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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Consistency in Dallas

I found an interesting article about the new head of the Dallas conviction integrity unit; I was wondering if the new DA would be interested in keeping up Craig Watkins' stunning track record on wrongful convictions, and it looks like she might be.

From The Dallas Morning News:

How do you envision the conviction integrity unit’s role changing under your leadership?
When the unit was originally created, it was to focus on cases where there was DNA. The idea was if DNA could prove who the perp is, it could also be used to exonerate somebody.
Where we’re headed is you will get to a point where those old DNA cases run out. DNA is not going to be the only scientific mechanism for trying to figure out where we screwed up. So I think we evolve and look at other issues as we learn more about what leads to wrongful convictions. Not only do you look at those people who are actually factually innocent, you also broaden the review process [to include wrongful convictions.] So there may be sometimes you’ve convicted somebody and it was wrong. You may not be able to prove that they’re innocent, but that doesn’t necessary mean they don’t deserve the relief. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t try to correct the wrong.


Anonymous said...

Incandesio,how do u get treated by people for supporting this situation?and how did u hear about spm? What are you thoughts after all theese years

Incandesio said...


Interesting questions; people are terribly confused by my support of Carlos Coy's bid for a new trial. Most of them mock me initially, until they realize that I'm happy to argue with them, I have more information than they do, and they can't make me lose my temper. Then they either end up agreeing with my argument or slinking away to talk about me behind my back. (True story!)

I first heard SPM because my husband had a few of his albums. I think the only song I liked at that time was 'Mexican Radio'. I enjoy his work much more now, especially the newer albums, and I have a better appreciation of rap in general.