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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Phone Call (6)

This is a phone call between myself and SPM from 11/8/2015. Most of the questions are pulled from Facebook, not the blog comments, as those will eventually be sent to him by mail. As always, I apologize for any transcription errors.

Robert D. said, " There seems to be mixed emotions within the Dope House, SPM fans and family. There's a lot of trash talk and catty remarks back and forth between the main people pushing this issue publicly for the world to see and its actually causing hate between fans and promoters because some people say she (Carolyn) did sell verses and some are saying Los is being played by his closest people and doesn't know it. What does SPM feel in his heart about the situation? Has he spoken one on one with Carolyn? A visit perhaps to get her real side of the story. It's hard to know exact facts when you don't have the world at your fingertip like we do so Los has to rely on what he's hearing out here and hope it to be true and not just hazing and hateful, non proof allegations. I know this is long but nobody else has posted any questions on this post or the last one asking questions so I'm chiming in. I want to believe Los more than anyone else but its hard to really know because he doesn't really know ya know? What will it take to put all the cards on the table and get the whole truth out there without the bitter, obvious, high school name calling hate between his family? What will be the outcome if it is true? Also if it isn't and the accusers were just jumping the gun? Give us (the fans) a clear message on what you want from us as a family to do for you or for Carolyn if anything at all in this difficult time.
Stay up Los,
-Rob D-"

As far as if Carolyn did anything wrong or not, she most definitely did. She used one unauthorized verse that I found out about. She knew that she was not supposed to use it, and I warned her and Jaime not to EVER take a verse without permission. You just don’t do that. I said, “I’m going to let it go”, and then she asked me if she could use material from a song called “I Remember”, I told her no. A couple of weeks later she asked again and I said no, because I have a lot of plans for that song. Now I don’t know how long “I Remember” has been out, but she used it anyway. So, that right there is enough.

Like I said, I didn’t help Carolyn with her music career; I gave her a music career. I did it because I chose her to be a part of the Dope House Family. She makes a living; she eats, pays her rent, buys a car, buys her clothes, and enjoys the life of a, you know, fairly successful artist because of all that I’ve given her. I’m not going to tell you that she would be where she’s at if she had never met me, ‘cause that simply is not true. I’m not trying to brag, or anything like that; I’m just speaking the truth as I know it. Now, for you to fuck over someone just one time, that’s one time too many. Someone who’s been loyal to you, who painted his projects with your voice, who has given you this career, fucking over a person that has done that for you just one time is way too much.

So, if your question is, ‘Do I know if Carolyn did anything wrong?’ of course I absolutely know. She told me that she talked to Andrew and that she got him to recant his story about her selling my verses. Well, I never said that Carolyn sold anything to Andrew. I said that Andrew told me that it all started because she posted a message on her Facebook about, if anyone was interested in an SPM feature, to contact her. Now I saw the conversation with her and Andrew, because I told her to send it to me, and she asked him the same question, and that’s “Why did you say I was selling SPM verses?” And his response to her was, “I never said that you sold me any SPM verses, I only said that you set up the deal.”  So she tried to change the whole issue, but I told her that I’m going to forgive her because if I didn’t forgive friends for fucked up things they do, I wouldn’t have no friends. Sometimes people fail you. Sometimes your own mother will fail you. That’s just life.

As far as when she’ll feature on more SPM projects, I’m not sure. But she’s already on certain tracks that are destined to release. One day I was talking to her a few months ago and we were talking about this very subject, about Pain selling verses. I was upset with her because this is when I found out about the “I Remember” song. And she started crying, and said “I tried to tell him to stop.”  I said, “So you knew that he was selling my verses, why didn’t you tell me?” and she said “Because this was the time when you were going through that medical condition and I didn’t want to put any more stress on you.” In my eyes that’s a lame excuse; to not let me know that a guy is selling my material? Because she thinks it’ll save me pain? I just don’t buy it. As far as what other things she’s done that’s still being investigated, but in my eyes she’s already done too much. I’m still going to forgive her because she’s not the source of the problem.

The source was Pain, and he was selling so much stuff and nothing was happening to him. I believe, and again this is what I believe, that Carolyn’s broke-ass jumped in on the action, but that’s yet to be proven. What is proven is that she has knowingly used unauthorized material. Some people say that a leopard don’t change their spots; I say that it’s possible, but highly unlikely. Thank you for your question, it was a great question.

Josue asked, “My question is, why is this all coming out now and not when Carolyn dropped that "Medicine" album which was like 3 fucking years ago or so. Shit she even has a damn tattoo of SPM on her back so I don't see how she could betray him. But if Los said he didn't want her to put "stuff" on her albums then that means she knew what she was doing. Shits all fucked up”

            Of all the verses that Carolyn has, I will admit I may have told her she can have one.  I don’t owe Carolyn anything; there’s no reason for me to give her anything, but I’m going to be fair and say that although I doubt it, I may have given her one verse. What I did do, is give her the song ‘Brave’ and I gave her that song because I felt bad that I hadn’t given her verses that she had asked me for in the past. So I figured I would give her this one song, since I never gave her anything else. Now, I found out about her having some of my verses on ‘Medicine Girl’ and I asked my brother to let me hear them but I was never able to, so I never knew what verses they were. I also wanted to know what verses pain used for ‘Dope City’ because I heard that he not only used verses, but entire songs that he put together.

Again, once finding this stuff out I had a choice to tell everybody that I’m done; to tell Pain, to tell Carolyn, that I’m done with them, or keep the family together. You have to understand that I’ve been doing a lot of forgiving. To this day I still don’t know the exact verses that are on “Dope City” or the exact verses that are on Carolyn’s albums. There may have been a time when I was able to hear some of it, or a little of it, but during that time I was completely focused on something else and didn’t have time to worry about scavengers. But I would not have given that many verses to my own daughter.

What can I do? Jaime’s the one giving these verses away. It’s very hard for some struggling artist to say no to material that will guarantee album sales. So I just try to understand. But now that I’m starting to get news of all these other verses being sold for 7, 8 hundred dollars, sometimes 5 hundred, and I’m hearing news that Carolyn was involved in some of those deals, it’s frustrating to say the least. But I’m still in the business of forgiving.

 I want to address a letter that Marisol Garay wrote me. She said, “…and as far as Morning High,(Morning High being the title of a song), I think you are just not realizing that if she had your permission, which I am almost sure she at least let you know, you should not be petty like you were.” Well, I care about Marisol, and that’s why I want to take the time to answer her concerns about this situation. Marisol is very important to me, and very important to our movement and I can’t let her believe that I’m being petty, I just…My music, every single word, every single line, every single syllable, is treasure to me. In no way do I consider it petty, and so, I don’t…I want you to know that I’m an artist, so I can understand your position. But when it comes to music, I don’t think me and you see it the same way if you think this is petty.

 There’s another very important thing I want to explain to my girl Marisol. You asked me, “Why did you put out Jaime’s business like that? I know you don’t owe him nothing, but that was low.” Well, beautiful, what I did was not low at all, and you should know that I’m a player as pure as they get. The reason why I spoke about Jaime’s addiction was because I wanted people to know that Jaime wasn’t just some snake stealing my music because that’s what snakes do; no, I wanted to show people that it was an addiction, an addiction that many millions of people can fall into. He got surgery on his jaw and began to get chronic pain and ended up addicted to opiates.

Someone in addiction will pawn their grandmother’s wooden leg. They’ll steal their kid’s toys and pawn them, so why should I be spared? Addiction makes victims out of everyone and when a person needs his or her drugs they’ll do just about anything to get them. I wanted people to know that Jaime needs help, not an ass-whippin’, or worse. I wanted people to help Jaime, not hurt him and sometimes even prison is a blessing when it comes to saving lives. I’ve given Jaime money to redo his surgery twice. They used the wrong sized screws in his jaw, and what happened to his jaw is a whole other story that I need to explain.

 I sent Jaime to pick up one of my homeboys in 2000.  My homeboy was mad because I left him at the strip club and I guess he ran out of cash, which that is the worst thing that can happen to a baller at a strip club. Jaime told my homeboy “Look, I don’t know what’s going on, Carlos just told me…” and that was it. Arnold punched him and shattered his jaw. I’ve always felt bad about that incident but I had no idea, not even in my wildest imagination, could I have imagined Arnold shattering Jaime’s jaw. But that’s what happened in 2000. Now Jaime won’t go get another surgery, he would rather pop pills for the rest of his life. His internal organs are already functioning at poor levels, so he’s basically dying; selling anything he can, and he needs to be saved. So remember, beautiful, that everything I do, even when it’s making someone pay, it’s always laced with love because that’s what true players do. You said a few other things on this letter that I’ll just talk to you about whenever I write you.

Aaron N. said, “My question is who was the first one to complain about who got spm verses ? I mean we live in 2015 anyone can get they hands on anything, and it's all over the internet. I mean we all love to hear New spm verse or song. I don't see a single fans complaing about his music except haters. In my opinion I bump his music everyday... But I understand where los is coming from it's like his verses is on all these unknown rappers that I don't listen to, but the fact is los not getting anything out of the artist album that being sold. Its like putting your idea out their and not getting credit for it... That's just my thoughts..

My sister, I think, was probably the first person to let me know that Jaime had recently sold a new verse and that’s what kinda triggered it because I said, “He’s back at it.” I had been getting letters from people, saying that they got verses. Jaime’s deal was different because I forgave him 3 different occasions for the verses on “Dope City”, for the verses he gave to Carolyn, and for three verses that we had originally given to Happy Perez so that he could redo the beat. Those three verses were sold by Jaime to three different people, and after that incident I told Jaime I was fed up. He said “Well, Happy Perez already released the song on the internet, so it was already leaked. So I just sold the verses since they were already out.”

 Basically he’s making victims out of fans who were buying these verses, thinking that they’re the sole owners of the verse when in reality, they’re buying stolen merchandise. I was upset about these three verses but I forgave Jaime because, once again, I needed him and I did not want to break up the family; I didn’t think it was worth it. But I found out he was back at it, more so than ever, and my sister was the first to make me aware. I’ll send you Jaime’s letter so that you can see exactly what he wrote me about what he was doing. It’s not about me not making any money; these verses have plans for them, and everything I’ve heard is not anywhere as good as what those verses could have been.


Well…What can you do, bro? This is the man that my sister is with. I know for a fact that he respects her, I know that he’s good to her son, I know that he loves her, and I know that he treats her well. I told him just a few days ago that, because he’s with my sister, he’s going to have access to a lot of my people; my family, AKA fans, so inevitably he’s representing me. All I said was that I do not want to hear him calling anybody names, or being nasty or rude to anyone. That is not the way I want to be represented. I want to show our people how to handle hatred with love.

My situation with Carolyn, my situation with Pain…you can call Carolyn right now and you can ask Pain about our last conversation; I told them that I loved them, but you can’t let a kid eat candy all day long, and you can’t let people run over you and take advantage of you, because you’re not doing THEM any favors by letting them think that’s okay.

This thing will blow over soon enough. Carolyn knows what she did and what she didn’t, Pain definitely knows what he did, and I am going to handle it with love. I expect anyone who represents me, that’s Marisol Garay, that’s Pablo Time Nunez, that’s Carlos Martinez, and all of you, I want you to show the world that nothing is more powerful than love. As far as Thomas…when a man came to Jesus and said “Look, I done forgave this guy 7 times. How many more times do you want me to forgive him?” and Jesus said “Forgive him 7 times 70.” Okay, now Jaime has betrayed me many times because of his addiction, but I doubt it’s anywhere close to 490 times. What Jesus was saying is that people are going to push you off that plane. People are going to push you off that boat. People are going to push you off that cliff, but love will be your parachute, love will be your life preserver, love will be your hang glider, love will win.

 Forgiveness is one of the most important fruits on the tree of love just as humbleness is, just as understanding is, just as patience is, just as being non-judgmental is. I’m not saying you don’t blow nobody’s brain out if they break in your house in the middle of the night, but you damn sure don’t judge that person. I’m not saying you let people run over you I’m just saying sometimes love is tough out of necessity.

Paul P. said, “Good morning. So would love to ask Spm a question regarding whats going on. So yesterday i was on Sylvia coy profile and i commented on a post she posted i have even told her im a big fan of what her family has done and that i have nothing but love and respect for them etc. But anyways i made a comment on her post and she replied and so i commented again and i believe she didnt like what i posted she deleted her comment that she made that I replied to so now it seems like i was speaking to myself not only did she delete that but she also deleted the main post so its like it didnt existed. And she also deleted me and blocked me from her profile. She was not the only one to delete a comment they made but also that guy Thomas deleted a coment of his that someone replied .To me theres something more going on besides what they are saying. In my opinion they have something to do with whats going on and is the main reason why they are pointing fingers to cover them selfs. So my question to Spm is due to some of these things does he believe there might be more that hes not being told regarding the situation? And i was not the only one blocked and deleted of there profile i spoke to another person who had similar opinions as mine. Good thing i screen shot the conversations because i had a feeling they were going to delete the comments and block me from the profile”

          Well, brother, I don’t know exactly what your comment was. I don’t know why you were deleted, but I can tell you one thing; I spill my guts on SPM Aftermath. When I write an important letter, I send it to Incandesio and when I want to answer yoos-guy’s questions, I go to SPM Aftermath. This is where, if you’re going to hear from me, this is where 90% of everything I say through social media goes directly to. So, if you like Sylvia, if you like Thomas, try to get back in. If it means a whole lot to you to be on their page, try to find out what went on. But of course you know, and I say this with all respect bro, but I have way too much stuff I have to work on to further investigate your complaint. With that said, I’m really sorry that happened, and I’m sending seven years of bad luck to whoever did that! (laughing)

Incandesio asked, “Your sister posted a phone call without your knowledge, did you have any comments about it?”

I’m glad you asked that question, because I’m actually extremely disappointed about that conversation. I think that some of the stuff that was talked about has nothing to do with the situation that I’ve been addressing, and I apologize to everyone for having to hear some of the stuff that was said. I had no idea…my sister said that she just wanted to bring more attention to the situation, so that she can collect more information. She said that it worked, but I very sternly told her to please never do that. My sister is the only person helping me in this matter, and I need her because this is a very serious matter, but that was something that I have to apologize for. I don’t think I said anything wrong, I just said that I had fixed Carolyn’s teeth, but it, uh…it wasn’t easy for me to listen to.

Before we end, can I just get a shout-out to the guys who held up the ‘free SPM’ sign at the wrestling match? That got a lot of attention, and I thought it was pretty awesome. Thank you.
(End of phone call)

In our last conversation, SPM and I discussed a verse that I didn’t understand, about the definition of ‘G’. I thought I might ask him about a piece of the Cold 40 printed on the liner notes of Son of Norma, but I wanted to give y’all a shot at educating me first:

            Anger tearing at me like a pit do a crimson mut
            Mom say I got the gift, but she never mentioned what
            could it be what kept her up, arguing with Death and Luck
            cards, she said “Neva touch”, damn I think I said too much

If you know what it means, leave me an explanation! Remember that the comments are moderated, so it might take a few hours to show up.


Anonymous said...

Yoooo SP, I just finished watching some of your old concert videos. The vids made me realize that there isn't another Mexican rapper on your level. The things you've been able to accomplish over the years are amazing, and I don't think that we will ever get to witness anything else like this. You are a legend. Many have tried, but quite frankly, they've all failed to surpass you. We need you,man. Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

" Anger tearing at me like a pit do a crimson mut
Mom say I got the gift, but she never mentioned what
Could it be what kept her up, arguing
With Death and Luck
Cards she said "never touch" damn I think I said too much" SPM
Well he definitely said enough.
The cards he is referring to are tarot cards.
Cards used by physics and curanderas to tell someone's future. His mom said " never touch" because they will bring a curse unto the person and his family that uses them. I've herd SPM lyrics stating that he used physics before and he could be referring to that same time. I say with all respect and love... Don't use any physics or curanderas or santaia or anything like that. The Bible says not to and it will curse you down to the fourth generation. The only way to deliver yourself and break that curse is the love of Jesus Christ. Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and command that curse to be broken in Jesus's holy name.

Anonymous said...

Oh! And yeah the line" Anger tearing at me like a pit do a crimson mut" he's angry at himself for "choosing a life under the curse".

Jesse Rodriguez said...

To me it means our gift was to see all the pain and suffering and to see the bigger picture in life ....

sergio almendarez said...

hey los how you doing how the world in there? in hope u doing great homie. youll be out in a fat minuete.i heard the stuff about Carolyn she posted a pic on her facebook that babybash said syliva and tee he said'syliva and tee needs to calm down and stop blamming people because los told me he gave her permission to take the verses. i dont know man im jus letting u know what was on facebook. but anyway bro wasup w the new album coming out? u got an offical relese date? anyway bro stay up stay safe .#FREETHEMOTHERFUCKINGMEXICANSPM

Eloy J. said...

So does Carlos find it OK that Thomas Carrol is taking the fans pages and take it for himself by blocking the administrater? Posting his own shit on there? I had over 3000 followers with his help but I was voted by the fans To run it..... People like me have been fans for years but to have someone who is not Carlos try to take over now that's some ho shit.....this isn't about fame or popularity.. This is about seeking fair Justice for Carlos Coy....NOT FREESTYLE WITH TC OR DOG ON CAROLYN LIKE A KID OR NLE THIEF! I showed nothing but respect to that guy till he decided to run things... It ain't looking bro

Anonymous said...

My bad I meant psychics not physics lol. Freaking auto correct.

Anonymous said...

On the Real. There is hardly any other rappers on his level lyrically. Mexican or not. SPM's rhyme scheme is throwed fo'sho'
Meaning it tops most of these lames out there.

Anonymous said...

Carlos what do you consider one of your greatest achievements as a rap artist?

Anonymous said...

Also was that really Carley in the song in my hood?
"Im eight now Dad"
and is that your mom in "High Everyday"
"thats my boy"

jacintomoises1 said...

Well i saw the post but it didn't say anything about a verse he said that Carlos Coy himself told him that She Carolyn Rodriguez is Dopehouse

Anonymous said...

The only latin rapper to come close to SPM level is NINO BEATKING (RGV).

Anonymous said...

On one of coasts mixtapes he said that you already had 3 verses laced for screens falling and you cut one to let him on it did you ever spit that verse that you cut or do you remember how the verse went? Arthur from funky town

Anonymous said...

I sip a drug called mud it be in one tall cup I be leanin so hard that a drunk stoped us I be young not dumb and still I come pop trunk take a chick to my crib and tell her slut mop up..... Coldest hook I've ever heard that verse was epic also....is that a song you released or another shady song pain released? Keep ur head up Los much respect from funk town tx

Sheyla Reyes said...

im new to this, where can i ask a question?

Incandesio said...

Sheyla, if you ask a question under the most recent post it will get sent to SPM; periodically I request fan question on our Facebook page that I use to do the Phone Call posts.