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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More Press

Just a short post this week, another Dawning Moment of Comprehension from the Houston Press. We may have to give them their own recurring feature. This one deals with the recent revelation that advancements in DNA analysis may call thousands of ‘settled’ convictions into question.

From the article, “During an interview with the Press, Chandler said that, on a daily basis, she's constantly conflicted about where to begin attacking the problem. Should they immediately start reinterpreting every case involving mixed DNA that has ever been tested? Should they wait until defendants respond to the notifications and ask for a new test themselves? “How do we proceed from here?” she said. “It's so intimidating to wrap your mind around how you can accomplish everything that needs to be done efficiently and effectively and fairly. Because at the end of the day, if even one person was wrongfully convicted based on mixture evidence, that is a horrible travesty.”



Dylan Osborne said...

You know I see so many problems with this conviction I myself am currently pursuing a career with the LA Sheriffs Dept. and have taken several criminal justice related class on a High School and College level although I'm no expert I do have a very real understand of the process from arrest to the reading of the verdict to handing down the sentence I myself much like you incandesio would consider myself not a typical expectation of a fan whatever that may be however I have some very troubling concerns with the entire now let say for arguments sake he is guilty (which I don't believe he is) but let's say he is 45 years for "licking" a little girl yet there are actual offenders who have penetrated young children reaching climax etc. who receive what 10-15 years? That's the first issue why such a harsh punishment compared to much more troubling offenses where these disturbing people get 10-15 years? Second, a person is innocent until proven guilty and there is a burden of proof that must be met by the prosecution and it definitely was not met in this case under any circumstance sure they consider a child over I believe over 7 able to give a credible testimony but atleast in my opinion I feel "Jane Doe" was coached to say what she said , without a doubt. I feel he atleast deserves a new trial (I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir as they would say) but God forbid they admit they made a mistake and I feel that pride is the only thing standing in the way and it's pathetic that pride is considered more valuable than this mans freedom..

Pablo Cabral said...

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