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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Phone Call (9)


            You were recently mentioned in an interview with Trae the Truth; in it, he says that you and Rasheed mentored him early on. Any thoughts on that?

Well, hearing you read a little bit of the article to me I’m very surprised, in a really good way, that me and Rasheed were able to mentor him. I didn’t know that Trae hung out with us when he was young. I don’t remember him as a kid, I only know him from listening to his music and being a huge fan of his, and having so much love for him. It’s crazy, because I always felt connected to him.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I just felt like this guy was a brother, and now to know that he was hanging around with me and Sheedy back in the days is really gratifying. It feels really good to know that. I wish he would have snapped a few pictures back then, I would have loved to see him as a kid hanging out with us. It just makes me love him even more. I just have to say that I really love him and miss him.

David N Beckie W. asked, “My question to Los is,I had heard that at the beginning of your trial they offered you a plea deal where you would only get five years but you would have to plead guilty and you turned it down because you said you wouldnt admit to somthing you didnt do,well now that you have done thirteen years if they came and offered you a deal where they said you will be released today and all we need to complete this deal is for you to plead guilty and register as a sex offender upon release would you you take it now that you have missed out on so much? Much love and respect ....DEEDUBB SUR CALIFAS”

Um, to be perfectly honest, I probably would because it’s so hard to get out of prison once you’re found guilty. It’s just so hard to get out of prison, even when it’s perfectly and clearly evident that you’re innocent; even when it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt, and of course that’s not my case. My case is my word against the word of this girl and I lost that trial that should have never been lost. Yeah, I would probably do it just to get the hell out of here.

Jose H. said “When you get out what is the first thing musically you plan to do? Do you have a plan in place for a comeback tour? Do you plan to rebuild the Dope House roster with the original artist or new talents?”

I think that it was a mistake for me to spend so much time with other artists. I think that was a huge mistake, but I just did what everybody else did. Master P signed up all these artists, Lil Wayne signed up all these artists…It’s really something that I could describe as just being lazy, just trying to make money off other people instead of sitting down with pen and paper and writing your own music. Just signing up other people to try and make money off their work.

I’m not going to deny the fact that I am the most crack, the most dope, the most addictive artist on this planet. Some may disagree and that’s all good, but my favorite rapper is the man in the mirror, and I should have just concentrated on SPM and making my own beats instead of getting lazy and starting to buy Happy beats and Hotan beats. That’s what I plan on doing, I plan on getting my keyboard and making beats every day in my underwear…writing songs every day in my underwear…going to the mall in my underwear, even though that’s off the subject. I say that because I do everything in my boxers. I go to the chowhall in my boxers, I play basketball in my boxers, it’s just a bunch of guys so there’s no need to dress up for anything.

But yeah, whether it’s making music, writing screenplays, making beats… I’ve got to focus on getting my God-given gift out to the world.

Anthony B. said, “Would Carlos coy ever hangout with his fans one on one”

Yeah, every day. I wasn’t the kinda guy that wore more jewelry than the next man, or..I bought one Mercedes and it separated me from my friends, so I gave it to Happy Perez. I was complaining about my car separating me from my real friends and he said, “Well damn, nigga, if you don’t want it give it to me.” No sooner had he finished his sentence than I reached into my pocket, and gave him the keys to a $115,000 car. After that I bought a $3,500 Cadillac, tore out the back seat, filled it up with speakers and I was right there, right at the same level with all my people and that’s where I’m happiest at. So I wouldn’t say I hung out so much with fans, but I hung out with the people who wouldn’t give a damn about no damn SPM, they just know me as Los.

Sigi B. said, “Tell him I said fuck the Illuminati”

Sure, but just use a condom. Always practice safe sex.

Luis A. asked, “What will you do on the first day your out? Where will you go and what will you get started on once outside in free world, will you ever come to Seattle, Wa?”

Well, when I get out I’m just going to do what I do, what anybody would do, go home to my family. Buy me a house, build a quick studio, work on music, and most definitely I’ll be in Seattle. I love the thought of visiting Seattle, it’s a legendary city, and a lot of legends have come from there.

Incandesio said, “Heidi Ruiz was an investigator for your case, and a witness against you at trial; she’s been described by her supervisors as ‘a relentless tigress’, and by her peers as steadfastly persistent in her pursuit of suspects. Did you get the impression that she was capable of conducting the kind of delicate forensic interviews needed for this type of case?”

            Heidi Ruiz is a cop, and I was not liked by the cops in Houston. Over the years everybody knew that I was anti… anti-crooked cop, I should say, but I didn’t really make that point clear. At all my concerts I always made sure to have the crowd chanting nasty things about the cops. I got so much flack behind it. Officers came up to me at car shows, I remember a Sergeant came up to me after a concert and he was like, “Man, we’re out here protecting you, and you have all these people chanting hatred towards us. We’re over here making sure nothing happens to you.” I just didn’t make myself very clear that my anger stemmed from many, at least a dozen, really bad experiences with H-town authorities. It’s just so much prejudice, so much maltreatment…I was a criminal, but they did go above and beyond the call of duty to be assholes. When I finally got some fame, I was using that fame to taunt these cops who always treated like me like shit, and treated my friends like shit. Maybe it’s because we were Mexicans, or maybe because of the way we dressed, but whatever.

So, she’s a cop. When they told her that her man was SPM, yeah, she’s going to turn into this ‘relentless tigress’ and she’s going to get the answers that she wants. Instead of having Jane Doe’s mother write her own story of what happened, she typed it herself. She threw away Mary Doe’s statement and redid it. She said it was too messy to read, etc.

There was another witness that she did the same thing with, that you’ll see once I finish this documentary. She typed up the report herself, and that witness admitted on the stand that what Heidi Ruiz typed was not what she said. She was so intimidated by Heidi that she signed it anyway. This is all in black and white. You’ll also see how she interviewed witnesses that had already been interviewed by other cops, but when she interviewed them she got different answers from them; answers that benefitted her, answers that she wanted. So she knew, and they knew that she knew, how to get the answers, how to get the statements that they needed to win this case.

It was no accident that they put this manipulator on my case. It was no accident that they put that judge on my case. Every single person that formed this team against me was all put together by someone, or something. I don’t believe in illuminati, but even Chip Lewis said we had the worst judge that we could ever possibly have and that was no accident. Judges are supposed to get cases randomly; they’re not supposed to be hand-picked for them. It was all done very carefully and very meticulously, this team that was built to win this case.

Danny G. asked, “What happened to grimm??”

            Grimm got married, and he lives near Dallas. He’s working on a new project with his twin brother, Shadow, and he’s still going strong. I think everybody’s really going to enjoy his new music, especially if Shadow’s going most of the producing. I, for one, love Shadow’s production. His beats demand real content. So, Grimm is doing well. He has a little girl, I think she’s five now, so he’s enjoying being a daddy again and I’m just very happy for him.

Moises J. said, “What up Carlos Coy I took in mind what you told me and we'll I'm your F.A.N.S and sorry about what I asked last time but is the Book going to be called They Trying To Stop Me and if I recall I'm sure I read or heard that you said you did a Rap Show in prison and that the inmates would give you candy or some commissary because of your show since money isn't allowed in prison if I'm not mistaken can you please tell me about that thanks cause I'm pretty sure it was badass and about the book They Can't Stop M”

            It’s two mint sticks a song. (laughing) That was a joke, when I said I rap for commissary. Obviously, I can buy all the commissary I want, but guys often ask me to do a song, and they’re surprised that I don’t remember most of the stuff I did when I was free; it’s just been so long since I’ve done that stuff. I still remember a lot of the more recent projects, and I’ll do ‘Jackers In My Home’, or I’ll do ‘My Homegirl’, or something a little more recent.

            Like everything else, I change the titles of stuff a trillion times but I think I’m pretty much set on ‘Corl St’, which is the name of the street I grew up on. As most people know the first book is basically part one of my autobiography, which talks about a little history of my family and then my birth into this world. The book ends right before I get into the dope game at about 17 years old. Yes, I know that ‘Wizard of oz’ says I was 16 in a ‘77 Seville, but I was off a little bit on that song. 


jacintomoises1 said...

Thanks Mr.C Coy for your response I appreciate it very much from your FAN Moy

DVD520 said...


Dre K47 said...

Wut it do G is ya boi DRE K47 again jus wanna say merry Christmas and God bless u bro even though I know how shitty it is bein in there so I gotta show u some love we got alotta people here in Clovis blacks whites and mexicans of course dat still bang yo music n support u keep ya head up mane ps no cold 40 on da last call?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever slapped a bitch for giving you a big hickey?

Mike from ATX said...

Merry Christmas Los. Trae and Zro and Krino Point Blank and SPC at all solid dudes out here. Cool to see Trae reveal that early part of his career.
I know you said you regret signing all those folks but there were classic dhr releases made via Rasheed lucky, gotti, grimm, and twin beredaz. Shout out to all them too I done met most them ! merry Christmas yall.

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays,sending Blessings to you && your familia!
You deserve it,because in some way.... Your music has been a blessing to me... It's helped me get through some hard times in my life! Including some trials && tribulations I am currently facing today! I myself will be doing some time, but I know that the Man upstairs has my back! ��

Cindy Sandoval said...

I know your not in a great place but stay strong and I'll always stay jammin your music.

Raza said...

Your music has changed, people change.
But when all this sentence is set and done and you are ready to come home what is your music going to be like? The streets changed the Music is different but what separates your
music from other rappers is your knowledge. And that's why still to this day your albums still jamm in the streets like pac & biggi. I'm pretty sure this team you said that was set up for your conviction is REAL! I know YOU know that, but will leave that alone we don't want u getting stung a thousand times by this powerful people. If there was a way I could show u what these powerful people can do would shock u but I'm believing u know already.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you spread the story out more to people so they can hear the truth for the people that still doubt and try to get it on dateline or the news to help u get heard n get free......free Los (just a suggestion).....

Raza said...

I remember when I was a kid u came to fort Worth and I cried because I dint make it to ur show lol. but I'm a fan to the fullest. I got to party with bash,grimm,& rasheed he the coolest. And lucky but he acted too good for his fans that night its okay I understand. Carolyn I got to chill with her even though she lied about having car lol. And I got to chill with Johnny Cantu we met at a job because I almost fought him lol i was protecting ur name. And more. DhFL baby stay up.

Joshua Archuleta said...

Carlos we gonna kick it u gonna come to Colorado and eat we do a BBQ some drinks and the mic miss ur music all love ese loco

Unknown said...

You from funky town? I stay in dallas. Yea got a friend that met lucky also. Lucky came down to record a feature and my friend said he acted cocky and big shot. What's the story with Carolyn.

Castillo1 said...

Supposedly dj paul from three six mafia said the both of you were on the same label bank in the day....when was this and what label?

hector g said...

What's Los how you doin bro ... just one one question from this dph soldier a true fan .... what's up with baby beeshy I know he got mad love for the dope hose but how did he end up on universal raking over his Carrere when we all know you built him.. and I'm sure I speak o behalf of alot of his fans and mean no disrespect but . But you basically gave him that jump start... I'm just curious on why that couldn't happen through the dph ....one loyal fan since the get go ...hgomez

hector g said...

Yo my man spmexi ...one question ...if you had a choice of being free ... or being the spm

ramiro said...

Hey there is a video where dj paul from 3 6 mafia is ask who the most underrated rapper and he says spm and says yall where in the same label back then did you know about this

Mike from ATX said...

Trae just shouted you out again on an interview with vladtv (a hip hop video site with over a million viewers and subscribers)