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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Arguments 4

Linda Bailey said,

A rehash isn’t really much of an argument. It’s the same bullshit, you’re just presenting it in a new form. You can explain something as much as you want, but it doesn’t mean you’re right or that you’re winning an argument. It just means you’re rehashing the same bullshit.

…Or it means that you keep saying, “I don’t understand X”, and I’m trying to help you understand. Sharing my thought process and arguments is what this blog is all about.

The statements the victim made were consistent, so I could pick any one that I want. I know you’re in denial about it, but that’s the truth, so come on back down to reality.
The DA mentioned the changes between the police report and her testimony during closing arguments.
Something tells me you haven’t even seen the official reports, so once again, maybe it’s time to do some more homework. But hey, let’s just stop and think for a moment. If her story was so wildly inconsistent then how in the world did she convince a police department, a district attorney’s office, two juries (criminal and civil), and the appellate courts that he was guilty? How does that happen? Why didn’t the juries notice the problems that you claim? Have you heard the expression the truth always seems to rise to the top?

How, how, why, how…You keep repeating these questions and I continue to explain that it has happened before; repeatedly, blatantly, in defiance of all good reason, it happens. I cite these other cases in an effort to help you understand that the police can be misled, the prosecutor can be misled, even the child therapist can be misled, and then they turn around and mislead the jury; sometimes it’s honest but mistaken zeal, sometimes it’s misconduct, sometimes it’s the fault of the parents, but it happens; it’s more likely to happen in a case resolved without physical evidence, and without solid testimony, which describes Coy’s case to a T. When I point this out you fall back on your “How, why, how”…and we find ourselves back at the beginning of your self-imposed circle of ignorance. While I would like Harris County to examine all such cases, Coy’s is one of the few that provides multiple media accounts, public documents, etc.
Side note: I have never heard the expression, "The truth will always rise to the top". Perhaps you're conflating "Truth will always out" with "The cream will always rise to the top".

“Might” be innocent you say. That’s good. So you acknowledge the possibility that he “might” be guilty? What percentage do you give it?

You want me to put a random number on it, so I guess the same percentage I would give to the idea that you committed an identical crime; 0% until proven.

Anyway, the way you drew your “reasonable conclusion” is not the right way to go about doing it. Obviously it’s too late to attend the trial, but you can read every page of the transcripts, and that’s what you need to do. By reading the transcripts, many of your questions will be answered, which is why I’m encouraging you to do so. Also, maybe you will discover errors that happened within the trial or perhaps you will discover some sort of Earth-shattering bit of information that might help free your hero. I doubt you will be able to find anything, but give it a shot.

I surely do appreciate your encouragement.

Why are you having trouble obtaining the transcripts?

Because I don’t have the money to pay for them.

Have you tried calling the courthouse?

I certainly have; you can read about my first effort here on the blog!

Also, aren’t you working for Coy?

Oh that’s right, you don’t read the blog. No, I don’t work for Coy. I have not accepted, and will continue not accepting, anything for my efforts here.

Don’t you communicate with him on a regular basis?

Irregularly at best.

Doesn’t he send you transcripts from time to time? Maybe you should ask him to send the transcripts in their entirety.

Assuming he was able keep the entire transcript in the cell with him, I wouldn’t ask anyone to send me thousands of pages for free; not the courts, and not Coy. Your sense of entitlement on my behalf is heartwarming, though.

I believe this is important because the homework you have done so far is incomplete. Without the transcripts, your blog is a pointless, lost cause. This is honest advice that I’m trying to help you with. I’m also hoping you will discover the truth once you read everything that happened in the trial.

As do I. Your obsession with assigning me 'homework' is getting a little worrisome. Perhaps you see yourself as my teacher, but you haven't imparted any information to me.

I have not intentionally sidestepped any questions, but I believe there are some questions that you need to learn the answers to on your own.

You’ve answered very few of them; I asked you for a solid basis for your belief in Coy’s guilt; you say you believe the child’s testimony. I pointed out that her testimony changed; you say that all the people who mattered believed her testimony. I pointed out multiple cases in which “all the people who mattered” believed in someone’s guilt, and yet were proven wrong. You continue to talk about how believable the testimony was.

1.      She’s believable.

2.      She’s believable because I believe her.

3.      She’s believable because others believed her.

Nowhere in there is proof, or even support, for your assertion that her testimony was true, and yet you deny I should question whether or not she was truthful.

With the dream testimony, the victim stated that when Coy started assaulting her, she thought at first that she might be dreaming. Not that she was actually dreaming, she just couldn’t believe what was happening to her. This was all clarified on the stand.

And yet the Houston Press, in the most unflattering portrayal of Coy possible, was compelled to include this:

During initial questioning by prosecutor Denise Oncken, the girl said she wasn't sure what had happened and thought it could have been a dream.
"Do you remember it clearly?" Oncken asked.
"No," the girl replied.
Under cross-examination by defense lawyer Chip Lewis, the girl again said she was not really sure what had happened because she might have been dreaming. During follow-up questioning, Oncken asked the girl to define a dream. The child described it as something that happens while a person is sleeping and is not real.

Taking the stand and testifying can be a daunting task, even for an adult. Can you imagine what it takes for a 10-year-old child to do that? Once again, why do you think the jury believed her? It’s because she was telling the truth.

Again, your argument for truth reliant on belief.

I have been a child therapist for over 20 years. In that time, I have seen hundreds of trials, which I’m willing to bet is more trials than you have ever seen. It’s hard for me to take your criticisms of Harris County seriously since I know you are inexperienced and ignorant with the legal system.

Oh far, far more trials than I’ve seen; all I know is what I read in the continual parade of wrongful convictions emanating from that city like a disease. Maybe it’s not worse there than it is in any other place, but that doesn’t make what’s happening a good thing. It just makes it far too common.

Perhaps your many years on the “good guy team” has blinded you to their faults.

Oh, and you are also simply a biased advocate with an agenda.


I also checked your profile, and I was astonished to see that you are a female. How can you disgrace your own gender like this by wrongfully defending this pig?

Wow; you’re going to spend so much of your comment urging me to better myself, educate myself, and think more logically, but then end it with a sloppy, sappy appeal to my genitalia…I mean, sure, I could fly into paroxysms of rage directed at any individual shoved into my path, accusing him of the most heinous of crimes with no proof, and demand that he be locked away for the rest of his natural life based solely on emotion on account of my gender, but it looks like you’re doing enough of that for the both of us.

Almost forgot. Another question you asked was why shouldn't we believe Coy, and I almost spit my drink out in laughter when I read that question. He's a proven liar, hon. How long have you been communicating with him? Have you been able to verify any of his outlandish stories? Surely you've noticed some discrepancies in regards to his side of the story? If not, then I feel sorry for you.

Alright, I don’t believe I’ve asked you a single question during this whole reply; let’s see if you’ll answer one. What has Coy lied about?


Frank said...

I Hate arrogant people like her
When we gonna hear from los

Anonymous said...

So how did Linda Bailey hear about this blog? So sad her time and effort is not going to a good cause .FREE SPM

TEST said...

You're doing a great job I have to say.

jose said...

when are we going to get all the transcripts?

Rico Suave said...

The haters out there, man

Anonymous said...

This lady gets too close to her clients emotion and cant admit that that's a hudge flaw in her line of work.Mothers are known for manipulating their kids to get what they want or to establish a belief in the.in Houston there are so many cases where mothers manipulate for cases like food stamps, government housing, child support, and the list goes on even extorting using their children.I've seen females and males use their kids to establish a racist mind of though on their kids. Ive experience kids being racist at 9 years old or some actually have pick up a gun at 10 years old with their mother supervision. I grew up on east side Denver harbor, North side 1st ward and acres homes, and also south side by telephone road. This case is very hard but it should have taken longer to convict a man especially some one of so high profile.

Linda Bailey said...

I understand your argument, but like I’ve told you, you are using red herrings and faulty comparisons. Your argument is wrong and improper. You can’t logically compare unrelated cases to Coy’s case. Do you see the fallacious reasoning there? Do you actually understand? Also, you’ve mentioned cases (such as the San Antonio Four) where it hasn’t even been proven that the convicted were actually innocent. You would get laughed out of any courtroom, or any high school debate class for that matter, if you tried presenting any of this.

You say that he “might” be innocent, but then you give a percentage of zero? I haven’t been accused of a crime, nor have I been on trial for one. Coy has been accused, Coy has been brought to trial, and Coy has been found guilty. That means 100% proven. Without physical evidence, yes. But without solid testimony? That’s a no. How dare you even say that the victim’s testimony wasn’t solid when by your own admission you didn’t attend the trial, nor have you even bothered to read the testimony in its entirety? Your opinion is worthless until you’ve read the transcripts.

Your excuses for failing to obtain the transcripts are just that, excuses. Very lame ones at that. Instead of playing around on the internet, you need to get into action. If money is a problem, get a real job, and start saving your pennies. I also find it hard to believe that Coy can’t send you all the transcripts. Or if he can’t do it, I’m sure one of his family members could help you out. You are able to think outside the box in other aspects of this case, but you can’t when it comes to the transcripts. Interesting…

Once again, victim testimony is strong evidence, and I have heard the child’s testimony in person. You have not, and you haven’t even read the testimony in its entirety. I believe that automatically makes my opinion much stronger than yours. You state that I haven’t given any proof to prove her testimony is true, but what proof have you given that Coy is actually innocent? In that segment from the Chron, you conveniently left out the last portion, where Denise asks the girl, “What Carlos did to you – was it a dream, or did it really happen?” And then the girl responds that it really happened. Why did you leave out that last bit? Oh right, you’ve admitted you’re a biased advocate with an agenda.

As for the lies that Coy has told, let’s see. He is lying about being innocent in this case. He told his fans he had been a drug dealer for years, but on the stand he said he had only been a drug dealer for a few months. He also said on the stand that he never slept with any of the girls who testified against him, but now on this blog he admits that he probably did. He has also stated many times that he “won” the civil case, when he lost. I also read something on here where he says he has Directv in his cell, which is something else that made me laugh out loud. Through your communications with him, have you noticed any discrepancies that I’m missing?

Until you’ve read the transcripts, I’m afraid there isn’t much point in this blog. You can say, “Well other people have been wrongfully convicted before, so MAYBE Coy was wrongfully convicted too”, but you can only say that for so long. You need actual substance to back your position up, and sadly you have nothing. Obtain the transcripts. Read them. Learn the truth.