                  
Wallace Pack Unit
2400 Wallace Pack Rd
Navasota, Tx



Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you,fam. Damn, we really helped SP out!!! What a great feeling!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol I bet they didn't like all the calls. Glad Los is getting treatment I hope its nothing serious. Good thing he has fans that would do that for him. Makes me wonder about all the people in prison right now that need treatment but get none.

Anonymous said...

Im so glad he got sum attention, but still worried bout him . Especially the part of him feeling numb on one side of the head and arm. Whatever it is, I pray its not that serous and hope he has years ahead of him.

Anonymous said...

I have been following SPM since 2002 when at the time I was 16 years old. All of sudden he was locked up and the rumors spread like fire in a dry forest. Noe with the advancement of technology we, the fans, are able to delve deeper into his case and wrong conviction. I'm a 28 year old ChicAno from New Mexico from a poor family in the barrio. I also just received my BA degree in Political Science and am pursuing law school. This case and many more have gave me even more incentive to fight for people wrongfully convicted of crimes they didn't do. Upon my research, it is very possible that Mr. Coy is innocent. The US supreme court set the precedent which allows cases like this to convict people with absolutely 0 evidence and only testimony is required. Meaning anyone can lie and 'coach' their child into false accusations. As long as their stories match, detectives and the DA have a winning case. Mr. Coy was self-admitted as not perfect but, if Innocent, does not deserve to be in prison. Its an injustice and very un-American. I hope to reach out to Mr. Coy and the movement in general so that I can aid in any way I can. I am very passionate about justice and I intend to dedicate my life to fight for injustice in America. Hence my reasoning for wanting to be an attorney and possibly a public servant (politician).