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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cops in Lab Coats

Grits For Breakfast brought this fascinating article to my attention; it’s written by Sandra Guerra Thompson, who helped transition the God-awful Houston Crime Lab into the (hopefully) less scandal-ridden Houston Forensic Science Center.

"Crime labs (in the past) haven't focused as much on scientific research but more on law enforcement and getting convictions and being helpful to the police and prosecutors," Thompson said. That can be through both conscious and unconscious biases and on outside pressures that are brought to bear on the scientists doing the analysis, she said.

We’ve talked quite a bit how bias may have played a role in Coy’s conviction, and the convictions of many like him. It’s a great article, and I’m pleased that Ms. Thompson is involved with the Harris County Justice System. 


Anonymous said...

What's the deal? I think you may find this case interesting. Here's the link:

pelon said...

What's the deal? Are you familiar with the Little Rascals daycare case? If not, check it out. I think you'll find it interesting.