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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Phone Call (8)

This is a transcription of a phone call from 12/2/2015.

Jaime F. asked, “What happened to those songs "Life" and "Beat from Hotan" Those songs sound really dope..are we getting them in your next album? Can't wait to hear them one day.”

Thank you for your question, Jaime. Life is now called "Dark Memories", and "Beat from Hotan" is still called "Beat from Hotan". I will most definitely have them on the next project. They both have samples and we had problems clearing the samples, so that’s why those songs have been in limbo. But, I’m positive we can get it all cleared up and I’m thankful that you’re excited about those songs and what is to come.

Jose M. said, “Estimate how many songs do you have recored that we don't know about?”

Well, ironically enough, Carolyn has been helping me find out how many SPM verses have been sold by Pain and his cohorts. Her last letter had 39 verses that she found on YouTube. That doesn’t include the verses on her projects, the verses that an artist named Ice has, the verses on Jaime’s Dope City album, and other verses that I’m sure are still out there. I could’ve created at least two or three projects with just the stuff we’ve found so far. Aside from all that, as tragic as it is, we’ve got at least five more S. P. Wetback projects on the way. Thank you, Jose, for your question.

Alejandro M. Why was the hook on the song "the s.o.n " changed for the album? in my opinion delta goodrem was a better fit

Well, Alejandro, with emphasis on the ‘j’, it’s because Delta Goodrem’s people said they would sue our Mexican ass all the way down to the last taco that we have in our hand, as we’re eating it; in other words, we wouldn’t even be able to finish our taco if we were to use Delta Goodrem’s chorus. So, in our response, we told them and their Australian asses that we would, in return, sue them for every nickel they have, including the kangaroo burger in their very hands. In response they stated that it is a crime to eat kangaroo, and that we insulted their national animal. (laughing) Let me stop, because I can only get sillier from here. But honestly, they vehemently denied us that sample.

Mauricio B. said, “I just saw a interview that Toes did to Lucky.Toes asked Lucky about SPM's verses being licked and Lucky said that Pain called him to see if he knew who wanted to buy SPM verses.Lucky told pain that he wanted to buy some, that who didn't wanted to buy spm verses.”

Well, Mauricio, I too heard of this interview, which was obviously an attempt by Goldtoes to clear Lucky of any wrongdoing. But like I told Lucky, I don’t think anyone who’s name has repeatedly popped up is completely innocent of the betrayal that’s source is from the heart of Jaime. I told Lucky that I love him, I absolutely forgive him for whatever he did, and that if I didn’t forgive friends, I wouldn’t have any. People make mistakes. I think that it was pretty clear that the deal was shady, and that shadiness should have pushed him to write me before he carried on, but I truly believe that Lucky was more of a victim than a villain. If I didn’t believe that, I would have to turn away.

Joshua A. asked, “Wat up with parole and we gonna make more music after he get out make millions”

      Hello, Sloshy Joshy. Yeah, but I’m not stopping because of this time. I’m continuing to write, there’s incredible projects coming in the near future… I’m focusing on film, hopefully have the book by early next year, gotta get the documentary out, which will be a real game-changer… it just don’t stop, bro. Whether in a pen, or trapped in a cave in a mountain, or lost at sea, or stuck in a tree, I will find a way to keep you nice and doped up.

Incandesio: Are you serious about including the ‘Sloshy Joshy’ bit?

      (laughing) Yeah… Although it sounds much funnier when you say it.

Esteban J. asked, “ How long you took making the song called streets on beats.”

      Great question, Esteban; actually, the beat probably took a good six hours, over a two day peroiod. What’s interesting about “Streets on Beats” is that it’s one of the songs on the Hustle Town album that I made the drums and kept those drums. On songs like “Mary-Go-Round”, “Block of Rock”, “Wizard of oz”, “Nightshift”, “Riddla on da Roof”, etc., I had Filero remove my drums and make new drums. Filero is a beast at drums; in fact there is no producer on earth that is more dangerous with an MPC-2000 than Filero. And a shout-out to my boy, and I want to let him know that I can’t wait to collaborate with him on this future dope.

Cano D. asked, “How you get involve with the production of the music in the new albums? You Work on the beats Or They just fit the vocals you rap”

      I just choose what I have and sometimes I have to choose from what I got. That’s how I do it, I just choose from what I got. Plus, there’s still some SPM productions that we have left but need just a little work, and of course my favorite producer is me, so that’s good. Thanks for the question, Cano.

Raymond S. asked, “Did Edward James Almos get the script you sent???(WDS) haha”

Well, Raymond, I haven’t sent him a script yet, but I’m definitely excited about the possibility of working with Eddy. (laughing) I say ‘Eddy’ like I know him, but the truth is he would probably instantly hate me if he found out I called him Eddy, so let me say that I would be extremely honored and thrilled at the thought that we could possibly work together. We have some connections to Edward, but the script has not been presented to him because it needs more polishing.

Manuel M. asked, “How long it take you to lose all that weight trying to do it myself”

Manuelito, my dear friend and fellow chubster. When you get in trouble in here, and I mean serious trouble, you lose your level. And when that happens, a whole plethora of restrictions is handed down. Those restrictions include no commissary, so you have to eat three Jr. High lunch trays a day and you do that for at least ninety days, unless you get in trouble again. Which I have been without my level for years at a time. But now I’m out of trouble, and do not plan to even think about getting into trouble. For the last five months, I’ve been able to go to the store, AKA commissary, and I’ve got about $200 worth of every food you could think of, every vitamin you could think of; from fish oil pills, to powdered milk, to powdered mashed potatoes, to raisin bran, to lasagna, to all kinds of stuff. So sadly, my brother, I have rejoined the chubster crew.


Mike from ATX said...

Haha at the last. Q&A.

On the Lucky subject I'm glad you see it like that Lucky the best Mexicn rapper in the free world period. I think since you been gone Los he's carried the torch in finding new talent. I wish you could hear the collaborative albums that hes done along with the up and coming/established Latin beasts in the game like GT Garza, Dat Boi T, Stunta, Coast, Chingo Bling, and Bash. Not to mention his solo catalogue. Despite him being dragged into the uncleared verses mess his work hustle is unfuckwithable. Stay up.

Frank Holguin said...

when could we see a snippet of your book. much love los stay up

Anonymous said...

please send this question/comment to Los!! I've been a huge fan since the age of 7, now I'm 16. I don't have the $ for any fancy studio or mic but one day Ill make music because SPM inspired me to do so. But my questions are; how did you first start up your studio? & where do you see yourself in 10 years? Thank you for your time Incandesio & Los

Anonymous said...

Incandesio do u think spm is inoccent. Did it take time for u to speak up and start this blog or did u know from the day he got sentenced

Rudy Zavala said...

Hell yeah Lucky took the torch and took the rap game to another level. Stay up Los and keep blessing us with your music

Miguel Perez said...

When is the book going t be ready :(

Jacyy said...

When will we be expecting your new album ? What will you speak about ? & another random question , have you aged ? We havent seen an image since devils stirke album. Us fans sure would like an update!

Robert Pascual said...

It would be cool he if came out with a Christmas song ,can he make it happen ?? Like a screwed up jingle bells

Anonymous said...

Was trae the truth ever signed with dopehouse?..what is your best DJ Screw story?

Anonymous said...

Lucky is one of the best to come out of Dope House. Like he said, he has paid his dues. Nothing but mad love and respect for Lucky! He has always gave SPM credit for giving him his first rap dollar and showing him the rap game.

Mister Louie said...

If you had to choose your favorite song off of "Son of Norma" what would it be and why?

Mister Louie said...

Have you heard of the rapper Machine Gun Kelly?

Bobby Pitre said...

This brings me joy to see spm still being himself no matter what don't give up god is with you love from your homeboyz in Louisiana

Roy Rico said...

Hope all is well with you Carlos I will be on the look out for your book and music.
P.S. stay away from sopas chubster

Roy Rico said...

Hope your doing good Carlos you been gone for a good minute but I see that doesn't stop you, that's incredible. Have you tried reading Buddist books ?
P.S. stop eating the sopas chubster