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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Arguments 5

Linda Bailey said,

I understand your argument, but like I’ve told you, you are using red herrings and faulty comparisons. Your argument is wrong and improper. You can’t logically compare unrelated cases to Coy’s case. Do you see the fallacious reasoning there? Do you actually understand?

I understand that you are extremely reluctant to look at the Harris County justice system as a whole, preferring to view each case as a completely separate and unique occurrence with no relation to any of the others. I reject this out of hand; the Houston cases mentioned here are created in the same county; they are worked by the same team of police investigators, child therapists, prosecutors and judges; continuing to insist that each case must be judged individually insulates the bad actors from consequences, as it keeps us from seeing how many times the same story has played out.

Also, you’ve mentioned cases (such as the San Antonio Four) where it hasn’t even been proven that the convicted were actually innocent. You would get laughed out of any courtroom, or any high school debate class for that matter, if you tried presenting any of this.

I am so pleased you brought up the San Antonio 4! The outcome of their case thus far is exactly what I would like to see happen for Carlos Coy; a reset back to square one, and a recommendation for a new trial. Since that is what they received, there is no need for them to, as you say, prove their innocence. If the DA decided to bring the charges they still shouldn’t have to prove their innocence because, in theory, they are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

You say that he “might” be innocent, but then you give a percentage of zero? I haven’t been accused of a crime, nor have I been on trial for one. Coy has been accused, Coy has been brought to trial, and Coy has been found guilty. That means 100% proven.

*sigh* I would like to stop repeating myself; really, I would. However, you continue to demonstrate that you cannot or will not understand that a finding of ‘guilty’ doesn’t mean that anything has been proven. Please see the many, many cases I have referenced in previous posts, perhaps starting with Anthony Graves or Michael Morton and finishing up around Ricardo Rachell.

Without physical evidence, yes. But without solid testimony? That’s a no. How dare you even say that the victim’s testimony wasn’t solid when by your own admission you didn’t attend the trial, nor have you even bothered to read the testimony in its entirety?

How dare I? There are a lot of documents out there that aren’t transcripts, Linda; enough to form an opinion, and maybe even enough to do a little agitating for change.

Your opinion is worthless until you’ve read the transcripts.

I suspect that my opinion will always be worthless to you, unless it conforms to yours exactly.

Your excuses for failing to obtain the transcripts are just that, excuses. Very lame ones at that. Instead of playing around on the internet, you need to get into action. If money is a problem, get a real job, and start saving your pennies. I also find it hard to believe that Coy can’t send you all the transcripts. Or if he can’t do it, I’m sure one of his family members could help you out. You are able to think outside the box in other aspects of this case, but you can’t when it comes to the transcripts. Interesting…

I’m just glad you’re here to give me all of these helpful suggestions.

Once again, victim testimony is strong evidence, and I have heard the child’s testimony in person. You have not, and you haven’t even read the testimony in its entirety. I believe that automatically makes my opinion much stronger than yours.

Stronger like, if they arm-wrestled, yours would win? Your opinion might be strong, but I don’t think your facts are; you refuse to share information you claim to have. You toss out little crumbs that make you seem authoritative but can’t back them up with anything substantive. You draw yourself up on an indignant little pedestal with gender-baiting, pearl-clutching self-righteousness (including non-ironic use of the phrase, “how dare you”) and claim special knowledge without the burden of proof.

I, on the other hand, am not an expert and I don’t claim to be; everything I find goes right on the blog, along with my opinion of it. I even talk to people like you, whose idea of a debate is to tell me that I’m a disgrace to my gender, fucking clueless, etc. It’s because I believe that you are capable of seeing what I see, and I respect your intelligence enough to try to make that happen.

You state that I haven’t given any proof to prove her testimony is true, but what proof have you given that Coy is actually innocent?

No, I asked you for a reasonable basis for your belief in her testimony. You gave me ‘because I believed it’ and ‘because other people believed it’. When I pointed out that mere believability has resulted in wrongful convictions, you fell back onto your ‘how, why’ mantra.

As I said before, if I had proof that Coy was innocent this blog would have a different name. The basis for my belief in Coy's innocence is what I strongly believe was an unjust trial, a trial that mimics many that have since been over-turned. It's possible that a guilty man could have received an unjust trial, of course; in either case, it should be re-done.

In that segment from the Chron, you conveniently left out the last portion, where Denise asks the girl, “What Carlos did to you – was it a dream, or did it really happen?” And then the girl responds that it really happened. Why did you leave out that last bit? Oh right, you’ve admitted you’re a biased advocate with an agenda.

Because I wanted you to bring it up, so I could point out how her testimony changed. She went from one extreme to another pretty quickly, wouldn’t you say? If she knew it really happened why on earth would she have stated, mid-trial, that it might have been a dream in the first place?

It’s almost like her testimony’s not solid, like it could be…I dunno…manipulated.

As for the lies that Coy has told, let’s see. He is lying about being innocent in this case.

I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on that one.

He told his fans he had been a drug dealer for years, but on the stand he said he had only been a drug dealer for a few months.

I don’t really involve myself in the music side of his story, but I will tell you something I’ve figured out after years of research: from what I understand rappers often use hyperbole, symbolism, and even out-right literary devices. Either that, or we’re going to have to address the issues of him shooting the tooth fairy, stealing a dead man’s Kenneth Coles, snatchin yo’bitch, and murdering various and sundry microphones.

He also said on the stand that he never slept with any of the girls who testified against him, but now on this blog he admits that he probably did.

Nope; I assume you’re referring to this post.

He has also stated many times that he “won” the civil case, when he lost.

Seeing as how the jury was required to consider him guilty and he might have been hit with a million-dollar judgment as a result, I would say the resulting verdict of 25K was absolutely a win. He spoke about it at length here on the blog.

I also read something on here where he says he has Directv in his cell, which is something else that made me laugh out loud. Through your communications with him, have you noticed any discrepancies that I’m missing?

Yeah, that was right after he got moved to Ramsey; according to TDCJ’s website some cells do have televisions, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility; he and I have discussed a few current events that he saw on TV, and since he’s in adseg I don’t think he’s watching it in the dayroom.

Until you’ve read the transcripts, I’m afraid there isn’t much point in this blog. You can say, “Well other people have been wrongfully convicted before, so MAYBE Coy was wrongfully convicted too”, but you can only say that for so long.

…and yet here you are, eating your heart out to argue with me; looks like I am making an impact.

You need actual substance to back your position up, and sadly you have nothing. Obtain the transcripts. Read them. Learn the truth.

I have an opinion about the truth; what I’d prefer at the moment is justice.


Laura Ramos said...

They see somebody coming up and it's a major push back at em! Hating ass feds and their supporters. The real molesters are the government and political system the pope too and you don't see him getting locked up smh!!

Victor Huerta said...

I believe that the system itself is fuck up always has been. Carlos has done 14 years I believe that there is enough years and imangine 45. Carlos has his side of the storie and yall are gonna have yours . But he was there he knows the truth what those it take to set up one court , one day for this case to be done u have 24 hours in a day and I believe that's enough to take him to court and get on with your day I ain't nobody special I'm just like you all I do is bang screw stop arguing it ain't gonna do yall any good just give him one day one court that would be all let justice take his place #freespm

It's there said...

Everybody, has a bad day. Cops, judges, anyone that works for the Government has been picked on in school, or, life itself. It's not so much an issue to deal with a few bad seeds, but, when the justice system is full of people bent on revenge. Abuse of power is a guarantee. The rarity to get into those lines of work to help people is what's rare. Regardless, of how well you're liked, personalities, clash. People, ignore the truth because the crime is unanimously hated. The truth is there, the fact that the story changed and that there's a history plus, that she doesn't want " money ", the story is fabricated.

dee delgotti said...

Incandesio, I have a few loopholes/motions for carlos to file with court and they cannot be ignored. I dont want to risk putting the stronger loopholes on here but check this one out and dont take my word do your own research. Jurisdiction of the court can be challenged anytime, even 10 years after sentencing. Jurisdiction is not to be assumed, once challenged it is up to the D.A. to provide proof not the judge. Lawyers, D.A.'s and judges all work for the state. That is why Chip is a sellout its called the Texas Bar Exam they all get swarn in. Chip should of motioned for dismissal for conflict of interest. D.A. and judge are both paid salaries by the state so bam conflict of interest.

Marco Ruiz said...

When will the SPM book come out?

Linda Bailey said...

Another lie worth mentioning is the "lost affidavit" lie. Coy claimed on this blog that there was a black man on the jury who believed he was innocent, but was forced to vote guilty. The man supposedly submitted an affidavit, but the affidavit was mysteriously lost. I guess no lawyer or investigator bothered to follow up on this mystery. I can only wonder why. Do you find this story suspicious?

More to come...

Linda Bailey said...

Also, I've already explained the dream testimony to you. She never said the whole thing might have been a dream. You are taking it out of context again, either out of stubbornness or desperation or both. If she was being manipulated, she probably wouldn't have said anything about a dream at all. Have you thought about that?

As for the civil trial, how can a jury unanimously agreeing that he was responsible for the crime and ordering him to pay 25K be seen as a victory? I read what Coy said about it on here. He stated that the jury believed him to be an innocent man, which is just delusional and dishonest. If the jury believed him to be innocent, they would not have agreed that he was responsible for the crime, and they would not have ordered him to pay any money. It's that simple.

Linda Bailey said...

I have worked with the Harris County system for a long time, and when I speak about the system, I am certainly speaking about Harris County as a whole. Can the same be said of you? You are the one who seems to be focused on a couple outlier cases. Do you call that looking at the system as a whole? As of said, the cases you have mentioned are not only irrelevant to Coy’s case, but the offenders in some of those cases haven’t really been proven innocent. Also, some of the cases you have referenced weren’t even tried in Harris County or relevant to Harris County at all. When you think about it, the arguments you are using could be applied to all criminal cases. With your logic, we probably shouldn’t even be having trials and all offenders should be released. Just because a person has been proven innocent, doesn’t mean all convicts are innocent. Hopefully you can agree with that.

Even though Coy was proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, I now understand that you are operating under a different burden of proof. Your standard is you want Coy to be proven guilty beyond all possible doubt, which can’t be done. There were only two people in the bedroom that night, and physical evidence couldn’t be recovered. I’m not sure this case will ever be solvable for you, but if you want to argue that anything is possible, then so be it. However, you have to look at what’s most reasonable and realistic. The girl told a credible story. I judged her demeanor, and I watched the way she spoke. I heard the strength in her voice when she detailed the crime. She presented a story that made sense logically and realistically. She held up strong under both direct and cross examination. Parts of her story were corroborated by her family members, such as the dinner conversation Coy had with them after he drove the girl home. Finally, her story was never contradicted by the defendant. His lawyer tried to poke holes in her story, but even he couldn’t contradict it, and not for lack of trying. The defense was hopeless against a truth teller, and when Coy took the stand during the sentencing phase, he couldn’t even provide an account of what happened that was credible. You should also find out what happened during the civil trial. I didn’t attend the civil trial, but I know Coy was forced to take the stand. From what I’ve heard, his story had more holes than Swiss cheese, and he made a total and complete ass out of himself.

“You toss out little crumbs that make you seem authoritative but can’t back them up with anything substantive.”

I’m pretty sure you must be talking about yourself because you haven’t provided anything substantive at all. The same can be said for the man that you represent. I have probably already shared more information than I should have, and I certainly am not going to provide you with confidential documents that are not part of the public record. That would be illegal for me to do. The only thing I can do is encourage you to obtain the transcripts, which you are obviously reluctant to do. But hey, at least I am brave enough to use my full name on here. Can the same be said of you?

As for Coy receiving a new trial, on what basis? You admit you’re not an expert, you admit you didn’t attend the trial, and you admit you haven’t read the transcripts in their entirety. So what in the world are you basing your opinion on? Why in the world do you think his trial was unjust when you don’t even know what happened during the trial? Are you aware that all of his appeals have been denied? Do you know something that the appellate courts don’t know? Has Mr. Coy himself provided any kind of credible explanation to you? Has he said anything more to you other than, “I didn’t do it”?

Linda Bailey said...

I’m convinced you are nothing more than a biased fangirl who is bitter that her favorite rapper is a child molester. This is evident in how you defend this pig at every turn. I even read how you defended this pig impregnating a 13-year-old girl. You essentially argued, “Well, she was far enough past puberty to get pregnant, so I don’t see what the problem is.” Just when I think you couldn’t be any more disgusting, I read something like that. You are clearly not objective, and this is not about justice for you. I think I understand now why you don’t use your real name.