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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

John Nolley

The Innocence Project has been working on the case of John Nolley for about 10 years; he was convicted in 1998 of the horrific murder of Sharon Mclane and sentenced to life in prison. he was released on a personal recognizance bond yesterday, after 19 years in prison.

The Tarrant County District Attorney was quick to point out that this is not an exoneration; John Nolley was merely released because the only witness to his confession, a fellow inmate named John O’Brien, eventually recanted. Also, a bloody handprint found at the scene was finally revealed to be from an unidentified third party; not the victim, and not Nolley.

19 years is a long time, and this man still has to wait and see if Tarrant County will establish Actual Innocence.

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