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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


     Marisol Garay found a really comprehensive video done by Xicano Xperience on SPM's case; he lays it out very clearly and concisely.

     Despite TDCJ's ham-handed attempt to keep inmates from connecting with those in the free world, videos like this can be very powerful. Many of the people who may have questions about SPM's case don't have the time or inclination for hours of reading, and everything I've written here can be summed up in just a few minutes on YouTube.

     You can share the video with other fans, and I think it would be especially helpful to start a debate; it's hard to have a meaningful discussion when your opponent has no idea what they're arguing. I would love to see many more of these videos, so if you have a gift for presentation and feel that you are familiar enough with the facts of the case give it a try.



TheSickestVillain said...

I believe hes Innocent & even if he was guilty the amount of years he was sentenced is outrageously pure evil.
Free SPM

Anonymous said...

has spm wrote or i$ he being punished for this website too

Incandesio said...

Anon 4:23:

I received a short letter from him yesterday; he says he's been doing fine, but has been busy with DHR.

Jose Acosta said...

That's good when can we get a update on him and his work?

Jose Acosta said...

Great blog very dedicated into this and has helped many fans thanks for every week of work you put into this!!