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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Brian Edward Franklin

There is an absolutely cockle-warming story out of Fort Worth involving a former cop who served 21 years after being convicted of Sexual Assault of a Child. He was released on bond May 5, after the appeals court ruled that his accuser perjured herself during the trial.

His case, like Coy’s, relied solely on testimony; there was no DNA. Her accuser, while maintaining that she was raped by Franklin, admitted she lied when she said she had never had sex before that time. She accused her step father of raping her for years before hand, and even while the trial was going on. The step father’s family disputes this.

            Tarrant County prosecutors say they still plan to press charges but for now, Franklin is a free man. From the article:

Franklin said he previously rejected a plea arrangement from the district attorney’s office that required him to plead guilty before being released on time served. Franklin said he will not plead guilty to a crime that he did not commit.

“I didn’t do it,” Franklin said Thursday.” I wasn’t even there. I’ve taken a polygraph. I don’t know what else they want me to do.
“If they looked at the evidence with an open mind, they would see that I am innocent,” he said. “She’s an admitted liar and a perjurer. And I’m not the only innocent man in prison.””

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