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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Letter to Devon Anderson (13)

Time for another letter to the DA! As always, please feel free to write your own, copy this one, or just send out one of the printable flyers to your right.
The Honorable Devon Anderson
Harris County Criminal Justice Center
1201 Franklin, 14th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002


I'm writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426. 

I was interested to see that Charles Sebesta, the prosecutor responsible for Anthony Graves' wrongful conviction, recently lost his appeal.

While this loss merely prevents Sebesta from practicing law rather than confining him indefinitely in prison, it might be justice. Graves nearly lost his life twice while sitting on death row, and I hope that Sebesta might have time to reflect on that. 

In Coy's case, there was no physical evidence presented; the fact that the complainant's testimony changed from interview to interview, and even from court appearance to court appearance, was hidden from the jury. Even changes in the mother's testimony were excluded.

I don't know if Coy's prosecutors concealed evidence from his defense lawyers, but their courtroom antics don't inspire a lot of faith. Please, look into this; the public does not have acces to police files, but the DA's office does. Please, give us justice.

Thank you for your time.

Me, may address, etc.


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g.rodriguez. jr said...

Has the District Attorney Devon Anderson or Jugde Ellis or Lisa Falkburg reply to any of you letters @incandesio