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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Arguments 3

Linda's back!

My dear, your post is largely a rehash of what you’ve already mentioned.

Are we using terms of endearment to condescend to each other now? Well, sweetheart, that’s what an argument is. I lay a groundwork and then bolster it with supporting points. If you don’t understand why something is relevant, I explain it.

Not much new ground to cover, but I will clear up a few things.

The solid basis for my belief that he is guilty is based on the child’s testimony. My belief is not based on what other people think, although all the people who mattered believed he was guilty as charged.

That’s lovely darling; which version of her testimony do you believe to be absolutely true? The initial report, the unrecorded/destroyed statement at the HPD station, her statements during the criminal trial, or her testimony during the civil trial?

It appears the solid basis for your belief that he is innocent is mostly based on unrelated cases from the past. Your argument is essentially, “Well, I can’t prove it, but in these other unrelated cases that have nothing to do with Coy or the victim, these other victims may have lied about their story, so that must mean Coy’s victim is also lying!” I don’t think I even need to address how flawed and ridiculous that argument is. If that’s the best you can do, then your movement is in serious trouble.

Obviously I can’t prove it, Pookie, or this blog would be called, “The Totally Awesome Story of How I Single-Handedly Freed a Falsely Convicted Rapper dot com.” All I can do is look at the facts of the case as they’re presented to the public, compare them to similar local cases, and draw the reasonable conclusion that Carlos Coy was convicted under circumstances that mirror other cases in which the defendant was eventually shown to be innocent, and therefore might be innocent himself.

There is nothing wrong with questioning something. But if you decide to question something, then you need to do your research. By your own admission, you haven’t done your homework. How can you even pretend to know anything about this case if you didn’t attend the trial, and you haven’t even read the transcripts? I’m surprised you haven’t at least obtained the transcripts since you are obviously so passionate about this case. I believe that should have been the very first step of your “mission”.

Honey-pie, my homework is all here on the blog for anyone to see and draw their own conclusions. Your dismissal of the opinion of anyone who hasn’t read the transcripts AND attended the trial is a little amusing, unless you have a time machine in which you can provide me with that opportunity. I would like to have the transcripts, but I’m not ashamed of my inability to obtain them; there’s been enough news coverage and publically available court documents for any inquisitive mind to reach a conclusion on this case.

I’m sorry to say this to you, but yes, you are a victim blamer, and you sadly do not have a clue. You are calling the victim a liar, and you haven’t even done your homework. Instead of me enlightening you, I suggest you enlighten yourself. Obtain the transcripts. Do your homework. You will learn actual facts instead of unverified nonsense and harebrained assumptions

Oh, puddin’; asking questions doesn’t make you a victim-blamer. Even if I had called Jane Doe a liar, which I don’t believe I ever have, it would not follow that I would be blaming her for what she claimed happened to her. I was going to write here about what the definition of ‘blame’ is, and then gently explain that ‘blaming’ someone and ‘questioning’ someone are two totally different things, but I feel like that’s too easy. Just…you know…get a dictionary.

You have sidestepped all of my questions to you, as well as avoiding any defense of your assertions. You insisted that context would change my mind about her testimony that the whole thing might have been a dream, and yet refuse to share what that context was. You won’t refute my statements that we can draw conclusions about the Harris County justice system based on their handling of similar cases, petulantly insisting that everything is totally unrelated. Care to fix any of this, or are you just going to stick by your claims that I haven’t done my homework?


dee delgotti said...

You handled this like a Boss. Good job.

Frank Holguin said...

Damn we can't make all da haters understand

Linda Bailey said...

A rehash isn’t really much of an argument. It’s the same bullshit, you’re just presenting it in a new form. You can explain something as much as you want, but it doesn’t mean you’re right or that you’re winning an argument. It just means you’re rehashing the same bullshit.

The statements the victim made were consistent, so I could pick any one that I want. I know you’re in denial about it, but that’s the truth, so come on back down to reality. Something tells me you haven’t even seen the official reports, so once again, maybe it’s time to do some more homework. But hey, let’s just stop and think for a moment. If her story was so wildly inconsistent then how in the world did she convince a police department, a district attorney’s office, two juries (criminal and civil), and the appellate courts that he was guilty? How does that happen? Why didn’t the juries notice the problems that you claim? Have you heard the expression the truth always seems to rise to the top?

“Might” be innocent you say. That’s good. So you acknowledge the possibility that he “might” be guilty? What percentage do you give it? Anyway, the way you drew your “reasonable conclusion” is not the right way to go about doing it. Obviously it’s too late to attend the trial, but you can read every page of the transcripts, and that’s what you need to do. By reading the transcripts, many of your questions will be answered, which is why I’m encouraging you to do so. Also, maybe you will discover errors that happened within the trial or perhaps you will discover some sort of Earth-shattering bit of information that might help free your hero. I doubt you will be able to find anything, but give it a shot.

Why are you having trouble obtaining the transcripts? Have you tried calling the courthouse? Also, aren’t you working for Coy? Don’t you communicate with him on a regular basis? Doesn’t he send you transcripts from time to time? Maybe you should ask him to send the transcripts in their entirety. I believe this is important because the homework you have done so far is incomplete. Without the transcripts, your blog is a pointless, lost cause. This is honest advice that I’m trying to help you with. I’m also hoping you will discover the truth once you read everything that happened in the trial.

I have not intentionally sidestepped any questions, but I believe there are some questions that you need to learn the answers to on your own. With the dream testimony, the victim stated that when Coy started assaulting her, she thought at first that she might be dreaming. Not that she was actually dreaming, she just couldn’t believe what was happening to her. This was all clarified on the stand.

Taking the stand and testifying can be a daunting task, even for an adult. Can you imagine what it takes for a 10-year-old child to do that? Once again, why do you think the jury believed her? It’s because she was telling the truth.

I have been a child therapist for over 20 years. In that time, I have seen hundreds of trials, which I’m willing to bet is more trials than you have ever seen. It’s hard for me to take your criticisms of Harris County seriously since I know you are inexperienced and ignorant with the legal system. Oh, and you are also simply a biased advocate with an agenda. I also checked your profile, and I was astonished to see that you are a female. How can you disgrace your own gender like this by wrongfully defending this pig?

Linda Bailey said...

Almost forgot. Another question you asked was why shouldn't we believe Coy, and I almost spit my drink out in laughter when I read that question. He's a proven liar, hon. How long have you been communicating with him? Have you been able to verify any of his outlandish stories? Surely you've noticed some discrepancies in regards to his side of the story? If not, then I feel sorry for you.

dee delgotti said...

Incandesio, has carlos ever challenged the courts jurisdiction? It can be challenged at anytime even after sentencing. I got alot more info like this along with sealed court cases where inmates filled motions like this and were released.

Evidence said...

Dear Linda I was there and your claims are not going to get by with me at times I wonder where you as therapists come up with your reasoning I can read people very good that family was full of lies and you must believe in lies if you think that child was truthful and I would never have a child go to you not even my own your statements here are preposterous and absurd. I wish you the best goodbye