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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I have noticed an interesting trend; if you follow the social media pages of the 'Free SPM' movement you may have seen it too. When one persistent person pops up to sling insults and try to undermine what we're doing here, a swarm of them always seems to follow. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, or here, they like company.

I don't engage with them like I used to, but if you choose to do so please make sure you're doing it calmly, even nicely. They call us child molesters and make threats against us because they want a reaction. The most maddening thing in the world for them is a quiet, educated response.

You're asking them to question something that most of them have accepted on faith; that a conviction is proof of guilt. It's a scary thing for them to be told that the justice system is not just; accepting it would mean that the basic precautions that most of us take like following the speed limit, paying our taxes, and not hurting others don't mean shit in the face of prosecution. It would mean that not murdering, raping, or stealing is no defense against a decades-long prison sentence.

So have patience, and have compassion. You don't have to let their arguments go unanswered but understand that they're struggling against knowledge, and no amount of force is going to win them over. Only time and information can do that.


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DVD520 said...

What up Incandesio have you heard about Jared Fogle. How could he have gotten 5 to 12 years for what he did. Carlos on the other hand got 45 years. I think Jared signed that plea deal for the 5 years. They had evidence against him and did a way worse crime than Carlos. I want to read your opinion? Thank You. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/08/25/jared-fogle-admitted-to-sex-crimes-against-minors-why-wasnt-he-charged-with-rape/

Anonymous said...

Ive come to realize people just dont like Los. After the day of unity I remember baby bash went at it with someone on instagram, I think, and even after he threw some facts his way the dude just wouldnt consider even the possibility that Los is innocent. I even get the sense that they are mad Los has growing fan pages on social media dedicated to him and his case. Its weird but then again alot of people "hate" celebrities they never met with the passion, so I guess Los' fame is still alive and growing. Anyways, if u c this we love you Los ,even up here in Chicago. Any updates on Los or the case????

Incandesio said...


That's an interesting question. Without digging too much into the Jared Fogle story I would say that he got a sweetheart deal; 5-12 years for admitting guilt. I don't like it, because either he's a child molester and deserves longer, or he's innocent and took the deal because he knows how little evidence is needed to get a conviction in a case like this.

The bottom line is that nothing the police accused him of has to be proven. He will admit to whatever they decide is sufficient. SPM has said that he was offered a five-year plea deal, but turned it down because he would not admit to something he didn't do. I respect that, more than I can respect either a molester getting off easy or an innocent man lying out of fear.

Incandesio said...

Anon 3:33,

They are mad; most people don't know how to deal with non-believers, and their religion is that even a mere accusation of child molestation MUST be true. I think it confuses them when we disagree with them, and seeing the growing number of exonerees in these cases makes it even worse.

Carlos Coy has always been a polarizing figure; people either loved him or hated him with a few stuck in the middle loving his music but hating the man. I think that by allowing those fans to see that his conviction was not cut-and-dried and that he may be innocent after all, we're taking people away from the 'hate' side. That pisses off the ones that are left behind.

Incandesio said...

Anon 3:33,

I forgot to say that I don't have any updates since his move to Ramsey Unit. Last I heard he was doing pretty well.

jose said...

people need to consider the possibility that he is innocent, that is right. but we also need to consider the possibility he is guilty. i hate sayin that too because im a fan, but we have to be honest with each other. how do we know the girl wasnt telling the truth? none of us can say for sure. i know ive told my daughter to always tell if someone ever touches her wrong. the person who made this post said only time and information can help us, and we need more of that. when are we going to see everything that the jury saw during the trial?