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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Even More on San Antonio's 4

     Bexar County judge Pat Priest has finally ruled on the case of the San Antonio 4; while not declaring them ‘actually innocent’, which would allow them to receive compensation for wrongful imprisonment, he did recommend a new trial. DA Nico LaHood has said it’s unlikely that his office will pursue the cases.

     This is great news for these four women and their families; I wish it were more well known that Nancy Kellog, the expert who provided the now discredited science that lead to their convictions, was still working on cases for the District Attorney’s office.

     Despite offering suspect testimony in at least one other case mentioned in this article, Kellog has provided evidence for the prosecution in possibly hundreds of cases. We’ve talked before about the weight of testimony, and how juries often give more weight to the testimony of individuals presented as experts; Coy’s trial was packed full of these ‘experts’, from Susan Szczygielski the therapist to Heidi Ruiz, the ‘relentless tigress’ who doesn’t take no for an answer.

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Jose Acosta said...

Is it March 2nd already?