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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Phone Call (10)

Ben G. left an interesting comment a few days ago and SPM was able to answer his question via phone call. The transcript is below.

Ben G. said, "I read this blog for a couple of hours, namely the letters in the sidebar, and was almost becoming convinced that SPM was innocent (new to the case, a friend at work told me about it so I figured I'd look into it).

Then I read on Wikipedia an elsewhere that he had been accused of sexual relations with 6 other young girls aged 13-14. Now I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt for the one he got pregnant because she may have looked older than her age and, most importantly, even if a girl is young if she isn't prepubescent than technically it doesn't make one a pedophile. In other words, having sex with a 13 year old, while creepy, is a far cry from sexually assaulting a 9 year old.

But come on 7 different girls all 14 and under? That's more than a little suspect, and shows that SPM obviously likes them very young - that can't be explained as an accident like the one case with the pregnancy.

So what is this site and SPM's response to this? I don't know if it's been addressed on this site or not, because it's a lot to go through, but I haven't seen it."

That’s a very good question; as long as you know that I didn’t hurt and molest a 9 year old child, that’s good enough for me. What you have to understand is that, and I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I’m not the average guy in the DA’s eyes. I was somebody they really had something against; I was somebody that would promote… and get them, I guess, the power that DA’s, and assistant DA’s, and maybe even judges…just one of those political pawns, I guess you could say. In all honesty, where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. I have to say that, without a doubt, I was sleeping with many, many more women than a person should be sleeping with. Wilt Chamberlain in an interview said that he slept with over ten thousand women. Now I’m definitely no Wilt Chamberlain, but I would say that, and I know this sounds crazy, but just going back over my life I would say that I’ve slept with at least two thousand women. That is a lot of damn women; and thinking back on it I have to admit that there was some kind of problem there, some kind of sex addiction there.

The thing is, I’m attracted to like, you know, thick women. I like big women, sometimes even fat women. My wife would always… every time she caught me cheating, a lot of times it was with a fat girl and she would make fun of me; she was like, “Why do you like fat girls?”

But to answer your question some of those girls I knew, and are now admitting that they were intimidated, for whatever reason. We’re investigating some stuff. I haven’t told you the back stories on these other witnesses, and this is something I need to do. As long as you know that I’m not attracted to a person’s child, that’s good enough for me. The rest you’ll find out as I explain every witness.

Some witnesses I have vague memories of. I remember maybe seeing them around; this is by no means saying that I’m guilty of sexual assault of young girls, but out of two thousand women… First of all I’m surprised I don’t have aids, that’s a miracle in itself. But I think it would be another miracle to say not one of those girls was under 18. At the time, I thought, all guys were like me, just sex addict fiends; now that I’ve sobered up in prison, I was definitely a little more sex-minded than the average guy I believe. I had lunch every day at a strip joint, I practically lived in strip clubs. It’s where I ate my lunch, it’s where I ate my dinner. When you’re hunting for big game tuna, and you throw the nets out for big game tuna, I’m afraid that sometimes a dolphin might get caught up in the net. I’m just… all I can do is be real.

Honestly Ben, I really don’t give a damn if you believe me or not. I’m gonna tell you the truth because that’s just the type of dude I am. I don’t like lying.

You might see six other chicks, some I know, some I vaguely remember…two of them were the sister and the cousin of a chick I was knockin’ down, and they both have admitted that they were intimidated into saying what these investigating officers were trying to get them to say. Hell, they even kidnapped my little girl from her school, and got her to say enough to where I couldn’t even sleep in the same home with my children, They interviewed her for two hours, and she was only six or seven years old; they got her to say that I would bite her shoulder and suck on her arm, and the investigative officer, Officer Ruiz, said that I was grooming my child to assault her. Some of those witnesses that you’re speaking about, we’re starting to talk to them now and one or I think maybe two now have agreed be interviewed for the documentary. You’ll see that they don’t need evidence to bring people up to say anything they want about you. They don’t need evidence. See, they brought these girls up in the punishment phase; this was just to get me more time. This was just to make sure that they kept me in prison for as long as possible. Anybody can come up and say anything they want, during the punishment phase.

Sometimes people are in trouble; sometimes people’s kids can get taken away from them. Sometimes they’re homeless… Believe it or not, and I can’t talk a whole lot about this stuff because this stuff we’re using, but there was a girl that was living with the DA’s investigator. She was wearing clothes they bought her, she was doing real bad. Sometimes you might get caught with some coke; sometimes you might have accidentally have burned your kid and these people are threatening to say, “You knew this guy, we heard you did this and that and all we want you to do is admit it and we’re not going to take your kids away, or we’re not going to put you in jail for this coke we found in your living room.”

They have ways to make people say what they want them to say, and it’s usually because they’re in a bad predicament. I wasn’t there, I don’t know exactly what they said and I really don’t know…I really don’t have any clear memories of some of those girls. I know I’ve seen some of them around. I know one chick, her mother was milking my father for all his money; we used to call her and her mother ‘lady and the tramp’. She ended up testifying and like I said, it’s a crazy deal.

Just so that you know, I have never slept with a chick that I knew was underage. But I have slept with thousands of women, man, it’s just what I did. I used to hop from one hotel room to another hotel room when I was out there, especially after concerts. It was really pathetic because, like I said, I don’t think that it’s normal. Where there is smoke there is fire, all the way down to the little girl, to the little nine year old. My best friend growing up as teenagers, that was my best friend’s daughter. His wife, me and her would sleep together every time he went to jail, we would hook up. I was boning my best friend’s wife, his most prized possession. I loved this guy, I would die for this guy, and this guy would die for me, but I definitely had a problem. Why else would I do something like that. I have to really give it an honest look and say that something was abnormal. It was definitely an addiction to big fine women like I like. Anybody who knows me, anybody who hung out with me knows that that’s who I dated. Either strippers at a strip club, or video vixens in my videos, or just some big fine thing I met in my everyday activities.

Sorry for the long answer; I will get more specific and speak about each witness, especially when the documentary comes out, you will see how one innocent man named Carlos Coy found himself in prison. They just used all these other chicks, my baby’s mother and these other chicks to really stack a lot of time so that they could hide me for a good 25 years. I was blowin’ up like the Hiroshima bomb, and I was anti-police, anti-authority, and I had a huge influence on the fastest growing race in America. When a person like that gets in trouble these cops can really make some shit happen, trust me.

I want to thank you for spending so much time on this site, but to be honest with you I haven’t given this site not even a third of the information that it deserves. I’m just a lazy son of a bitch, all I do is watch TV and play chess and when I do write I write songs. I think…well, I know the documentary is going to really do so much for bringing out the truth in this matter. Something inside of me really just wants to tell you to sick my duck because you think I’m guilty but I know it’s not your fault, but honestly I’m grateful for you because I believe you’re a fan.

Gerardo Bianca Orozco asked, “When is visionary droppin?”

The ‘Harris County Boys’ is going to drop first. It is a project that was done in the Harris county jail. It’s a magical, amazing project even though it was done on the payphone over there. It is, in my opinion, and I have a realistic opinion, the best telephone album that’s ever been done. We also want to accompany the Harris County Boys with a film which I’ll explain more about later, because I’m going to need funding from the fans to do the project. Depending on what package you buy, whether it’s a twenty dollars package or a hundred dollar package, you will get your money’s worth on music and merchandise. I’m definitely not going to just dry-ask for funding.

Mestizo Hernandez asked, “What's his status with him and lucky?”

Me and Lucky are great. Me and Carolyn are great. Carolyn and Lucky were…after all my investigation I’ve come to the conclusion that they weren’t 100% innocent, but it really wasn’t close to the betrayal that I thought at first. Basically, they didn’t know that Jaime was stealing from me. They didn’t know that. If they did, I believe they didn’t but if they did, it’s so minimal that it’s not even close to anything worth separating myself from them. We’ve got far bigger fish to fry and we’ve got to keep the family strong. Jaime, on the other hand, stole and sold so many verses that he just has to pay, in whatever way the law of this land requires people to pay for doing what he did. The man sold over three albums worth of material. Over 50 verses. I still love him, I still wish him no ill, but honestly a man selling his soul, selling his friendships, selling his future for opiates is somebody who needs to do prison time for his own life’s sake, if that’s what is decided in a court of law.


Mike from ATX said...

Man Los you were just made an example. Knowing that you didn't mess with a 9 year old is all I need. As far as the rest,if mistakes were made amidst fucking groupie after groupie I KNOW THAT your NOT THE ONLY 90's star that wasn't checking ids like that back than. If anything the times been more than served for the only concrete evident Jill. Let los out!

Anonymous said...

That was DOPE. ..

Marisol Garay said...

I hope my prior comment went trough.

Jorge Betancourt said...


Incandesio said...

Marisol, I don't know whatvs going on with your comments, but I didn't get your orevious one. It's not showing up in any of the folders.

Marisol Garay said...

OK I will repost it Illuminati jk

Marisol Garay said...

My boy Los,can I just say in the 90's we as a culture were very ignorant. I was 15 dating a 28 year old everyone knew no one gave a rats ass not even my mother all they cared about is that I would cry behind him but never did anyone say you are too young. And of course I came out of it fine cause that's is the same time I started curb serving gang banging and having a lot of money that dude got left in the dust he was no match for the thug life. Which brings me to my next point as Mexicans we were encouraged to find a partner and wife it up those were our only goals so if you chose an older responsible man you were smart and he was a hero. I know tons of homies that were 18 &19 marrying 14 & 15 year Olds but guess what they all still married it's not okay but we were to ignorant to know back then. Now so many people have been made an example out of we smarter. My gang had age ranges from 10 year Olds all the way to 30 plus and we all got drunk and high and committed tons of crimes not even the cops said anything we were so lucky but mostly ignorant. I mean I thank God my son is not into gangs or drugs even tho his ignorant father tries to push him to be. Los we know you didn't harm that child and whatever took place with any underage girls if anything took place at all was not right but they should of arrested you for that not this bogus ass charge. I mean no one will Admit it now but everyone was doing it or wanted to be doing it have you seen Belly smh you have always been honest Los a guilty inmate would sleep their time away and not care about fans or music or any of that. A guilty man would lie low and avoid attention I know you are not perfect but the way you have always rapped about Carley alone told me you could never hurt another's child. Love you Los SPM'S GIRL

Mike from ATX said...

Realtalk there

Freddy Mendez said...

Spm i live out here in north carolina and we been bumpin yo music out here before u even blew up, mexicans holdin it down out here for u g, but i wanted to tell u that down here in the city of winston salem, nc, a long time ago a guy named darryl hunt was convicted of murder and rape of a newspaper editor, he did 19 years before they foind out he didnt do anything and they found out through a DNA test, well since then he got a whole lot of money and he started his own program called "innocence project" witch helps out wrongfully accused people who are locked up, and so far hes helped free 337 people who were wrongfully accused, i know u have your own thing going on, but i thought i spoke about this cause maybe u would or have someone look into it for u and maybe you could probably get involved with his program, u have enough evidence about u being a innocent man and u have half of the universe that follows and believe in u, but imma stay praying for u and keep yo head up g, oh and another thing, wassup with them cold 40s i been waiting for the longes for u to post another one, take care and god bless vato...

Unknown said...

Real shit how they get people to lie or plant evidence to get a conviction shit happens every day and people still think these pigs and this fucked up gov won't lie try to fuck a moths fucka over they getting rich and keeping the sheep in line feed bull shit in the media turn America against each other with they race bull shit so the people don't over throw these government

Joseph Chung said...

Whens his book come out he said early this year already one day away from march I hope not the end of the year
Free Spm Man , I had two dreams you were out the 2nd dream man you wrecked the mike on stage down in waco,tx at our new stadium a nigga was hyped to go to your concert... and btw I did a drawing last year and I was going to send it but I been really lazy its really dope I showed it to baby bash, sylvia,low,lucky,carolyn, even your daughter they all said it was dope, I had put it on my very own t shirt I plan to make another t-shirt with a spm drawing ..Ima write you soon , and I have hope that your going to get out !

Mega Man said...

Damn. That Docu-Movie will speak the truth when it is finally comes out. I'll buy it for sure. Where to do go to to donate money???

Carlos Martinez said...

Incandesio you can tell Los he can count on me for some funds on that documentary tell him I said wassup and looking forward on talking to him again ..

Anonymous said...

Its crazy how corrupted our judicial system is. I'm from the Valley, this guy murders another guy and he gets 10yrs probation, only because he fails to comply with probation he gets 14yrs. Now Carlos gets sentenced to 45yrs with no real evidence only by what people say. That's messed up. It only happened because he was HISPANIC, look at R. Kelly with video proof he still got away with it. Carlos u should look into ur case and try to appeal it. U can do it urself too. There's a website Texaslawhelp.org, look into it. On another note, I was listening to the radio and a song Down on the DM came out, that beat sounded exactly like There's a Bird There's a Plane. Look into that, because there's money to be made there. Royalties! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn rodriguez said you guys are dating is that true?

ChiKid 312 said...

SPM how did you feel and what went through your head when you heard the judge's sentence of 45 years?