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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Slightly Related

Alright ladies and gents; I have a smattering of different topics I want to touch on today, the first being a Facebook page started by an early contributor to the blog. It’s a collection of videos he created, interviews with or about SPM, music, etc. I highly recommend that you take a look: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-SPM-Cant-Trust-the-System/251548814875245

Whenever a link like that goes up, it’s normal to get a few comments from people pointing out that it’s not official, not Dope House Family, or that somebody else did it first. I understand this, and you’ll notice I don’t post many things as ‘official’ this or that. I don’t like to do it unless I can verify it, and I find that trying to verify these pages is generally more trouble than it’s worth. That being said, I do want to provide y’all with the opportunity to connect with others that share an interest in Coy’s case. You can like & follow or not, as you prefer.

Another issue that’s been raised recently is that many of my posts seem only tangentially related to SPM, if at all. I wish I had more recent letters and news to share, but I can’t pull them out of thin air. I post weekly whether I have an update or not; this means that a lot of posts deal with issues related to the justice system and people in situations that are similar to Coy’s. I go back and forth about whether or not I should post when I don’t have a topic that’s directly connected to his case, but ultimately I feel that keeping the blog active is important. I take what I do very seriously, and I appreciate everyone that sticks around when there’s no news for a long period. 


Marisol Garay said...

We love you Incandesio.

Marisol Garay said...

My comments don't post lately.

Incandesio said...

Marisol, I don't see any of your comments in the 'pending' stack...Are you having issues with the verification (prove you're human) system?

Max Avila said...

I saw a letter on Facebook saying spm got in to some trouble in prison and that he will start responding back in a month. ..is this true? Can this be verrified as foreals ....not a hoax. ..

sammytoetoe nauer said...

I just can't believe this sh** I knew when I lived in txt most of my life it was fu**ed up but for real though I still listen to spm chingo bling and of course z-ro I just can't believe this y they gotta be like that I truly hope he gets out fast I love his music he is the best viva la Rasa