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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Phone Call (1)

Alright, we have something new for you today; these are some answers from SPM that I typed up over the phone. I didn’t have questions prepared so I just grabbed a few from recent comments.

For the next one, I asked for questions on Facebook and I have a decent list going. If you think of one, post it here.

brownpride said...
Why cant they give him a detector test its that simple.
September 1, 2015 at 5:41 AM 

They are pretty accurate. It won't help with a new trial, but it will help me as far as support and with getting haters off my case. It's something we will have to pay for so The process we're going through right now with our investigator, he hasn't said anything about a lie detector test. It's definitely something we need to get done.

Incandesio said...
From what I understand, he's in a program to allow him to leave AdSeg and re-enter the prison's general population. I believe he said it was the GRAD program.
July 23, 2015 at 9:30 PM 

 Max Avila said...
I read some of the programs I'm the ramsey unit and it says that they help them and guide them to re enter population and that thier time thier release dates can change...what u think incandasio. ...??
July 23, 2015 at 10:18 PM 

The GRAD program is for gang members who renounce their gang and they go through it to get their gang affiliation off their record. When released from prison, they are defined as terrorists. They get pulled over and they pop up on cop’s computers as terrorists. A lot of them are just trying to get out and want to separate themselves from that whole gang thing.

When they go to population they go to special prisons for GRAD programs.

The program I’m in is for protective custody inmates. They put me here (AdSeg) against my will, and every six months during the unit classification I ask them to put me in general population. I’m not in no gang and I should have the chance to go to GP. For 14 years straight they’ve denied me.

With this program we do get more time out of our cell, and we have 8 people in our group and I finally have the chance to interact with people, to play basketball and play chess with people.
 What they’re telling us is that it is supposed to eventually get us to GP. But they didn’t gove us no timetable, no six months or a year. GRAD has a specific timetable with phases. Here they just tell us this is what we’re getting and it is a step up toward GP. I just had to take it, you know, it’s better than nothing. They let Z-ro and Pimp C in GP, but they won’t let me.

Yeah so, it’s the best that I can get and it’s been great. It’s a lot better than being locked up 22 hours a day.

Jose Pablo Cabral said...
Carlos, when and how did you meet DJ Screw? What kind of person was he? Also, when I started my petition of getting you a new trial it started big with 2k signatures overnight, now a little over a year it's going strong with over 13k little by little everyone is making a difference. Keep your head up, Los. Mucha fuerza, amigo.

I met DJ Screw after I started hearing about DJ Screw. They were crazy about the music it just started getting more and more popular, and suddenly I found myself listening to it.

The day I met him we went to his house and we were in the backyard smoking and he came out and he looked like he was really sad. He told us his live-in girlfriend, which ended up being his wife, had a miscarriage.

So that kind of got us down but I ended up rapping for him. My homeboy told me to, and right off the bat he fell in love with the style. He asked me if I was interested in signing up with Screwed Up Records, but I told him I was Dope house; this was before I even dropped Hillwood, around 1990.


Mike from ATX said...

Awesome Incandensio keep em coming.

For Carlos I've asked you everything under the moon bout the case....lil played on the case now different questions Top 5 Texas rappers/groups, Top 5 non Texas rappers/groups, Top 5 non rap go! No ? I'll go first.

3. K Rino
4.ABN (Z ro and Trae)
5. Lucky Luciano

1. Cypress Hill
2. Eminem
3. Tech N9ne
4. Three 6 Mafia
5. Nas

1. Black Sabbath
2. Jimi Hendrix
3. Led Zeppelin
4. Michael Jackson
5. Bob Marley

Much love from the capitol.

Max Avila said...

Man wow! Keep strong my brother! One day u will b out and justice we be granted to u.....thanks for u answer and keeping it real...I'm at work and like 10 people here just started reading more about this injustice in our system. ....

jose said...

i was wondering why los didnt take his trial more seriously? hes said before that he didnt take his trial seriously at the time. didnt he know he could spend the rest of his life in prison? didnt his lawyer tell him that?

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear a response to these questions .. just 3 :)

1. did you ever meet pimp c when you were in prison and did you meet him when you were out in the free?

2. a while ago there was some footage uploaded of you from MASSA MOHAWK who says that he was your
official cameraman . he has bunch of footage of you from when you were on tour and from your time out in the free . the dvd was slated for a 2012 release ..its been 3 years :( . are we ever going too see that footage?

3.do you remember your last concert? if so how was it? &..what was the reception of the fans and public and rappers in houston alike bc of the accusation that came to light about the charges.

Anonymous said...

Does he say from l roll a little forest for the ones who went before us or
Wrote a little chorus for the ones who went before us???

Anonymous said...

Was up los i was wondering if your still realeasing the beat from hotan

ivan meza said...

Honestly has there been any new evidence, testimony, anything that can actually give u a new trial, do you really think you can get out ? Or has the lawyer has something serious he's working on ? Idk it just so frustrating to have the best mexican rapper behind bars, there's have to be something we can do.

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