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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Letter to Greg Abbot 3

Time for another letter to the governor; As always please feel free to copy this one, write your own, or just send one of the printable flyers on the right.

Greg Abbot 
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

Dear sir,

I’m writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, 908426, out of Harris County.
As you may be aware, Arizona recently exonerated Deborah Milke, who spent more than 20 years in prison. Her exoneration hinged on an unrecorded confession, supposedly made a police officer with a history of lying under oath and violating the rights of individuals he interrogated. Ruling that not disclosing his history to the defense constituted a Brady violation, the 9th circuit Court of Appeals threw out Milke’s conviction.

Sir, the child that Coy supposedly assaulted also gave a mysteriously unrecorded statement to an officer of the Houston Police Department. Her mother’s official statement was discarded that same day, equally mysteriously. Although the police had the capability to record the outcry, and to transcribe the mother’s statement, these things were not done until several days afterward.
The main prosecutor in Coy’s case, Denise Oncken, has withheld potentially exculpatory information in at least one documented case. This happened after Coy was convicted and was discovered by the defense attorney who also, coincidentally, was the former prosecutor that assisted Oncken in securing Coy’s conviction.

There are many things about this case that I believe suggest Coy did not seek justice, but this is one of the most glaring. Outcry interviews are so important, especially in cases like this where there is no shred of physical evidence. Please, sir, we ask that you recommend a new trial for Carlos Coy.

Me, my address, etc.

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