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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dear Family (24)

A Letter To Mari
My Ghetto Girl,

            The situation with Pain selling my verses, and all the drama it’s created with people who are close to me, has saddened me. I’ve been tough with Carolyn, because she should have simply apologized for the wrong she did. Instead, she’s trying to act like she kept it 100 with me. What’s true is that I’ve kept it 100 with her, putting her on every track that needed a female vocalist. So many people asked me why I put her on everything, and I said because she’s family. You said, in a letter to me, “You should not be petty like you were. All the music you all have made together all the work you all done together, you are going to make her out to be the bad person.”

            I’m only explaining her betrayal, and I’m still investigating what could be even more betrayal. People have said she solicited everything from SPM beats to verses. Of course I forgive her, just like I forgive Pain. But my people will know, they will be told, they will be a part of my life because they are the ones who feed everything I love. DHR is a transparent company because “fans” stands for F.A.N.S. I’m not making anyone out to be anything to be anything other than what they made themselves out to be. And if someone is denying the truth, I won’t let my people be deceived. And, no, Carolyn and I didn’t make music together. I wrote what I wanted her to sing, I told her how to sing it, and she sung it till I was satisfied with it. I wrote her some dope-ass shit to sing, that’s why the hooks on my projects outshine the hooks on her shit. The verse she rapped on “Dope House Family,” I wrote. The skitt her and Pain do before that verse, I wrote. All the skitts she does when she imitates those accents, I wrote. I’m the Crack Child, my love, and if I wanted to, I could make you a successful artist, or your cousin, or the chick down the street. Truth can sound boastful but I’m not bragging. I’m explaining the power of crack.

            Now, look, I told you that my problem is not with Carolyn, it’s with Pain. He’s the one selling my material. But she knew he was selling unauthorized verses cause she told me, “I tried to tell him to stop!” yet she’s singing on some of those same unauthorized verses. As upset as I am with Pain, I also understand that addiction will cause a man to sell his own son’s asthma inhaler. The chick I fucking blew up like a firecracker that took my homeboy’s finger. That kind of betrayal is tough to swallow.

            Maybe you think it’s “petty” but it’s far from. And I’m writing you this letter so that you can understand. On your letter you said, “Everything you are always telling me not to do you just did.” No, baby. In fact, I still talk to Carolyn. But she hurt herself because I’m not going to let people do wrong and then get rewarded for it. There must be a price to pay, and I’ll let the fans decide that price. Like I told Carolyn, “I can write you a song next week that’ll blow you up like never before.” That’s the power of crack and only God can take it away.

            I’m aware of this beef you’ve got going with Thomas. I told him that his words carry weight because he’s with my sister and if he’s going to comment on my behalf it must be 100 percent player. We have to show our people how to get through life without stooping down to a hater’s level. You’ll stay stuck on that level because the word is full of haters. I don’t know who’s hating on who, or why the hell you guys are talking shit to each other. But it’s no way to live. If you don’t like the dude, cut him out of your life. If he’s a bad person he has two possible futures with me: He changes, or I disassociate myself. It’s that  simple.

            Well, baby girl, since this is a letter on spmaftermath, I shall be leaving our people with an ice cold forty. I’ll write you more later.

“Will P. Spray”
Another Cold Forty

You can call me John Shotty, I will call you A. Snitch

cause you called the police, it was there on page six

I be wearing K-Swiss, you be wearin gay kicks

“Los, that commercial said that you should never say this!”

Oh, where that strange kid is playing mobile games with

that other kid and said, “That was gay!” then the waitress

told’im that his statement , was hideous and tasteless

and said, “Not in my place!” as if the shit was racist?

you could have a gay sis, ain’t no need to stay pissed

tell her that you love her it don’t matter if she hates dicks

even if she dates chicks, squeezes one of Kate’s tits

far as I’m concerned, she can lick fifty-eight clits

Let me hit the main switch, take you back to dayshift

no more of this late biz, where lesbians go ape shit

love me for my greatness, please excuse my anguish

all the fuckin pain which influences my language

music is my matrix, tell me bout ya favorites

nigga like me hittin homeruns with bass hits

even in the snake pits, kill’em with the same gifts

I would be the realest even if I had some fake lips

bodies in the blankets, hollows in the stainless

what dat boy Chingo say? “Someone please splain dis!”

Welcome to the “H” pimp, where we screw the playlist

boys from another town swearin that my tape skips

hit the club, “Hey, Miss, would you like to make twins?”

I be pullin Trinas, to Sophias, to the Tay Swifts

sippin on the grape sip, trippin on the plane trip

if I don’t sell then it’s back to the cake mix

this where the cain flips, this is why I stay rich

pay fa momma’s tummy tuck, pay fa granny’s face lift

no I’m not in gangs still I’m cool with what you claim it’s

love till you plex, now ya layin in ya brain bits

look behind the gray tint, that’s where Will Spray sit

“What’s ya middle name, Los?” Putiminagravequick

Swangaz on da spacewhip, presidential frame kit

make a jacka feel his own candy-red paint drip

ladies on the stage strip, as I make it rain grip

call me Chubby Checka cause the bottles and the Jane twist

you can be the game’s prince, that ain’t where my name fits

“How is you the king, Los?” How da fuck I ain’t, bitch…….



Alma Cardenas said...

I definitely see what he's saying he has to keep it real with his fans he's already doing what most people wouldn't do and forgives her I've been a Carolyn fan since I heard of her on the dope house family song and when all this news about her and pain came out I just kept thinking it's gotta be a mistake but after all I realize it's not for sure that she sold verses but it's clear that she used them with out permission and was aware of what was going on to make matters worse as i was looking threw some old insta pics on the son of Norma account there was a small clip of lucky rapping a verse where he says im the dope house price and she had just commented that there was a stolen verse and that was sometime last week the fact that she can't even admit or give an apology to the fans is pretty sad she post things about the truth behind the lies and what not but goes and points fingers on an old insta video that nobody's gonna probably see how does she know which verses are stolen hmmmm makes you wonder anyways Senor Carlos Coy keep your head up you got a lot people with mad love for you much love f from the home girl alma loc

Anonymous said...

any more questions???? spm keeping it real as always .anyways the only Latin artist to come close to Spm is NINO BEAT KING RGV.rest of yall rappers just quit

arron rodriguez said...

Los got every right to be pissed

Rob Beezy said...

Is there any word on if any other dophouse artists doing the same thing? I had seen on twitter that Carolyn tried calling out lucky, but he responded saying he ain't ever fuck over anyone. And he speaks on it a little in an interview he did with Goldtoes.

Anonymous said...

I c that too. Lost ALL respect for her. She kept saying " the truth will come out" n that los was a liar on her IG.

Rafael Solarte said...

That's cool of Los for telling his ppl the truth n let the fans decide....Carlos have love for Carol u can tell but it's sad that she knew n betrayed him showed no loyalty towards Carlos when the man is in jail for so long n his name is still irrelevant world wide that shows u how smart n successful he is much luv my brother n take care of ur self... Can't wait for ur next 🎶 ...plain n simple ur a beast on the mic... Much luv n respect from the familia Solarte...

Ejay Cartel Tercero said...

The only punk in this is pain AND THOMAS CARROL...

Ejay Cartel Tercero said...

Lucky to blame too... There is paper to prove it

Aron Tristan said...

Los has kept it 100 with the fans with Carolyn and with Thomas it's obvious los loyalty is to the fans where it should be he does not want his family to be deceived by anyone and for los to want the fans to decide the price to be paid it's only fair los has given everything to Carolyn and this is how he is repaid by pain selling los verses at very cheap prices and then Carolyn using some of these verses to no if sides need to be chosen I side with los you don't use your family like that and for los to say first he does forgive the guilty should at least apologize cause they know what they did was wrong

Anonymous said...

Has anybody heard the RESPETO album juan gotti and ice..it has SPM verses all thru the album and the quality sounds horrible

Texaz Made said...

I dont think she had fualt ....somebody else had to put her in this that it was ok to do it why would she said that the truth will come out somebody told her and now that person is being a bitch and dont want to say hey los it was me that told her ......

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching the Lucky interview. He answers by saying that he paid his dues with DH. Then says that Pain would call and ask if he knew anybody that wanted SPM featured on a track. Lucky responds by saying, Ofcourse I do. Then Lucky said that he would sell the verses for double the money. Idk if that counts as not screwing anyone over. I think he knew what was going on even though he says he says he has nothing to do with DH, i'm assuming he means the business side of things. He saw an opportunity to make money and he took it. What do you think about this, SPM?

Mike from ATX said...

Yeah Lucky a hustler he gave Pain his cut for verses and what Pain did with the money (thousands the way Lucky moves) is on him to pay to the Coy family. This is gonna be the case with alot of the artists, Rasheed, Low G, Grimm, Coast, Quota, Powda(even though she never put nothin out dhr or indie), major riley are the ones who passed on or never bought verses. Bash, Gotti, Lucky, and Carolyn are victims if Pain lied and told them the verses they got were green lighted. Luck and Carolyn just put out a dope single/video with Low G and now they throwing shade towards each other with this situation. Man.

Anonymous said...

To clear things up on anon's 11:27 comment and keep dhf from a big fight. Lucky first explained how hes been down for you (SPM) how hes been loyal and ever since you got charged he repped for you and yelled free spm even though people gave him shit ( along with other dhr memebers) for supporting you (because of your charges) then he says pain called him asking if any body wants an spm verse which to he responds "hell yea who wouldnt want an spm verse?" Which he didnt know they were stolen as later on he says "what he (pain) did with the money between him(pain) and dope house i had nothing to do with that." he says he adds a verse of his own too and sells it which would be double the price because its a SPM verse and a lucky verse so 2 verses which is why its double the price. He kept half the money from his verse and gave the rest to pain as it was suppose to be dope house's money (your money). The guy above didnt listen to the interview right and i felt like its best i clear things up before something else happens. We're dope house for life. FREE SPM

Anonymous said...

My bad. I did make it sound a lil sketchy. U are right, lucky did sell it for double the price because he added a his own verse. I apologize for that. I was just wondering why this hadn't been brought up to SPM? Lucky and SP have been doing business for years, so u would imagine he knew something was going on with the verses in general. Not trying to blame lucky, Im just wondering. I did fuck up the first comment, but thanks for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

The thing is that as fans we knew some shit was going on because all these rappers that we had never heard of before were featuring spm on a track. Im just wondering why ppl like lucky and others never brought this to SP's attention or question him. Im assuming it wasn't until now because this was recently addressed, all these verses have been out for years. even I, someone who doesn't personally know los, was wondering why he affiliated with some of these rappers. I never did ask through here because it's a respect thing. Probably im looking too much into it. I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Got Love for you Loz ...Never give up on your Dreams

Anonymous said...

No problem just trying to keep things from escalating. And i myself never really thought about it. Maybe they didnt question him out of respect too you know? But thats just what i assume. It is a good question though.

Rudy Zavala said...

I'm a huge SPM fan in my opinion you should cut ties with Carolyn and Pain. They knew they were in the wrong doing but still kept doing it. And let's face it you are Dope house you are the crown jewel you don't need em.