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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Temple 2

“There's a 1,300-page offense report detailing the investigation into the fatal shooting of Belinda Temple in 1999. There are audio tapes of witnesses who saw the pregnant teacher at Katy High School on the day she was killed later than previously thought. There's a statement from a teenage neighbor that the Temples' dog, known for its viciousness, would calm down after sniffing him.

Those are three examples of evidence withheld from David Temple's defense lawyers that could have helped him at his 2007 trial, lawyers said Monday, as they called for a special prosecutor to investigate the notorious Katy slaying and the Harris County District Attorney's Office.”

I wrote about the Temple case a couple of weeks ago, but did not realize the sheer amount of evidence withheld by the D.A’s office. This is an excerpt from an article in The Houston Chronicle, which you can read at the link below.

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