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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Alot of y'all have requested updates, but I'm afraid I don't have any. Last I heard SPM had an appointment set for January, but I don't know how that's turned out.

I've also been told that he received a case related to the amount of phone calls received by the prison health service. I don't know what he's being charged with, and I honestly can't even begin to guess. It will be interesting to see if TDCJ is, in fact, willing to charge an inmate for attempting to access medical care.

I wish I had more for y'all, but at the moment that's it. Hang in there, hopefully there will be news soon.


Marisol Garay said...

I cant believe they took his Mail maybe?

Anonymous said...

^^^ I agree. Its possible they are messing with his mail. But I guess some1 will have to visit him and tell us whats going on. But im interested in hearing what they wanna charge him with. That phone # im sure was public info and its not a crime for various people to place phone calls when concerned with an issue. Im sure it was annoying to them but damn. This will be innneresting for sure

Evidence said...

This isnt right at all the only rapper that is intelligent and can get thru to peo
ple gets an unfair trial and now cannot get help. My blessings to u Spm And i think ur going to be ok u seem to have angels watching over you thts a beautiful thing to have them helping u peace Los ur Fan since way bak

Anonymous said...

This is some bullshit if they actually did their job and get him medical attention they wouldn't of received so many calls from his fans . I hope SPM is good now fuck the unfair law ♡FREE SPM♡