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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Phone Call (4)

Here are some of your questions from SPM’s last phone call on 10/25/2015; as always, I apologize for any errors in the transcription.

Mamii Involvidable asked, “If SPM now could give young SPM some advice what would it be?”

Well, I think I’ve pretty much kept the same philosophy of life. Interestingly enough, even since my teens I’ve always kept been very adamant about not judging people; I remember a friend of mine, who I won’t name, his mother and my mother took me and him to a lake. His mother was an alcoholic, and my mother never drank a drop of alcohol in her life. She’s just a very sober person, I guess you could say. When we went to the supermarket to buy some snacks before we went to the lake, this woman was already buzzing pretty good, but she could hide it to where she didn’t stumble, you know. She was just extremely jolly and silly. She told my mom, “Watch this,” and she squatted right there in the supermarket aisle, and peed on the floor. I didn’t know this; me and my friend were in another area, but my mom told me later, and I remember her telling my sister about it.

My sister started, you know, not that day but a few days later, my sister seemed appalled, and disgusted, and was saying kind of rude things about the woman. My friend was there at my house when my sister was expressing how she felt about this woman peeing in the supermarket, in the aisle. I told her, “You don’t know this woman, you don’t know what she’s going through. You don’t know what’s between her ears, how can you judge her? How can you judge anybody?” My sister said, “Well, I would never do that.” I said “Well of course you never would, but that doesn’t make you any better than someone who would. I remember you talking about a woman in our trailer park who let her kids run around barefoot and kind of dirty, and you said you would never let your kids run around like that. But that woman was from Mexico, and that’s what she knows, that’s probably how she grew up. That’s what she comes from, and it was okay for her and her family. People are just different, we can’t judge people. We don’t know if they have physiological impairments, or man-made impairments, or a combination of both.

I’ve always just kept that same philosophy. It’s really weird, but I don’t think I would change a thing. Every experience I’ve been through, specially my mistakes, have made me better qualified to do what I love doing, and that’s trying to help people. As I try to help people it helps me with my weaknesses, because we all share similar weaknesses. Anytime I give advice to anyone, I’m giving it to myself first. My advice never comes from me, it’s always the truth, and of course truth comes from the book written by the one who created everything. So, it’s never Carlos Coy’s advice because Carlos Coy, nor any man, has the answers.

If we had the answers nobody would be dying from AIDs, and cancer, and prisons wouldn’t be jam-packed, and all these kids wouldn’t be in gangs, and all these parents wouldn’t be neglecting kids, and people wouldn’t be selling drugs if men had the answers; we don’t. Men don’t know very much. If they know anything that’s true, it’s from God. But I would tell my young self to be loyal to his wife. Because I never…growing up I wasn’t really given very good examples of healthy relationships, so I didn’t really appreciate the beauty of real love.

All the relationships around me were falling apart me, as far as romantic relationships. It’s like if you are not a connoisseur of great wine, you wouldn’t know a $10,000 glass of wine if you drunk it; it would taste like a $5 bottle. What you don’t know you can’t appreciate. I didn’t understand the beauty of a real relationship; I guess I would try to explain that to my younger self.

Ricky Z. asked, “How much did he win from the Texans game?”

I don’t gamble. There’s no need to gamble, I’ve got more money than I need. Plus, gambling is like the #1 reason people get into arguments around here, so I definitely try to avoid it. I will gamble for push -ups and stuff like that. Like, I’ll bet fifty push-ups on something so if I lose, really I win. (Laughing)  Lord knows I need the exercise.

Jose said, “i was watching this video on youtube from los's trial. the little girl's dad is on the stand, and he is just talkin shit to los the whole time. i think his name is billy. what i dont understand tho, is why los never said anything back to him. los was just sitting there the whole time, not saying anything. i hate to say it, but los looked guilty as hell just sittin there. can you ask him why he didnt say anything back to billy? i woulda been like, "nah man, i didnt do this. you got it wrong, man. i'm innocent." i woulda been shaking my head the whole time at least. what was los thinking?”

Well, my lawyers told me not to get on the stand because they just felt that the child that I had with the underage girl would hurt the case. During the criminal phase of the trial I took their advice, but after I lost they were telling me it’s best not to testify during the punishment phase either. It’s best just to be quiet, because if you go up there and deny everything, the DA’s are just going to continue to eat you up, and make it look like you’re not trying to take responsibility. They’ll use it to their advantage, so it’s best not to testify during the punishment phase, either. I told my lawyer, “Look, I just lost a trial, man, for something I didn’t do. I’m not listening to you anymore, I’m done. I’m gonna get up, and I’m gonna to tell these people they made a mistake.

And I did, I got up on the stand and I told the jury that they made a mistake. And it happened just like my lawyer said, I probably shouldn’t have gotten up there because just having to deny everything, including these other allegations from these other chicks that the DA had brought up, it just…They just did an excellent job of making me look like someone who just did not want to take responsibility and then they used that to their advantage, saying someone like that really needs to go to prison for a long time, and thus the lengthy sentence that I got. Using that angle, among other things, they got me a lot of time.

Of course, at the end of the trial, they just do this little circus thing where they allowed the family to come up and, like you said, talk crap. And, of course, no one’s allowed to say anything. I’m not allowed to speak; if I speak up, it’s contempt of court and it could mean more time. To be honest I don’t know what it means, I’m under the impression that you can get more time for contempt of court, but I don’t know what you can get, I just knew  that it wasn’t wise for me to stand up and start challenging this guy’s words to me. I had already spoken my piece during the punishment phase; I had already told them they convicted an innocent man so they already knew that.

One thing’s for sure, her dad didn’t have anything to say during the civil trial. My lawyer pointed him out in the audience and said, “There’s a reason why that man right there is not up here on the stand, because it’s a long walk between not sayin’ nothin and perjury.” Something like that. My civil lawyer was a beast, I mean he didn’t take no crap. That’s why I consider what happened in the civil trial a victory. Even though I did have to pay these people a small sum, it was nothing like what they were looking for. To this day, I haven’t paid them and to this day, no judge or anybody has pushed it. Everybody in that civil trial walked away believing in me, and that was a victory.  Of course, the jury had to say that I was responsible for the crime because they were basically ordered to do so by the judge. The judge let them know that they were to look at me as guilty. I know it seems kind of confusing because I’m going from criminal to civil, and from criminal trial to punishment phase and all that, but you can read some of my answers on SPMAftermath.

To answer your question, I simply wasn’t allowed to say anything, that’s how it works in trial. When people are on the stand you have to let them talk. This was at the end of the trial, but it’s still a part of the process. He had the legal right to say what he wanted to say, I guess, and to be honest with you I don’t blame him; I think he was a victim just like the plaintiff, and just like me, the defendant. I believe that he believed the story. I believe that he had nothing to do with it. He was just an old friend of mine, one that I had to leave behind because my career took off and he just wanted to keep drinking and fucking up.  I was on to bigger and better things, but his wife and my wife remained friends and that’s why his daughter was spending the night at my house that night.

Jaime SPM Freedomx asked, "will we be able to hear Marilyn or more Ayana Mack on your new albums? Cause they sing really dope..."

Actually, um, I‘m sorry to say that this whole deal about my verses being sold, and a lot of verses were being sold and have been sold, it sounds like and I hate to even put this out there, but it sounds like Carolyn may have played a part with, of course, the main perpetrator being Jaime. He was, and is, the profound betrayer in this situation. I keep hearing more and more of Carolyn being involved with, at least, some of the verses that were sold.

A guy named Andrew wrote me a letter because I asked how he acquired SPM verses, and he said that Carolyn had put a post around the year 2013, that if anybody was interested in purchasing SPM verses, that there were some available. By the way, if anybody remembers that post, please let me know through SPM Aftermath, because I would like to make sure Andrew is being honest. He’s one of the guys that bought SPM verses thinking that they were legitimate, and that he was making a legal transaction, when in actuality he does not own those verses and he was basically scammed.

I plan on writing an entire letter, many pages, of what Jaime has done. Like I said last time, aside from hurting my family and friends, and of course I consider fans family, there’s nothing worse that you could do as far as my music. There are so many verses that have been sold…I can tell you now that I’m still going to release this material and it’s going to be much better than the junk that Jaime put together.

But I keep hearing Carolyn’s name more and more in this scandal, and I know for sure that she has used unauthorized verses on her projects, but of course she did not have access to those, Jaime did. I may have given Carolyn one verse at the most, so all those verses you hear on Carolyn projects were not authorized by me nor my brother. It’s just…verses she got her hands on through Jaime. I know it seems kinda late, but I just heard a song of hers called ‘Morning High’. That had a verse that I had plans for, and turns out it’s been on her project for the last couple of years. It’s been out, but again, I’m still going to use all these things.

I’m not sure if I’m going to issue a cease-and-desist order on all the verses that Carolyn has, it’s something that I have to decide. I want to tell everybody, it would be much better for you to come forward if you bought an SPM verse from Jaime and let me know what happened, rather than me finding you and having to take the proper steps; especially if you’ve made any kind of income on that, or you’ll have to pay all of that back if I feel that you’re not cooperative. I’m sorry to say that because I know that everybody who bought those verses were fans, but you got scammed; you got scammed by a guy who was, sadly, addicted to pain medication because of a medical condition that he’s got going on with his jaw. I’m not saying Pain sold all this stuff and made out like a champ. He’s still broke, you know, he has an addiction, and that’s what’s behind this betrayal. It’s a long, complicated story, but one thing for sure is that he’s done, in a business sense, the unforgivable.

I don’t plan on working with this guy, and I don’t have any immediate plans on asking Carolyn for any of her vocals until this investigation is over. I definitely forgive them personally, but there’s a difference between personal and business. So yeah, you can expect a lot of Marilyn, and Ayana, and other vocalists that I’ll probably meet, to accent all this unreleased intellectual property that we have.

Again, I wanted to write a full exposition on this situation, but I haven’t gotten around to it because I’m trying to finish up this book I’m writing. I want to give y’all somewhat of an inside scoop on this situation because there are people spending a lot of money on SPM verses, and they won’t be allowed to use them. The people that have them, and are already selling them, will have to pay the record company whatever they’ve made and we’ll have to issue a cease and desist. Some of these people are friends, you know? For example, Carolyn is still a friend; even though what she allegedly has been doing is terrible, I still have that love for her. Other artists, who I’ll mention when I come out with the letter, some of those are friends, people that I’ve written to and spoke to before.

I am sorry that I have to get this out so unofficially, but I just don’t want nobody to get victimized. This guy that told me that Carolyn had put that post in 2013about the SPM verses spent between $4,000-$5,000 on the stuff that he bought. That’s terrible, that could be his whole life savings, and here I have to possibly not allow that stuff to be released. I’m trying to figure out a way to work with him, but there’s just no way that I can give him all that he got. I might be able to work out maybe a one verse deal, but he got like five verses, so it’s pretty sad. I have big plans for this unreleased stuff and it’s just getting sold like hotcakes, because this guy who I trusted is needing to pop pain pills. So, that’s what it is.

Pablo C. said, “Great questions, guys! Now Ima throw a curve ball here and asking Los what are his thoughts on how his case is being handled, and how, as fans, can we help besides marching on get his case national recognition?

Much love, Carlos. Keep your head up, this nightmare will be over soon.”

Well, we need an active investigator. We have an investigator, but like I explained on the other phone call, when my brother got locked up this guy became inactive because it was my brother who set the contract up with him. Even though it’s concerning me, the guy won’t even answer my questions because he says he can only disclose the information to the person that is paying him. It’s pretty frustrating, and I got kind of upset with the guy, and kind of talked to him real bad on a letter I wrote him, but that’s neither here nor there.

I need to get some investigators going, and just set up another legal team. The legal teams I’ve had in the past never involved an investigator,  just lawyers, but a very important component of getting new evidence and rounding up information that can get us back in trial is through a private investigator. Things are looking good, there are a lot of promising avenues we can take, and a lot of things that we can pursue. I’ve got to just find the right investigator and find the right team again, and that’s what we’re doing.

         What the fans can do is just…do what you’ve always done and show love. Really, I just want you to believe in this record company and believe that the reason this record company exists is to lift up people, is to help you, is to get our kids off of drugs, is to get our kids out of gangs and get our kids away from prisons, and that’s what I’m always trying to get through to you guys. Be positive. Be kind. Be happy. Don’t judge other people, let people have a bad day. Stay away from trouble. Educate yourself.

        Those are the things, and continue to support the music and the projects that you love because if you take care of yourself, and you become strong, then the movement becomes strong. How strong are we if you’re out throwing up gang signs, killing your own people and selling dope, and eventually occupying a casket or a cage. That’s not what’s going to help anyone. I want to release a documentary on all the facts of the SPM trial. I want to do interviews, and do a reenactment of the trial showing exactly what was said and done,  show the visuals rather than just writing about what went on because some people don’t read; some people would rather have the visual, you know, with the dope soundtrack in the back, the interviews with friends and even haters, I mean, I want to give everybody a fair chance in this documentary. I have nothing to hide, I want everybody to express themselves. The transcripts don’t lie, what happened in that trial don’t lie. I really want to show the world through this visual project with the reenactment, the re-dramatization of what happened in court, exactly how an innocent man can find himself in prison. It’s gonna be really, really good, but it’s going to take funding.

This needs to get out to the world, it needs to go out through my sister’s social media platforms, all the other SPM social media platforms, any kind of platforms that we have and control. We’re not doing that well, we still don’t have a social media guru at this point, but we need to go to some kind of crowd funding site and present the project to the world and set up packages. What you get if you fund $25, what kind of package you’ll get for $50, for $200, $500, and trust me, these packages will be well worth whatever you fund. One thing about the way I operate is I would never ask for anything for free so anytime you see any kind of site saying donate this or donate that, that’s from a thief.That’s not from us, we don’t ask anything for free.

When we set up our presentation at one of these crowd funding sites I’ll let you know, and I need everyone to support the project because it’s going to take a nice chunk of capital to produce. It’s going to be something you’ll like, something that you’ll want, and you’ll be helping a cause whose goal is to help you so it just all works out. That’s what I’m saying, you can’t do anything that you’re not already ding, just support what we do and you’ll see mountains move.

Alejandro M. asked, “Thoughts on Gt Garza's music?. Will there be any features on visionary?”

I’ve heard some of GT Garza’s songs; I would like to talk to him. I think he has everything that you need to be successful, but I would like to give him some small advice, especially on multi-syllable rhyme structures, which is my favorite subject.  Once I do speak to him, I’ll get him on a project if that’s what he wants to do.

Max A. asked, “ Gotti posts on facebook it's hard to adapt to the free world after his been ther a while..if spm came out (I hope) u think life out here will b hard to adapt then from in there were you've spent now like 13 year's”

No, because for me it’s basically the same. I had people bring my food to me while I slept in bed, I had people wash my sheets, I had people escort me when I went out, I had security around me...(laughs) Did I already say that people washed my sheets, washed my underwear, washed my towels? I had people pay my bills; I’ve never paid a bill in my life, actually. It’s no different in prison, it’s exactly the same… (laughs) It won’t be hard for me.

Also, in the world everywhere I went people loved me, and everywhere I go in prison people love me. In the world all I did was sign autographs, and in prison all I do is sign autographs. Other than McDonalds and beautiful women, it’s el mismo.

Calc H. said, “As other people have mentioned, there are some artist that give you shout outs in their songs. I want to mention a female rapper that can flow better than a lot of the guys out there. Her name is Snow Tha Product. She came out on BET and shes Mexican. She also mentioned you in a freestyle she did. I'd be dope if both of you did a song together. Also, she feels that shes been snubbed or robbed from people in the music industry, from things she should of received based on numbers.”

While I was at the Allred unit I was able to catch Pocos Pero Locos, a syndicated radio show out of California that was being played by a radio station out of Oklahoma, in Iowa Park Texas because it’s near Oklahoma. I heard a few songs by Snow Tha Product, and she is an absolute beast with a capitol B and a capitol E and a capitol A and a capitol S and a capitol T. B-E-A-S-T. I’ve never heard any Mexican American, period, outflow her, except for The Wetback. So, that’s just how highly I think of her. She is untouchable. She’s so gifted that I don’t even know if she realizes how gifted she really is. She is another one I would love to talk to, aside from GT Garza.  I would love to talk to about putting in a little more effort on the multi-syllable rhyme structure also working, of she’s not already, on the storytelling. Profound stories. Meaningful stories.  But she’s just sick as hell. She’s funny, she’s brilliant, I mean, I can’t say enough about her, I could not believe my ears. She’s just throwed. Um, Incandesio, do you know how to spell ‘throwed’?

 ...So, I absolutely agree with you about her talent and I hope I didn’t offend any rappers but she’s just the most talented thing I’ve heard since I heard Eminem in 2000. I think she needs more addictive beats, at least from the songs I’ve heard, but I’d love to hear more of her music.

Robert D. said, “And Visionary?”

Visionary will be envisioned in a very visual way. I have the vision, 20-10 vision when I’m wearing my glasses and you’ll have to virtually and visually be visionary yourself, to envision this project. Thank you for your cooperation. Coming soon.

Aristeo L asked, “You ever heard of King Lil G? Would you do a track with him?”

Yes I’ve heard of King Lil G, but I don’t think I’ve heard any of his music. I’ve just heard the name.

Joey P. asked, “Will we ever hear another freestyle track like the penitentary flow.....”

Sure; sure, I mean I don’t plan on retiring until I’m in my 90s or until I can’t talk so you’re going to hear a lot of stuff. Why would anybody quit rapping, it’s the easiest thing you can do; getting paid to talk in a singy-songy way. 


Eduardo Hernandez said...

Kinda not a question but your music really helps me out you have no idea, you made me have so much love for H-TOWN, my respect
Q; when will your book be finished? & how are you doing recently doing? & Do you think about your future as you do the things you do?

Anonymous said...

Theirs a guy out here in Dallas who is whack ass hell and has plenty of verses from u probably 4 to 5 of them not sure who he purchased them from but yea. Goes by Superstar Guess just thought u should check that out heard he paid like 3 thousand a piece. Stay up Carlos

Julio QUEZADA said...

I bought an spm verse and Jaime beats. I paid to have a whole album mixed and mastered. A few thousand dollars. I go by Classik928. JAIME scammed me, never received my masters. He kept blaming his health problems and begging for more $$$. Made me pay with untraceable green dot money cards. Kept telling me everything I wanted to hear. That he was putting me in his portfolio to send to big label. That his mastering was the best. That he wanted me to fly out to the new studio. I only released the verse online, made no money from it. Ut went "hata hurta, my bird is not a chirpa, got a new song called bloody bloody murda" I have 4 kids and scrapes all that money and didnt get much in return. He kept advising me to not release it until he said the time was right. Til this day he begs for $$$. Wack. My e mail is classik1710.jq@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Yo I saw an interview that was with you and Bun B. He had yall freestyle in the studio. Anyways how come there was never a song done with ugk. Would of been nice hearing yall 3 in a song... or did you even talk to him after that?

Joaquin Medina said...

Yo I saw an interview done by Bun B with you in the studio and yall were doing a freestyle... anyways why was there never a song done with ugk? Would of been nice hearing yall 3 in a song. Or did yall even talk after that?

KingOD said...

yeah pain scammed me. 2-2500. Didnt buy any verses tho. Just got told a bunch of bs i guess. When hes somebody Los trust and you actually speak to him its convincing but eventually i caught on. No Hate for Los tho. Shit happens

SmilesNBlunts said...

I Read Dat Bout Carolyn Sayin Dat Back Then To Sellin Spm Verses Plus She Ain't No Good Need To Drop Her

SmilesNBlunts said...

Note To Carlos Need Some Real Flows With Urs Im Bout To B Da Next Mex To Blow Up Ur My Competition Only One I Feel Spit Like I Do Need Let Do Some Type Of Collab Or Something Bet Ur N My Name Ah Blow Really Just Want To Enjoy Life Like U Said Wrkin Like A Mexican Even Tho I Am One Tho

KingOD said...

Killamindedmusic.com on the conatct page is where you can reach me. Im also trying clarify what address to write Carlos

Anonymous said...

Los, Carolyn is also selling Dope House lighters and wood pendants, Spm shirts, Son of Norma cds with her autograph. Did you know about that? or is she stealing here too?

David Rodriguez said...

Hey Carlos Im glad your doing good. Ive been keeping you in my prayers Brother. You might not remember but I use to help your dad out with the Inventory, Flea Markets, Concerts and etc...back in 2000-2003. My Comment: I never liked him, always had a bad vibe around him. I could never figured out what yall saw in him. Sure he had a few good beats but if paid close attention. Almost all of them sounded the same. At the time I was around Dope House there was only One cat in particular who kept it real and stayed loyal and That Person is Block of Rock. He always seemed like the under dog but has great talent. Why not have him help out on your next upcoming projects. About the Carolyn thing its a real bitch move on her part too. Now that i think about it back in the days when Myspace was popular she had posted something about selling authentic spm beats. From 500 and Up. Cant recall if Verses was mentioned. Did you know about that?

Ricardo Rodriguez said...

Hope your doing good fam, been a big fan for many many years and still bump your music everywhere I go nonstop, shit I'm listening to it right now as I write this at work 4:11am listening to never change! Anyways your scheduled to be released like 2024 or some dumb shit like that and I heard you say something about jane doe saying her mom's made her lie? I remember reading the same shit online a few months shit maybe a few years back so if we are all hearing this why can't we use this against her to get our family (you) out??? It just doesn't make sense....

Rafael Solarte said...

Carlos please look him up he's a good lawyer he has handled big cases he takes cases in Texas too he has helped me out too major.. Robert M. Draskovich

Las Vegas, Nevada

Unknown said...

Q: what were you doing on the day you got arrested?

unknownplayer said...

Q: what were you doing on the day you got arrested?

unknownplayer said...

i have a question for los . is their any new single coming out soon?
i really want to listen you wreckin that mic lol!

Anonymous said...

I wonder is Carolyn is gonna stop slanging the dopehouse jars n chains now lol.

KingOD said...

Im sure shits getting pretty real. Im curious to who all bought music from pain

Marisol Garay said...

Carlos I'm very disappointed in you.

Anonymous said...

los I must say I grew up pretty quick listening to your music I've made some stupid decisions try to get my life together know keeping god first one of my younger brothers is very lost looks half way dead I pray and I fast for him but your music is still keeping me going strong in life I appreciate all your music I know you have gone through the same thing I have in life straight from San Antonio tx nothing but love
were all one race & that race is player

Maria Murillo said...

Your music has helped me a lot. I did not grow up listening to you but during my middle school years, when I first heard "Illegal Amigos" I have not stopped listening to you. I'm a senior and High School and I want my senior quote to be from you. You got me through my high school years its only fair to have your words mark my stay. My question now is, how have you kept yourself strong throughout all the love struggles you've been through? What's a life advice?

Maria Murillo said...

Your music has helped me a lot. I did not grow up listening to you but during my middle school years, when I first heard "Illegal Amigos" I have not stopped listening to you. I'm a senior and High School and I want my senior quote to be from you. You got me through my high school years its only fair to have your words mark my stay. My question now is, how have you kept yourself strong throughout all the love struggles you've been through? What's a life advice?

Rudy Zavala said...

Los I say you just drop Carolyn in general most of them only ride your coattail. They use your name to sell their products and I don't think that's right. The only ones who have kept it real are Lucky Dat Boi T Rasheed and baby bash.

Anonymous said...

Why did Marisol say Lucky was the one stealing? is he involved too?

Anonymous said...

Why ?

Anonymous said...

does anybody know if juan gotti and ICE stold spm verses too. For the joint album

Steven said...

Spm, Do you remember a song called "Ghetto Tales" you were featured on with A.C. Chill? Did you know about A.C. Chill's passing back in '05?

Rafael Solarte said...

Question.... When is the earliest parole day possible????... Big fan...God Bless n take Care...

Ivan Garcia said...

i hear ppl talking about GT Garza. Yes, no doubt that he goes hard. But i'd rather hear an SPM and Chito da Clown track.

Ivan Garcia said...

and forget Carolyn put Mass on the hook.

Anonymous said...

I remember the post that Andrew was referring to. I always thought that the money would go to you or some shit like that. I figured you needed the cash. I've been hearing a lot of your verses on songs of artist that are fairly new. I always found it weird that they could get you on a track. I just now finished hearing a song and it has a verse of yours that goes like, "smoking, killing all the time got to come down swinging, swerving on the pine..." On that track Jaime introduces himself. In the past few years, did you ever agree to sell verses to some of these rappers? Because there are too many new artist out there with your verses, verses that I had never heard of before. I listen to them and I'm like,"fuuuck this should have been on his album!"

Anonymous said...

Uno Meskin 4 years ago
Tell me why Low G just sold my Spm verse on this track 2 rapid Ric! Any body that want low g on a song get at me I'm selling my verses I got of him! N I got a whole Spm song 4 sale! Get at me real talk.

-comment straight form the YOUTUBEs.

KingOD said...

Every person who bought something from Pain (jaime) is fucked. It like someone giving you a winning lotto ticket and they havent even done the draw yet. It was too good to be true even for a small
time rapper like me. Killamindedmusic.com

OD-INFIDEL in stores now ft Big Nuneez

Anonymous said...

Don't just make that comment without giving him an explanation. C'mon, man.

Adansillo Chavez said...