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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Write the Press!

The Houston Press has recently set about championing the cases of innocent men and women who have been wrongfully incarcerated. No, no, I shit you not. If you search the term ‘innocent’ on their page, you get multiple articles, written within the last few years, decrying various injustices.

So, for today’s letter, I hope you will consider taking a moment to ‘pitch a story’ by clicking on the ‘contact us’ link on their website. I think it would be more meaningful if you write an original letter, but I’m including mine below to give y’all some ideas. I don’t particularly expect to get a fair shake from the Press, but it can’t hurt to try. If you want a refresher on a few of the problems I found with 'South Park Monster', start here: 

To read Coy's rebuttal, start here: 
Then go here:
But it you don't read those, at least read this one:

As always, please be polite, make the case as you see it, and don’t worry whether your letter is ‘good enough’ or not. You are their reader base, let them know what you want to read about!

Sir or madam,

I was very interested to see your recent article about the looming execution of Daniel Lee Lopez. In it, author Craig Malisow suggests, somewhat snarkily, that there are numerous innocents trapped on death row that may put up more of a fuss as their execution dates grow closer.

I agree that, given the state of Harris County’s justice system over the last twenty years, there surely are. I would be particularly interested in a new examination of the trial of Carlos Coy, also known as the South Park Mexican. Although he did not receive a death sentence, he is currently serving 45 years on the fluctuating testimony of a child who may very well have been coached.

While your former columnist John Nova Lomax wrote a long-winded and supposedly comprehensive account of the case against Coy in 2002, I find it to be loaded with strategic omissions that render it little more than an opinion piece. Mentions of HPD’s refusal to collect physical evidence, or of the outcry statements from mother and daughter which were summarily destroyed the same day they were given, or of their testimony changing from the witness stand itself are nowhere to be found. I would be interested to see the lead prosecutor’s later Brady Violation examined (in the case of Glen Kahlden), as well as the second-chair prosecutor’s later connection to Coy’s defense lawyer.

With so many cases being overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct, hidden evidence, and misrepresented or discredited science, I think your readers would be fascinated by an updated look into his case.


jose said...

los needs to write his own version of south park moster. he needs to tell his side of the story and get it out there. what all was he doin that night from his point of view? what happened when he took that girl home? did he talk to detectives or did he lawyer up? thats the shit we need to hear.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this dude^^^^^ los should write his own article. The accurate account of the trial should be published by them to make up for their first shitty job in 'south park monster'. Who can take the Houston press seriously when they publish a flaw filled report on a criminal trial all because of a personal grudge against a rapper??? I will ask them this when I write them, and others should too. I hope it works , this could draw more attention to Los and maybe add more pressure for a retrial