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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Linda Carty

…aaaaaaand another one from Harris County. Lindy Carty was sentenced to death in 2002 for a murder and kidnapping; her post-conviction appeal, currently being heard, is based on yet more accusations of prosecutorial misconduct. From the article:

"…prosecutors Connie Spence and Craig Goodhart were accused of destroying case notes and emails, of hiding at least 18 recorded witness statements from Carty's original defense team, and of coercing testimony to ensure Carty got a death sentence. A retired DEA agent testified that he was threatened by Spence. A star prosecution witness claims the pair instructed him to lie in a series of private meetings.
Both prosecutors still work for the Harris County District Attorney's Office as supervisors."
It’s a long, very informative article that deals not just with Carty’s case, but also touches on the environment in the Harris County DA’s office in the early 2000s. I don’t know if Linda Carty is guilty or innocent, but if the prosecutors performed even half the shenanigans they are accused of then she should receive a new trial. Unfortunately, given what we’ve seen from the Harris County DA’s office during that era, the accusations are all too easy to believe.

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hu$h said...

Of course, this has obvious implications for Los's conviction. Its hard to comprehend how we live in a society that wants its judicial system to be taken seriously, yet homie gets jammed up without evidence and is not allowed to introduce his own relevant evidence. Mad corruption, I myself have had 4 arrest and an asset forfeiture that all involved corruption/stealing/lying cops. Course there was the time i legot fucmed up, head harder than a hammer huh. Bout to expose retired pig in Illinois who faked being FBI to jack me for $$$.

Los is an honorable dude cause I know if it was me ole girl would be missing persons fo sholey.

Stay up Brodie I love your music and sense of humor been bangin your tunes since 99. If you make it back to the world you gon see what that Cali love is talkin bout; if it ain't a backwood it ain't all that good. Don't give up bro. Wish there was some kinda effort I could put in to help.